Thursday, September 30, 2021

Huge Caravan Headed To The US

It is now estimated that there are another 120,000 illegal aliens headed to our country from Latin America.  This will be the largest Caravan yet composed of people, especially Haitians from all over the world.  They know that Joe Biden will let them in no problem.  Begs the question, is the Biden Crime Family being paid by the Cartel to open our borders to their human trafficking and drug smuggling.  We know that the "big guy" Papa Joe gets 10% of whatever Hunter brings in.  Just imagine if the "big guy" is in on this deal.  

It would be worth millions to the Biden family.  So the Catholic Church is being used as way stations along the way to feed these illegal aliens during their journey, since there is a church in every little town along on their path.  These are poor towns so the Cartels must be paying the Church to provide for these people or it would not be happening.  

It is estimated that it will take a month for this Caravan to reach the US.  Once it does, we will see thousands of illegal aliens invading our country.  The time is now to call out the army to stop them in Mexico before they ever reach our border.  Of course, Joe Biden will never do that because he wants these illegal aliens in our country.  Biden should be impeached for failing to protect and preserve our nation.  We face an invasion at our border, yet Biden goes to his beach house in Delaware to enjoy the shore.  It has to stop.  The border states must take action.  If Biden won't secure the border, Governors must use the National Guard to turn them back.  The time is now.  

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Generals & Secretary Of Defense - Rats Off A Sinking Ship

In testimony before Congress, the Generals and the Secretary of Defense all testified that they recommended that the United States keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to support the existing government.  Just a few weeks ago, Biden either lied or was delusional when he said he got no such recommendations. Since the Generals and Secretary of Defense are worried about losing their jobs and big pensions, they spoke the truth before Congress because the information had been leaked anyway. No it was about saving their skins since they must believe that Biden will not be there for long.  

The fact is that Joe Biden ignored the advice he was given when he ordered that all troops leave Afghanistan and we saw the chaos that ensued.  We invested $2 Trillion in Afghanistan to ensure that Al Qaeda and other Terrorists could never again be able use it as a base of operations.  2,500 Americans died and 20,000 were wounded in the last 20 years.  President Trump had set several provisions that had to be met in order for the United States to leave Afghanistan.  The Taliban ignored all but one; that they would not attack our soldiers during the draw down.  We had grounds to stay in Afghanistan to protect our investment.  The same way we stayed in Germany, Japan and South Korea to ensure that the peace prevailed, we should have maintained a small presence in Afghanistan.  

We should have retained the Bagram Airforce base from which to operate.  We spent billions building it.  It is just a few miles from the border with China and Pakistan.  Now China is in discussions to lease it from the Taliban.  Imagine, China will now have a base of operations in Afghanistan paid for by American taxpayer.  Joe Biden should resign or be impeached.  Biden is clearly incompetent.  Biden has to go.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Crisis At The Border - More Caravans Are On The Way

In the last week, thousands of illegal aliens from Haiti were let into our country to end the pictures of all of them under the bridge in Del Rio.  At all cost, Joe Biden had to end those pictures because they represented the failure of his administration to control the border.  So, some were sent back to Haiti; but the majority are now roaming free in the United States.  

What is worse is that there is another caravan forming in Columbia with 20,000 or more people.  This is the most organized coordinated movement of people in world history.  They are coming because they know that Biden will let them in.  But what is interesting is who is behind all of this.  Of course, the Cartels are the human and drug trafficker organizing the Caravans.  And, the Catholic Church in particular is working hand in hand with them because the church is providing the way stations along the way to feed these people.  Since locals could not possibly fund the feeding of thousands of people, we can only surmise that the Cartels are paying the Church to take care of these people.

Since our government often mismanages the things it touches, we must recognize the efficiency of the Cartels.  What they are doing and achieving is quite remarkable.  In the process, they are making billions of dollars.  The Catholic Church as an NGO is being paid by the US government once the illegal aliens get into our country to care for them.  Catholic Charities are behind all of this feeding at the trough.  

Since many Conservative Catholics have left the Church because we can't stand Socialist Pope Francis, the Church is replacing our donations with government money.  None of this is happening by accident.  This is big business both for the Cartels and the Church.  It is time to take tax exemptions away from the Catholic Church.  They are functioning like a business not a charity.  Their "good works" are facilitating the invasion of our country.  It has to stop.  

Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Culture War In The United States

While we have a crisis at our border with thousands of illegal aliens invading our country and we saw the disaster unfold in Afghanistan, the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State continue to focus on the January 6th riot as if somehow there is any comparison to these other serious things happening.  Further, while members of Antifa and BLM Terrorist organizations walk free after rioting, looting and burning down our cities, the 600 charged with minor crimes at the Capitol Riot remain in jail as political prisoners without any opportunity for bail solely because they are Trump Supporters. 

This is all part of the Culture War we are fighting on a daily basis.  The left in our country is attempting to cancel Conservative Republicans.  They hate President Trump in particular.  They have tried everything to bring him down because like all Socialists and Communists, they will lie, cheat and steal to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Trump threatens them and they hate him for it.  Thankfully, we are not in a Civil War yet; but the fact is that we have irreconcilable differences that make compromise impossible, which is pushing our country in that direction.  We certainly will not stand by and watch our rights be trampled on by these Fascists.  We must take back our country at the ballot box while there is still time; though election fraud may make that difficult to achieve.  If we lose faith in our elections, all bets are off.    

The Socialists and Communists that run our public schools and universities are doing everything they can to impose Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project indoctrination in our schools.  This is nothing more than racist, Marxist revisionist Fake History full of lies that we must stop from happening.  This battle is being fought all over the country including in Reno, Nevada where I live.  The Socialists on our School Board and the Superintendent are attempting to silence the only Conservative on the Board.  This is really an attack on his supporters, as well.  They are determined to cancel him because he is a Conservative White Male.  Naturally, we are fighting their every move; but that battle is daily.  This is all happening while half the kids in Reno, like all over the United States cannot read or do math at grade level.  Mismanagement of our public schools is rampant.

