Thursday, September 9, 2021

Biden's New Covid Rules - Unconstitutional

In a panic because Covid cases are rising, Joe Biden has issued new executive orders requiring companies with 100 employees or more to require Covid vaccinations, or face weekly testing under penalty of various fines for failing to do so.  Though many are already vaccinated, this involves about 80 million Americans.  While I believe everybody should get vaccinated unless there is a valid medical or religious reason to avoid the vaccination, no doubt various Governors and State Attorney Generals will test these executive orders in court because they may very well be unconstitutional.  If the President has the authority to do this, what can't he do by executive order.  

So can the President require companies to demand that all employees be vaccinated for all potential illnesses.  What does this do to the employer employee relationship?  And, what if an employee refuses to get a vaccine for medical or religious reasons.  Can the employer legally fire someone for refusing a vaccine.  This opens up a real can of worms for employers from a legal standpoint. 

And, what are the implications related to medical insurance.  Does this executive order give insurance companies the right to deny coverage to someone who refuses to be vaccinated.  Just wait, there will be all sorts of legal cases some of which will make it to the Supreme Court.

Ironically, the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State often in referring to abortion use the phrase, "my body, my choice".   But somehow the notion of "my body, my choice" does not apply to mandatory vaccinations.  Joe Biden is doing everything he can to change the subject away from the disaster in Afghanistan to anything Covid.  Bidenistas don't care if these executive orders are struck down.  For now anyway, these vaccination mandates will dominate the news cycle.  It will be very interesting to see if all large companies and organizations fall in line before there are court rulings on this issue.  Clearly, company legal departments will advise management of the risk of employment practice lawsuits if they implement policy that has not been approved by the courts, since this is not law adopted by Congress.  

In the mean time with Biden's polls numbers in the toilet, there will be an impact on elections in 22 and 24.  National Socialist are likely to keep Biden away from their states and districts to avoid any connection to the stink coming from Biden.  Politicians are like rats on a sinking ship.  They will jump ship if they think Biden will hurt them in their reelection campaigns.  

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