Tuesday, September 14, 2021

General Mark Milley Must Be FIRED

We learn now that General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff contacted the Chinese Communist Government, without authorization from President Trump, or the Secretary of Defense, after the January 6th riot at the Capitol to assure the Chinese that the military would prevent President Trump from launching a nuclear attack on China.  First, where the hell did Milley get the idea that Trump was considering launching nuclear weapons on China.  That is about the most ridiculous assertion we have heard yet come out of the Deep State Swamp concerning Trump.    

Second, what Milley did violated the chain of command and bordered on treason.  Milley should be court marshalled for his actions.  We have seen in recent weeks that Milley is so desperate to keep his job to continue feeding at the trough that he has gone Woke subjecting the military to CRT training.  In the mean time, we just lost Afghanistan on Milley's watch.  This General is clearly incompetent.  Milley must be FIRED, or forced to resign.  It will not happen as long as Biden is in office, or until the Republicans take back the Congress in 2022; but they must drag his fat ass before Congress before then to explain his treasonous actions. 

Trump had to deal with these Deep State Swamp Lizards throughout the government who were threatened by his management style.  These characters all make big bucks and big pensions.  The last thing they wanted was a President asking questions to reveal their corruption.  They regularly leaked information and did everything they could to sabotage the Trump Presidency.  We just saw their incompetence related to the surrender of Afghanistan.  Two Trillion dollars was wasted, 2,500 Americans died and 20,000 more were wounded in Afghanistan because of these incompetent buffoons.  We need a President who will clean house.  We need to reelect President Trump who will tell these buffoons, YOU ARE FIRED.   

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