The left is determined to murder innocent babies pushing for abortions right up until birth and even after.  Fortunately, many states have enacted common sense limits on abortion murder.  This is a battle that must be fought to protect innocent babies from infanticide murder.  

The National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State, which includes the 100 largest companies in our country are doing everything they can to silence all the rest of us.  We can't let that happen.  We must show up at city council, school board and stock holder meetings to let them know we are not going anywhere.  We must fight for our freedoms, including our right to bare arms to save our country from these Fascist, corrupt little Hitler's attempting to make our country into a Socialists or Communist nation.  Let us hope we don't end up in another Civil War because if it happens, it will result in the dissolution of the United States.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened in other countries throughout history when irreconcilable differences became impossible to bridge.  

National Socialists, Fake News & Deep State Intent On Murdering Innocent Babies

"Devout" Catholic Speaker of the House pushed through an abortion infanticide bill that would make abortion the law of the land right up until birth and even after.   The good news is that it will be stopped by Republicans in the Senate so it will not become law.  Even Socialist Pope Francis has called abortion murder.  Catholic Arch Bishop Cordileone of San Francisco, where Pelosi lives has condemned her support of abortion as a Catholic.  The Arch Bishop really should excommunicate Pelosi because she is no Catholic; that's for sure.  

The question is why are National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State so intent on murdering innocent babies.  Clearly women in the base of their party want the right to end pregnancies even if it means killing their children.  And, to be clear after the first three months, abortion involves a gruesome procedure literally ripping a baby apart limb from limb using clamps to get all the baby parts out of the womb so they can be sold for medical research.  Can anything be more evil.  This is the devil at work plain and simple; yet this is what the left in our country demands.  

Many states have enacted common sense restrictions on abortion that do not end abortion, but rather end later term abortions.  Clearly once there is heart beat that happens after the first 6 or 7 weeks to deny that a human being is being murdered is absurd.  The left in our country is always talking about following the science and that is exactly what these restrictions attempts to do.   Once we have a heart beat, we have human life.  Babies have rights too.  

The Supreme Court has agreed to take a case involving the state of Mississippi that prohibits abortion after the first 15 weeks.  If the court allows this ruling to stand, it will not eliminate abortion.  What is will do is force women to decide on abortion by that point in time, which seems perfectly reasonable.   Let us hope that the Supreme Court recognizes that late term abortions are murder.  Killing a fully formed baby is infanticide.  It has to stop.  

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Joe Biden, National Socialists and Fake News Missing In Action

Isn't it funny, when President Trump was in office, the National Socialists and Fake News regularly went to the border to see for themselves the cages that Obama built housing illegal aliens.  There is now some indication that Joe Biden has never even been to the border in his 45 years in office.  And, Biden certainly is not going down there now that there are thousands of illegal aliens invading our country every month; more than ever before. 

Quemala Harris is supposed to own the border crisis as part of her portfolio; yet she is nowhere to be found.  And, all the other Big Mouth National Socialists in Congress and Fake News are not going anywhere near the border with their fake tears as was the case when Trump was President. The fact is that none of them want to bring focus to the crisis on our border.  They want these illegal aliens swept under the rug so that they don't have to address the problem.  

Secretary Mayokas, another Big Mouth in charge of Homeland Security should be fired for lying to Congress and for failing to deal with the invasion at our border.  It is time to send the army to our border to stop the invasion no different than if China or Russia were invading our country.  Biden is supposed to be the Commander In Chief.  Biden swore an oath to preserve and protect our nation.  Clearly, that is not happening as thousands of illegal aliens are invading our country every day.  Biden should be impeached for this inability to protect our nation.  Don't count on it as long as the National Socialists are in charge and Fake News refuses to report the story.  We have a crisis at our border that is not going away any time soon as long as these clowns are in office.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Being White In America

For the National Socialists, Fake News, the 100 largest companies in America and the Deep State, being White in America has become a crime punishable by cancellation.  They are alleging that all White people or more specifically White People that voted for President Trump are all Privileged, White Supremists, Racist, Oppressors.  Really!

Of course, all of this is ridiculous.  And, God forbid a White Person supports the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and particularly the 1st and 2nd Amendments that guarantee freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms.   And if a White person is also pro life that is the icing on the cake.   If a White Person even mentions the need for election integrity with things like Voter ID, no unsolicited mail out ballots, prohibition against ballot harvesting, they are automatically racist for even suggesting such things.  

Being a Conservative White person in America is now a crime.  Don't you dare wear your MAGA hat in public because you will be attacked on the streets.  The bad news for the White Haters is that we don't care what they think of us.  We will keep fighting to take back our country from the loons on the other side.  And, it has nothing to do with race.  It is all about values and common sense and the very foundation of our democracy.  We won't be cancelled.  We will stand up at school board meetings, city council meetings, in state capital and in the DC Swamp to both demand our rights and to push for our freedoms.  We are not going away any time soon.  

Monday, September 20, 2021

Improving Academic Achievement - A National Crisis

Half the kids in the United States including where we live in Reno, Nevada cannot read or do math at grade level.  This is a national crisis as bad as any hurricane natural disaster.  Since 90% of kids attend public schools, the problem is primarily in our public schools.   Nobody in the education establishment seems to care.  And, it is not about money going to public schools, since we spend more on public schools than any other country in the world only to achieve mediocre academic results.  

It is time to end business as usual if we are going to improve academic achievement.  First, school board members must recognize they are are elected to represent the interests of students, parents and taxpayers exclusively.  School district staff member interests are all represented by various unions because they are Labor.  School Boards therefore must understand that they are Management because most school administrators are part of the education establishment.  Administrators are not managers in a real sense.  Instead they are paper pushers who will never rock the boat.  We need to rock the boat to improve academic achievement.  

Next, most public schools only have kids in school for 180 days a year conforming to the time when the United States was an agricultural economy and kids were needed at home to work on the farm during the summer months.  So kids in the US attend school for about 9 months and not even that when all holidays are factored in to the school year.  We need to get that up to 10 months or at least 200 days a year as happens in many other countries where kids are far ahead of kids in the US. 

