Wednesday, September 8, 2021

China Will Invade Taiwan

Now that China has stripped the people of Hong Kong of their freedoms without any consequence, it is only a matter of time before China invades Taiwan.  With feckless, weak Joe Biden in office, they see their opportunity.   There is only one way to prevent this from happening.  Taiwan should implement a vote of its people to declare their country an independent nation.  They should seek recognition at the United Nations, which China will veto.  

Then Western countries together must put Taiwan under their nuclear umbrella.  Western countries must be prepared to use nuclear weapons against China if they attack Taiwan.  There is no other way to guarantee Taiwan's independence.  If Western countries are unwilling to make that declaration and commitment,  then to prevent blood shed, it would be best to advise Taiwan to negotiate a deal for the take over of their country by China.  There is no other alternative because conventional military forces would not stop China from taking over Taiwan.  

China is in an expansionary country looking for their place in the sun.  They are working hard to be to be a global power; not just a regional power.  The question is where are the lines in the sand, which means nuclear war if crossed.   Western countries need to draw those lines without any ambiguity.  If they fail to do that, China will keep going as far as it can and eventually, it will lead to nuclear war.  Wars happen when countries miscalculate.  Unless Western countries are very clear about the lines in the sand, nuclear war with China is inevitable  And then, God help us all.  

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