Monday, September 13, 2021

Recall Election In California - More Corruption

Unless there is an upset, there is a pretty good chance that Gavin Newsom, often referred to as Governor Gruesome will survive the recall election in California.  It will happen for three reasons.  First, Socialists outnumber Republicans in California by 2 to 1.  Republicans have been leaving the state for years.  Second, Newsom has raised more than $80 million from Big Tech, Hollywood etc. to support his election.  And, finally third, there will be the usual election fraud in California that mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots just like in 2020.   No voter ID is required, which allows illegal aliens to vote.  And, there is ballot harvesting so that many of those unsolicited ballots will illegally be cast by Socialists.  

But what is funny about all of this is that California is such a mess thanks to Newsom and the Socialists.  California has black outs thanks to its Green New Deal despite very high energy prices.  California is short of water because they have not built a new dam in California since 1985.  So when it does rain most of the water just flows out to sea.  California has among the worst public schools in the nation.  California freeways are in gridlock most of the day.  California suffers from devastating fires every year because they refuse to do comprehensive forest management.  California has the highest taxes in the nation and crazy job killing regulations.  

Given all of these problems, Gavin Newsom should be a goner; but don't count on it.  The corruption in California runs too deep.  There are too many feeding at the trough to chance a Republican governor.  As long as they keep getting their free money, they will vote to keep the Socialists in office.  In the mean time, the golden state is golden no more as people and companies keep voting with their feet.   As a result, California will lose a congressional seat for the first time in its history.  

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