Teachers and Administrators must be held accountable for achieving academic results.  That means management by metrics and performance objectives.  There should be bonus pay for exceeding objectives and merit pay for teachers who actually do the best job.  Those teachers and administrators who consistently fail to achieve results must be invited to leave the school district as would be the case in business when an employee fails to do the job.  They must be FIRED.

We need rigorous pre and post testing every year to use as the basis for improvement.  As occurs in other countries, by the end of the 8th grade testing should be used to determine if a kid is college bound or should be in a vocational track with apprentice programs to learn a trade.   We always have community colleges for kids that are late bloomers if it turns out the college is possible; but no kid should leave school without a trade if college is not possible.  

We must look at curriculum to focus on the things that really matter rather than political indoctrination, which is happening in many school districts across the country.  Especially now and probably because of their failures,  left wing woke School Boards, Administrators and Teachers think their job is to create little Socialist activists.  As a result, they are wasting time teaching Fake History and pushing Socialist ideology.  This has to stop because it does nothing to improve academic achievement.  They are hurting the very students they purport to want to educate.  

We have to reinvent our public schools to improve academic achievement.  It will mean battles with teacher and administrator unions to get the job done.  We probably must have School Choice to create competitive pressures to get public schools to improve.  Many in the education establishment will have to be FIRED when the dust settles because they are actually hurting kids.  What is happening now is malpractice.  School Boards cannot allow this to continue.  Business as usual is failing the kids of our nation.  It is time for action if we are going to compete with other nations.  

Biden's Border Crisis

There are thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world crossing our border into the United States.  The Border Patrol is overwhelmed.  QueMala Harris was supposed to be in charge of the border crisis.  She is nowhere to be found.  Governor Greg Abbott of the State of Texas was ready to send in the National Guard; but the Biden Administration stopped it from happening.  Now Homeland Security run by a big mouth clown, Secretary Mayorkas is headed to the border to see what is happening.  Really!  Just turn on the TV and see the thousands of illegal aliens in Del Rio invading our country.  

It is time to send in the army.  We face an invasion at our Southern Border.  Biden as the incompetent Commander In Chief is supposed to protect and preserve our country.  Certainly, between his naps somebody in the Biden Administration can tell him what to do to stop this invasion.  Even former Obama and Clinton Administration officials are sounding the alarm bells.  You know it is bad with Fake News Chuck Todd calls out Biden for his incompetence. 

Our border is open.  The court has ordered Biden to implement Trump's stay in Mexico policy; but it is not happening because they don't have the man power in place to make it happen.  They are putting Haitians on airplanes to ship them back to their country to prevent all of Haiti from attempting to come into the United States.  

All of this is Joe Biden's fault.  Biden opened the flood gates by promising all these illegal aliens citizenship.  The National Socialists are attempting to flood swing states with illegal aliens to eventually gain votes for their party.  What is happening is a disaster.  We must send in the army to stop the invasion at our border.  There is no other choice other than completing the Wall, which should all happen immediately.  

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Another Bad Week For Joe Biden

While Joe Biden vacationed at his beach house in Delaware oblivious to world events, his administration had another very bad week.  Let's start with the invasion at our border where there are thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world attempting to enter our country.  Clearly, our border is completely out of control.  Homeland Security is attempting to fly these invaders back to the their home countries because we have no place to put them.  A court ordered Biden to implement Trump's remain in Mexico policy; but since things are so out of control that is not happening.

Next, it appears that the drone strike our military implemented in Afghanistan killed an innocent family 10 in all, including an Aide Worker and all of his children.  So much for "Over the Horizon Capabilities" and this happened while we still had troops on the ground in Afghanistan.  It is clear that our satellite technology is not fail safe without intelligence on the ground.  This will be a real problem going forward because Afghanistan will once again become a haven for Terrorists.  So why is the Biden Administration giving the Taliban millions of dollars under the guise of humanitarian assistance while they are still holding Americans and Afghans who helped us hostage.  Just plain incompetence.  

The FBI was found guilty this week of failing to deal with sexual abuse cases of young female athletes for years.  So far only one FBI agent has been fired when in fact heads need to roll all over this corrupt and often incompetent agency.  No mention of any of it from the Biden Administration.  No one from the Biden Administration Department of Justice even bothered to show up for the Senate Hearing on the matter.  

At the same time, France has pulled its ambassador from Washington for the first time ever by an ally.  Seems we are selling nuclear submarines to Australia, which is a good thing; however, in the process we screwed France that had a deal with Australia to sell them 12 diesel powered subs for $66 Billion.  Joe Biden failed to advise French President Macron that this was happening before it made the news.  Of course, France is pissed off at Joe Biden.  What a surprise.  

And, then there is Covid.  Biden had announced that Booster shots were coming for all over the age of 12.  Not happening.  The CDC has only approved Booster shots for those over age 65, which throws a real monkey wrench into the Biden Covid Strategy.  

Joe Biden fiddles while the world burns.  But let's face it.  As a result of Biden's dementia, he is clueless.  There are days when Biden does not even know where he is let alone what is happening around him.  This was a bad week of many for Joe Biden, but who is counting.  Certainly not Fake News or others in the Deep State Swamp.  

Saturday, September 18, 2021

January 6th Political Prisoners - Injustice At Work

Antifa and Black Lives Matter Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities in the last year yet none of them are in jail today.  People were even killed during these attacks on our nation.  Police have been murdered.  If anybody was arrested, they were released by Woke Prosecutors.  Yet, there are several hundred Trump supporters in jail in Washington DC for the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.  They are charged with crimes as little as trespassing; but they are being held without the possibility of bail for as long as nine months awaiting trials.   

We clearly do not have equal justice under the law.  These Trump Supporters are political prisoners plain and simple.  Anyone who commits a crime should be prosecuted; but in many of these instances, it would involve a fine for first time offenders not months in jail.  What is happening is that the Deep State is persecuting people for supporting Donald Trump.  

