Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Federal Department of Education Cancels CRT Funding

The federal Department of Education has cancelled funding they were going to provide local school districts to promote racist, Marxist, Socialist revisionist Fake History Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project.  Bidenistas and the adults in the National Socialist Party realized that CRT is political dynamite going into the elections in 2022.   The notion of pushing White Privilege, shaming of White Children, calling all White people racist Oppressors is not much of a vote getter.  

Turns out Critical Race Theory over reach was a tactical mistake by the National Socialists and Teacher Unions.  Public Schools and many colleges and universities have been indoctrinating students with left wing Socialist ideology for decades; but until recently it was under the radar.  They thought they could just call it Social Justice education and get away with it.  However, the silent majority all over the country has finally stood up and said NO MORE.  

Class Action Lawsuits are being filed in many school districts with more to come to stop CRT and 1619 Project racist indoctrination.  What they are attempting is a violation of White Children's 14th Amendment rights under the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution, which thankfully is color blind.  School Board members that push this racist indoctrination are being recalled from office, or targeted for defeat in the next election.  

The National Socialists and the radical teacher unions have just gone too far.  All of this will also result in a big push for School Choice as fed up parents want options to pull their kids out of public schools many of which are lousy.  

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