Monday, September 6, 2021

Biden's Hostage Crisis In Afghanistan

Nobody knows for sure how many Americans and their families Joe Biden left behind when he pulled out of Afghanistan.  We do know that there may be thousands of Afghans who worked with us that still need to escape Afghanistan or most likely they will be murdered.   We now have a  huge hostage crisis in Afghanistan.  The Taliban will not allow planes out of Afghanistan.  Is it reported there are six planes sitting at some airport in Afghanistan ready to go with both Americans and Afghans just waiting to take off.  The Taliban will not allow them to leave. 

The Taliban are demanding that the United States and our Allies recognize them as the legitimate government of their country.  And, what they really want is the billions of dollars sitting in overseas bank accounts that was supposed to go to the democratically elected former government.   It is bad enough that we left behind $85 billion of military equipment that will now be distributed to Islamic Fascist Terrorists all over the world, but giving them billions more should absolutely not occur under any circumstances.   

So they are now holding Americans and Afghans hostage until the monies change hands.  Like the Iran Hostage Crisis, we now need to begin the daily count to see how long it will take the incompetent Biden Administration to get these Americans and Afghans out of the country.  And, like in the Iran Hostage Crisis, it may take the election of a new President with threats of invasion to get the job done the same as occurred when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated to replace incompetent Jimmy Carter.  Sadly, the hostages in Afghanistan may have to wait until Donald Trump is reelected in 2024.  

In the meantime, Afghanistan will be used as a base for Islamic Fascist Terrorists from all over the world.  Al Qaeda and ISIS are already there.  No doubt, we will have to bomb those bases sooner or later.  With a little luck, there will be a Civil War in Afghanistan for a few years so they can focus on killing each other instead of focusing on Terrorism outside of their country.  Joe Biden has blood on his hands.  Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched in his first year in office.  We can only imagine what three more years would bring if he survives the first year, which is doubtful.  

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