So there was a march on Washington DC on September 18th to protest this persecution.  A few hundred people showed up.  The Deep State spent millions of dollars preparing for an invasion of Washington DC by a foreign power.  Talk about over kill.  There was no violence; just a protest that lasted an hour or two.   Too bad they did not do as much planning to evacuate Afghanistan, or to deal with the actual invasion at our border.  

The fact is that half the country believes that there was election fraud in 2020 that cost Donald Trump the election.  No matter what Fake News, the National Socialists and the Deep States does or says to deny election fraud, we saw what happened with our own eyes.  Unsolicited mail in ballots, lack of voter ID, tampering with ballots and ballot harvesting allowed Joe Biden to get about 5 million more votes Donald Trump; but a very small number more votes in critical states than resulted in a win for Joe Biden.  Harassing and Persecuting Trump Supporters will not change any of this.  Matter of fact, it will just make us more resolved to reelect President Trump in 2024.  This story is far from over.  

Friday, September 17, 2021

Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax

Fake News and the Deep State alleged that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign.  Of course, none of this was true; but even members of the FBI who all should be in jail were part of the hoax.  Now we know that it was Crooked Hillary Clinton herself with her minions who were paying the Russians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.  Finally, after several years, the Durham investigation will file a few charges against these crooks; but don't count on much. 

The Deep State protects their own because there are so many implicated in feeding at the trough.  Hillary Clinton should have been charged and gone to jail for deleting more than 30,000 emails that were under Congressional subpoena.  Both the Clinton and Biden Crime families walk free though they have used their offices to become multi millionaires.  Corruption runs deep in the DC Swamp.  

One of the reasons they hated Trump so much is that he was already rich and was not susceptible to the usual bribes that are common in DC.  Since they could not own Trump, they needed him gone so for four years, Fake News and the Deep State were relentless in implementing baseless attacks all aimed at destroying the Trump Presidency.  And, then there were the constant leaks from all the agencies of government including some who Trump appointed to be in his administration.  

They finally had to use election fraud to defeat Donald Trump; but ironically it has only made Trump stronger, which scares the hell of of them.  The January 6th investigation circus is really the third impeachment trial.  They keep trying to destroy Trump; but they will fail again.  They thought they finished Trump off; but far from it.  Trump owns the Republican Party.  If Trump wants the nomination in 2024, he will have it.  If Biden survives his first terms, he will not run again.  Quemala Harris will be challenged for the Socialist Nomination because they know she can't win.  Trump will come roaring back in both 22 to elect a Republican Congress and 24 for his second term in office.  This story is far from over.  

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Deep State Swamp Lizards Must Be Fired

Everyday, we see instances of incompetence among federal employees feeding at the trough.  The debacle in Afghanistan is just the latest example of complete mismanagement.  But to be fair, this story is not new. High level management in the Deep State bureaucracy at the State Department, Department of Defense, FBI, Department of Justice, CIA, Homeland Security, IRS and other Departments must be FIRED.  Many of the jobs in these federal government departments can be eliminated because they serve no useful purposes.  

We hear of screw up's and mismanagement all the time; yet there is no accountability.  In some cases, there should even be prosecution for corruption, which is rampant.  The problem is that Deep State Swamp Lizards protect their own because they are all feeding at the trough.  It is no coincidence that some of the highest home prices in the country are in the areas surrounding Washington DC.  These Swamp Lizards are all very well paid and they get great pensions and plenty of perks.  

This issue is bipartisan.  The problem has existed both during Socialist and Republican Administrations.  There has been a proliferation of crooks working in government for decades.  It is time to clean house.  This is why Socialist proposals to create even bigger government just insures more corruption.   It is time to get to your elected Representatives in the House and Senate and say ENOUGH.  We want the crooks and incompetent FIRED.  And, we want fewer of them going forward.  The bigger government gets, the less freedom we have.  Most important, the guilty and incompetent must be FIRED and some of them must even be prosecuted for their crimes.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

General Mark Milley Must Be FIRED

We learn now that General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff contacted the Chinese Communist Government, without authorization from President Trump, or the Secretary of Defense, after the January 6th riot at the Capitol to assure the Chinese that the military would prevent President Trump from launching a nuclear attack on China.  First, where the hell did Milley get the idea that Trump was considering launching nuclear weapons on China.  That is about the most ridiculous assertion we have heard yet come out of the Deep State Swamp concerning Trump.    

Second, what Milley did violated the chain of command and bordered on treason.  Milley should be court marshalled for his actions.  We have seen in recent weeks that Milley is so desperate to keep his job to continue feeding at the trough that he has gone Woke subjecting the military to CRT training.  In the mean time, we just lost Afghanistan on Milley's watch.  This General is clearly incompetent.  Milley must be FIRED, or forced to resign.  It will not happen as long as Biden is in office, or until the Republicans take back the Congress in 2022; but they must drag his fat ass before Congress before then to explain his treasonous actions. 

Trump had to deal with these Deep State Swamp Lizards throughout the government who were threatened by his management style.  These characters all make big bucks and big pensions.  The last thing they wanted was a President asking questions to reveal their corruption.  They regularly leaked information and did everything they could to sabotage the Trump Presidency.  We just saw their incompetence related to the surrender of Afghanistan.  Two Trillion dollars was wasted, 2,500 Americans died and 20,000 more were wounded in Afghanistan because of these incompetent buffoons.  We need a President who will clean house.  We need to reelect President Trump who will tell these buffoons, YOU ARE FIRED.   

George W. Bush's 911 Speech

Instead of honoring those who were murdered on 9/11 by Islamic Fascist Terrorists, failed RINO President George W. Bush basically attacked the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump that rejected him.  In representing the Deep State swamp and all those feeding at the trough for years, Bush attacked Trump's America First MAGA agenda and program.  In essence, Bush spoke in favor of open borders, unfair trade deals that resulted in 70,000 factories being closed in the United States and 5 million jobs being shipped overseas,  our our allies failing to pay their fair share, tax increases and job killing regulations and endless wars that resulted in the deaths and wounding of thousands of Americans.  In other words, these are all the things supported by Bush, Clinton, Obama and now Biden and opposed by Trump who worked so hard to reverse course and get our country back on track. 

What is worse, Bush compared the Islamic Fascist Terrorists that murdered 3,000 people on 9/11 to the 600 Americans charged with rioting at the Capitol on January 6th buying into the National Socialists, Fake News and Deep State narrative that these Americans were Terrorists no different than Islamic Fascist Terrorists.   Of course, that is ridiculous and untrue.

Here is the deal.  Trump beat the Bush family and ended their dynasty when Trump defeated Jeb Bush in 2016.  Trump has been very critical of George W. Bush for his poor decisions that got the United States into both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  The Iraq war in particular destabilized the entire Middle East and ultimately led to ISIS and the murder of thousands of people.  It was Trump who cleaned up the mess in Iraq that Bush and Obama/Biden left behind.  Had Trump remained in office, the outcome in Afghanistan would not have been the debacle we have seen with Biden. 

Bush's speech was a reflection of the Deep State Establishment of both political parties and those globalists working in the DC Swamp.  If I hear these creeps talk about the "International Community" one more time, I am going to riot.   Bush was their dying voice.  George W. Bush certainly does not represent the Republican Party of today that turned their back on him and everything he stands for because his Presidency like the Presidencies of Clinton, Obama and now Biden have been a disaster for our country.  

The Republican Party of today is the Trump Republican Party committed to America First and MAGA.  It is time for dinosaurs like George W. Bush to go away and paint pictures while they can still remember their names.  When Bush dies, his crony pals will show up at his funeral.  The rest of us will have a nice day and focus on the future not the good old days and the past.  

Monday, September 13, 2021

Recall Election In California - More Corruption

Unless there is an upset, there is a pretty good chance that Gavin Newsom, often referred to as Governor Gruesome will survive the recall election in California.  It will happen for three reasons.  First, Socialists outnumber Republicans in California by 2 to 1.  Republicans have been leaving the state for years.  Second, Newsom has raised more than $80 million from Big Tech, Hollywood etc. to support his election.  And, finally third, there will be the usual election fraud in California that mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots just like in 2020.   No voter ID is required, which allows illegal aliens to vote.  And, there is ballot harvesting so that many of those unsolicited ballots will illegally be cast by Socialists.  

But what is funny about all of this is that California is such a mess thanks to Newsom and the Socialists.  California has black outs thanks to its Green New Deal despite very high energy prices.  California is short of water because they have not built a new dam in California since 1985.  So when it does rain most of the water just flows out to sea.  California has among the worst public schools in the nation.  California freeways are in gridlock most of the day.  California suffers from devastating fires every year because they refuse to do comprehensive forest management.  California has the highest taxes in the nation and crazy job killing regulations.  

Given all of these problems, Gavin Newsom should be a goner; but don't count on it.  The corruption in California runs too deep.  There are too many feeding at the trough to chance a Republican governor.  As long as they keep getting their free money, they will vote to keep the Socialists in office.  In the mean time, the golden state is golden no more as people and companies keep voting with their feet.   As a result, California will lose a congressional seat for the first time in its history.  

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Inflation Is A Tax That Hurts The Poor Most

Joe Biden had to increase the amount of money going for Food Stamps, really the debit card that the poor  use to buy food because of inflation.   However, that card cannot be used for non food items that are also going up in price.  The National Socialists are proposing a $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan full of pork and lard that will kill jobs and drive prices already going through the roof into the stratosphere.  In many places, gas is already at or near $5 a gallon because Biden and his pals are out to destroy carbon energy without any thing meaningful to replace it.   Look at California that already has the Green New Deal with very high energy prices and black outs.   

Very soon, people will have to choose between food and other items like paying the utility bill. The cost of energy is built into the cost of everything.  Skyrocketing energy bills means higher cost for everything we do, eat, buy etc.  Biden claims his SwindleUS Bill will not add to inflation.  Really! The federal government has already put $6 trillion into the economy to deal with Covid and prices are going through the roof.  They are going to add another $1.5 Trillion infrastructure bill assuming it gets through both houses of Congress.

Here is the deal.  Before adding new entitlements, Congress and the President need to save Social Security and Medicare both of which are headed toward insolvency.  Nobody is talking about these programs that are on a count down toward bankruptcy.  It is crazy to add more entitlements when the government will not to be able to provide full Social Security and Medicare benefits in the next ten years. 

And then there is the national debt approaching $30 Trillion even now without more spending.  If everything was taken from everybody not just the rich, it would be impossible to pay off the current national debt.  The alternative will be the Fed's printing more money to cover the interest on the debt when rates go up.  That will make the dollar worthless.  People like free entitlements until there is no money to pay for them and we have the economic collapse of the United States.  

Don't think it can't happen because it has happened many times throughout history.  And, if it does happen it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  The Red states will want out of the union.  Then what?  Another Civil War.  We can't let that happen.  If there any adults left in the DC Swamp, they need to stop the $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan.  It will result in economic disaster for our country.  

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Remembering 9/11 - Imagine If Biden Or Harris Were President Then

On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by Islamic Fascist Terrorists with their leadership based in Afghanistan.  While George W. Bush became President on January 20, 2021, it was on September 11th that he really became the leader of our nation.  Bush was remarkable in his calm and resolve to deal with the act of war that we faced as a nation.   And, our nation was very fortunate that Bush had selected many experienced heavy hitters to serve in his Administration that became essential to the defense of our nation.  The actions Bush ordered to destroy Al Qaeda in Afghanistan were right on target.  

The fact that we stayed in Afghanistan far too long after Obama rightly ordered the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which Joe Biden opposed was the result of very poor leadership and information from those in the DC Swamp and the military industrial complex that benefited from prolonging the war at the expense of our brave soldiers who were killed or wounded unnecessarily.  We did not  learn the lessons of Vietnam related to nation building.  Our only job should have been to kill Terrorists not attempt to turn Afghanistan into a Western democracy.  

In any case, given the recent debacle in Afghanistan and all the poor decisions that have come out of the Biden Harris White House since being fraudulently elected,  one can only imagine the poor leadership they would provide if we faced another 9/11 on our soil or any where else in the world.  First, Biden is mentally incapacitated.  Biden's dementia becomes more obvious by the day.  He must have his afternoon naps just to get through the day.  Quemala Harris just does not have the experience to be President.  She cannot communicate well with the American people.  Both Biden and Harris are now very unpopular as their poll ratings are in the toilet because of all their failures.  

Of equal importance, Biden does not have a strong team around him.  Biden's Woke Secretary's of Defense, State and Homeland Security and the General in charge of the Joint Chiefs are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch and they are weak and incompetent.  Biden would need these people to hold  him up in a crisis; but the problem is that they are all spineless.  Let's just hope that nothing serious happens between now and 2024 when Biden Harris can be replaced with President Trump or some other qualified Republicans that can actually be Commander In Chief.  In the mean time as we remember 9/11, I fear for our nation.  

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Biden's New Covid Rules - Unconstitutional

In a panic because Covid cases are rising, Joe Biden has issued new executive orders requiring companies with 100 employees or more to require Covid vaccinations, or face weekly testing under penalty of various fines for failing to do so.  Though many are already vaccinated, this involves about 80 million Americans.  While I believe everybody should get vaccinated unless there is a valid medical or religious reason to avoid the vaccination, no doubt various Governors and State Attorney Generals will test these executive orders in court because they may very well be unconstitutional.  If the President has the authority to do this, what can't he do by executive order.  

So can the President require companies to demand that all employees be vaccinated for all potential illnesses.  What does this do to the employer employee relationship?  And, what if an employee refuses to get a vaccine for medical or religious reasons.  Can the employer legally fire someone for refusing a vaccine.  This opens up a real can of worms for employers from a legal standpoint. 

And, what are the implications related to medical insurance.  Does this executive order give insurance companies the right to deny coverage to someone who refuses to be vaccinated.  Just wait, there will be all sorts of legal cases some of which will make it to the Supreme Court.

Ironically, the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State often in referring to abortion use the phrase, "my body, my choice".   But somehow the notion of "my body, my choice" does not apply to mandatory vaccinations.  Joe Biden is doing everything he can to change the subject away from the disaster in Afghanistan to anything Covid.  Bidenistas don't care if these executive orders are struck down.  For now anyway, these vaccination mandates will dominate the news cycle.  It will be very interesting to see if all large companies and organizations fall in line before there are court rulings on this issue.  Clearly, company legal departments will advise management of the risk of employment practice lawsuits if they implement policy that has not been approved by the courts, since this is not law adopted by Congress.  

In the mean time with Biden's polls numbers in the toilet, there will be an impact on elections in 22 and 24.  National Socialist are likely to keep Biden away from their states and districts to avoid any connection to the stink coming from Biden.  Politicians are like rats on a sinking ship.  They will jump ship if they think Biden will hurt them in their reelection campaigns.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

September 11, 2001 - Never Forget

On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by Islamic Fascist Terrorists.  About 3,000 people were killed as a result of this attack.  This event was not much different than the surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, which began US involvement in World War II.  9/11 actually began our involvement in the war on Islamic Fascist Terrorism that has changed the world forever.   I was actually in the New York City area when 9/11 occurred.  It took me three weeks to get home because many flights were cancelled. 

There is no doubt that 9/11 was a pivotal moment in American history.  It resulted in American involvement in wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and other countries.   Thousands have died or been wounded in the last 20 years fighting Islamic Fascist Terrorism.  The recent catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan has not ended this war.  Matter of fact, now that the Taliban Terrorists are back in charge of Afghanistan after all the blood and resources we spent on that country just insures that we will have more war not less.  We will have to bomb Terrorist bases in Afghanistan within 12 months; just wait and see.   It is inevitable.  

As of this 9/11, 2021, Americans and Afghan supporters are being held hostage in Afghanistan thanks to stupid, incompetent, feeble, feckless Joe Biden.  It is not bad enough that 2,500 Americans were killed in Afghanistan and 20,000 were wounded in addition to spending more than $2 Trillion and all for nothing.  It is a disgraceful chapter in American history.  Our soldiers are heroes.  Their military leaders and Bush II, Obama and Biden made a real mess of things in Afghanistan.   Trump was on the right track in reaching an agreement with the Taliban that was conditioned on various actions.  The calamity we have seen in Afghanistan would never have happened under Trump.  

Biden the the idiot that he is abandoned that agreement and just pulled the troops out before getting all Americans and Afghans out along with all our military equipment that will now end up in Terrorist hands all over the world.  This is by far the dumbest and saddest chapter in American history so far during the Biden/Harris Presidency.  

In any case, we must Never forget 9/11 if we are going to prevent it from happening again on our soil.  The lessons learned from Afghanistan is Never land troops in a god awful place.  Use drones and bombers to kill Terrorists leaders and their followers.  Hopefully, we have learned that lesson well; but I doubt it.  The Military Industrial Complex benefits from continuous wars.  It is worth billions of dollars every year to those feeding at the trough.  What do they care.  It is the soldiers who die and or are wounded fighting these wars.  These heroes pay the price for these wars not our leaders.  Never Again, Never Again.  

China Will Invade Taiwan

Now that China has stripped the people of Hong Kong of their freedoms without any consequence, it is only a matter of time before China invades Taiwan.  With feckless, weak Joe Biden in office, they see their opportunity.   There is only one way to prevent this from happening.  Taiwan should implement a vote of its people to declare their country an independent nation.  They should seek recognition at the United Nations, which China will veto.  

Then Western countries together must put Taiwan under their nuclear umbrella.  Western countries must be prepared to use nuclear weapons against China if they attack Taiwan.  There is no other way to guarantee Taiwan's independence.  If Western countries are unwilling to make that declaration and commitment,  then to prevent blood shed, it would be best to advise Taiwan to negotiate a deal for the take over of their country by China.  There is no other alternative because conventional military forces would not stop China from taking over Taiwan.  

China is in an expansionary country looking for their place in the sun.  They are working hard to be to be a global power; not just a regional power.  The question is where are the lines in the sand, which means nuclear war if crossed.   Western countries need to draw those lines without any ambiguity.  If they fail to do that, China will keep going as far as it can and eventually, it will lead to nuclear war.  Wars happen when countries miscalculate.  Unless Western countries are very clear about the lines in the sand, nuclear war with China is inevitable  And then, God help us all.  

Monday, September 6, 2021

Biden's Hostage Crisis In Afghanistan

Nobody knows for sure how many Americans and their families Joe Biden left behind when he pulled out of Afghanistan.  We do know that there may be thousands of Afghans who worked with us that still need to escape Afghanistan or most likely they will be murdered.   We now have a  huge hostage crisis in Afghanistan.  The Taliban will not allow planes out of Afghanistan.  Is it reported there are six planes sitting at some airport in Afghanistan ready to go with both Americans and Afghans just waiting to take off.  The Taliban will not allow them to leave. 

The Taliban are demanding that the United States and our Allies recognize them as the legitimate government of their country.  And, what they really want is the billions of dollars sitting in overseas bank accounts that was supposed to go to the democratically elected former government.   It is bad enough that we left behind $85 billion of military equipment that will now be distributed to Islamic Fascist Terrorists all over the world, but giving them billions more should absolutely not occur under any circumstances.   

So they are now holding Americans and Afghans hostage until the monies change hands.  Like the Iran Hostage Crisis, we now need to begin the daily count to see how long it will take the incompetent Biden Administration to get these Americans and Afghans out of the country.  And, like in the Iran Hostage Crisis, it may take the election of a new President with threats of invasion to get the job done the same as occurred when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated to replace incompetent Jimmy Carter.  Sadly, the hostages in Afghanistan may have to wait until Donald Trump is reelected in 2024.  

In the meantime, Afghanistan will be used as a base for Islamic Fascist Terrorists from all over the world.  Al Qaeda and ISIS are already there.  No doubt, we will have to bomb those bases sooner or later.  With a little luck, there will be a Civil War in Afghanistan for a few years so they can focus on killing each other instead of focusing on Terrorism outside of their country.  Joe Biden has blood on his hands.  Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched in his first year in office.  We can only imagine what three more years would bring if he survives the first year, which is doubtful.  

Time To Improve Public Schools Is Running Out

Certainly half the people of the United States believe that our public schools, colleges and universities indoctrinate students with left wing Socialist Ideology.  They don't educate children with the truth any more.  That ship sailed 20 or more years ago.  It has become most obvious lately as Woke school boards, teacher unions, major companies and the Deep State in general are now pushing Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project Marxist, Racist, Revisionist Fake History that is based on politically correct left wing teachings.  Finally, we see open revolt happening at many school board meetings across the country, as well as, recall movements to remove left wing School Board Members.  

All of this obscures the real crisis in public education, which may be the reason they are pushing this radical ideology full of lies.  The fact is that half the country's children cannot read or do math at grade level.  Further, even though we spend more on public education than any other nation in the world, academic achievement in the United States is mediocre at best and dismal at worst.  Yet, the National Socialists and those in the Education Bureaucracy at all levels of government don't seem to care.  Instead of a Task Force focused on "Social Justice" as is happening in my home town, Reno, Nevada, we should have a Task Force focused on raising reading and math test scores.  And, instead of feel good performance objectives for school Superintendents and other Administrators, as is the case where we live, there should be meaningful metrics in place tied to student's academic achievement.  It is just not happening.  

Ironically, all of this hurts the poor and middle class most since 90% of kids in our country go to public schools.  The rich have options.  Their kids are in private schools that actually educate their children and often provide values education in the process, which is just as important as academic achievement.  It is poor and middle class kids stuck in failing public schools held hostage by teacher unions in business to raise salaries and pensions and administrators without any regard to academic achievement.  

Support for public schools is faltering among half the people in our country and it is a Bi-Partisan issue.  Minorities in particular are beginning to see that public schools are no different than the old slave plantations in the South because most of them don't have the money to escape.  Except in this case the teacher unions and the education bureaucrats are the slave masters holding children hostage so they can continue feeding at the trough. 

So now School Choice has been turned into School Freedom.  No parent and no child should be stuck in a failing public school because they don't have the money to go elsewhere.   The teacher unions own the National Socialist Party lock stock and barrel, which is the reason their elected lackeys will not support School Freedom no matter how much damage public schools are doing to children.  However, a sleeping giant has been awakened.  Parents and tax payers are sick and tired of spending billions of dollars on public schools every year that achieve poor academic results.  Time is running out to improve public schools.  Lack of support from the public will eventually lead to School Freedom.  It is coming and it is inevitable.  

Saturday, September 4, 2021

California Recall Election - Socialist Newsom May Go Down

Socialist Governor Gavin Newsom has made such a mess of California that he may very well go down in the upcoming Recall election.  The National Socialists, public employee unions, major corporations and Hollywood are all panicking because they know Newsom often referred to as Governor Gruesome could lose.  They are so panicked that they have raised $80 million in an attempt to save him.  However, all it takes is one less vote than 50% of the vote to end Newsom's career.   Watch the fraud that is probably already in the works.  

The reason Newsom may go down is the high crime rate, homeless people all over the streets of major cities in California, lousy public schools, very high cost of living and energy; gas is getting close to $5 a gallon, illegal aliens being given all sorts of government services free, gridlock on California freeways, and forest fires every year that destroy homes and businesses.  And, then there is Covid and the school closures and lockdown while Newsom sent his kids to expensive privates schools and was photographed having dinner mask less with lobbyists at the French Laundry in wine country that can cost $500 or more a plate.  Newsom is the typical big mouth Socialist; lots of cheap talk and no solutions to the many problems Californians face every day. 

While there are many Republican candidates running in the Recall election, the one favored is Larry Elder, the articulate, Conservative Black radio commentator.  Elder grew up in a Black part of LA and escaped poverty by working very hard and getting a great education.  Right now he is way ahead of other Republican candidates in the polls at 26% of the vote.  If Newsom goes down, which ever Republican has the most votes will be elected Governor. 

If Elder wins he will be the first Black Governor of California.  If Newsom loses just 10% of the Black vote, he is toast.  The next few weeks will be very interesting.  All the big name Socialists will be in California campaigning for Newsom.   They are trying to paint Elder as a Trump clone.  That could back fire given Joe Biden's falling poll numbers.  Many people are starting to realize that Trump, though a character, was a great President.  So tying Elder to Trump may actually help him win the election.  

Texas Abortion Law - When Life Begins

As grandparents at about 7 week after conception, we first heard the heartbeats of our grandchildren.  Shortly thereafter, we began to see these babies develop in the womb.  To argue that human life is not being destroyed by abortion is absurd.  When the Supreme Court approved abortion out of thin air in Roe V. Wade in 1973, the amazing medical technology we have today did not exist.  Now that this technology does exist proving human life with a heartbeat not long after conception, it makes abortion afterwards a crime against humanity.  

The state of Texas just recognized all of this by outlawing abortion as soon as there is a heartbeat.  This means 6 or 7 weeks after conception.  The Supreme Court by a 5 to 4 majority ruled in favor of the state of Texas.  National Socialists, Fake News and others who favor abortion murder right up until birth and even after are saying that this law outlawing abortion once there is a heartbeat has struck down Roe V. Wade.  Of course, that is not true.  Abortion is still legal in Texas, however, there is now a common sense line in the sand that defines when life begins.  

Other Red states are now looking at the Texas law, since it was approved by the Supreme Court and they will most likely enact the exact same law.  To be clear, another line in the sand should be the point at which the suction method simply removing fetal tissue can no longer be utilized.  Instead, once a baby in the womb grows bigger and actually has a fully formed body, the abortionist uses clamps to literally rip a baby apart in the womb removing the baby in pieces in order to sell baby parts.  This a gruesome, heinous procedure that should have been outlawed long ago.  

Abortion actually is not about women's rights.  Abortion is really about men's rights allowing men to father children without any need to worry about the financial responsibility of raising them.  Abortion eliminates child support so it is really men who practice unprotected sex who benefit from abortion far more than women.  

The new abortion law enacted in Texas recognizes that as soon as there is a heartbeat, there is human life.  It is a defining moment.  And, once we recognize that there is human life, killing a baby is murder.  It is really that simple.  So women and men that have unprotected sex or sex without birth control should just assume that the woman may be pregnant shortly thereafter.  Pregnancy tests show results rather quickly after conception.  With this 6 or 7 week line in the sand, after which abortion is illegal in the state of Texas, if they do not wish to have children, women need to buy an over the counter pregnancy test to determine if they are pregnant. If so, they can then determine if they are going to pursue an abortion or not.  Personal responsibility is the story here not outlawing an abortion after there is a heartbeat.   

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Biden's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan May Be In Trouble

The National Socialists may not be able to get Joe Biden's $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan through the Senate because Senator Joe Manchin, a key vote has said it is time to hit the "pause button".  They will enact the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill assuming Socialist Fancy Nancy Pelosi will allow it to come up in the House without passing the $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS bill.  We will see if she is bluffing.  

Manchin may have some common sense; but nothing in politics is certain.  Certainly, the Socialist will attempt to bribe him with some pork to bring back to West Virginia.  However, the Green New Deal that is in the SwindleUS Plan would destroy the coal industry in West Virginia.  Bringing home any bacon that at the same time kills the coal industry would be the kiss of death for Manchin.  So just maybe, Manchin's No vote with stick.  

And, it is a very good thing.  There is already plenty of pork in the Infrastructure bill without adding Trillions more to our national debt.  And, then there is the inflation the SwindleUS bill would cause, which hurts the poor most.  Most important, both Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency without adding any more unfunded Entitlements.  Further, the SwindleUS bill is filled with so much unsustainable pork, higher taxes and all sort of job killers.  Let's just hope that Joe Manchin has a Profile in Courage moment and sticks to his words.  

Public Schools & The Culture War

Many public school districts across the country and even some left wing private schools are pushing indoctrination rather than education.  Woke School Boards, Administrators, Teachers and Teacher Unions are pushing a social justice curriculum and agenda that includes Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project, which are nothing more than radical Marxist racist revisionist Fake History that denies truth concerning American and world history.  Further and in addition, these same woke characters are pushing a radical LGBTQIA agenda that includes Gender Screening in the classroom.  

They are telling boys and girls that their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their birth genetics.  That they can be any sex they want to be by simply declaring it so.  None of this is age appropriate and will only lead to gender confusion as if kids don't face enough issues just growing up in a world surrounded by evil.    

The problem for the Woke Establishment is that half the country does not agree with any of these things.  Certainly people of faith, some Christian denominations, Catholics, Orthodox Jews and Muslims cannot support this radical Woke ideology because it violates our religious beliefs.  The end result is that the culture war has clearly exploded on our country as parents and other concerned citizens are attending school board meeting like never before demanding that this BS stop. 

Most important, half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level even though we spend more on public education than any other country in the world.  The United States is nowhere near the top in academic achievement in virtually any subject.  Since 90% of kids in our country go to public schools, this is happening because public schools are failing to educate children.  Instead, many public schools are now focused on left wing radical indoctrination.  The end result is many kids  leave high school without any marketable job skills.  Obviously, if a kid cannot read, write or do math at grade level, they cannot succeed in college or university.  What is worse is that many Woke School Boards, Administrators and teachers don't seem to care.  They waste time on all the politically correct BS at the expense of actually educating children.  

We face a crisis in our country.  Parents and other concerned citizens must demand accountability.  We cannot allow this to go on business as usual.  It is clear that those we have charged with educating our children in many instances are failing.  We must take back control of our public schools by being far more involved with what is happening in the classroom.  We must demand to see what they are doing.  If they don't like it, too bad.  They can become truck drivers, since there are many openings in that profession.