Saturday, September 4, 2021

Texas Abortion Law - When Life Begins

As grandparents at about 7 week after conception, we first heard the heartbeats of our grandchildren.  Shortly thereafter, we began to see these babies develop in the womb.  To argue that human life is not being destroyed by abortion is absurd.  When the Supreme Court approved abortion out of thin air in Roe V. Wade in 1973, the amazing medical technology we have today did not exist.  Now that this technology does exist proving human life with a heartbeat not long after conception, it makes abortion afterwards a crime against humanity.  

The state of Texas just recognized all of this by outlawing abortion as soon as there is a heartbeat.  This means 6 or 7 weeks after conception.  The Supreme Court by a 5 to 4 majority ruled in favor of the state of Texas.  National Socialists, Fake News and others who favor abortion murder right up until birth and even after are saying that this law outlawing abortion once there is a heartbeat has struck down Roe V. Wade.  Of course, that is not true.  Abortion is still legal in Texas, however, there is now a common sense line in the sand that defines when life begins.  

Other Red states are now looking at the Texas law, since it was approved by the Supreme Court and they will most likely enact the exact same law.  To be clear, another line in the sand should be the point at which the suction method simply removing fetal tissue can no longer be utilized.  Instead, once a baby in the womb grows bigger and actually has a fully formed body, the abortionist uses clamps to literally rip a baby apart in the womb removing the baby in pieces in order to sell baby parts.  This a gruesome, heinous procedure that should have been outlawed long ago.  

Abortion actually is not about women's rights.  Abortion is really about men's rights allowing men to father children without any need to worry about the financial responsibility of raising them.  Abortion eliminates child support so it is really men who practice unprotected sex who benefit from abortion far more than women.  

The new abortion law enacted in Texas recognizes that as soon as there is a heartbeat, there is human life.  It is a defining moment.  And, once we recognize that there is human life, killing a baby is murder.  It is really that simple.  So women and men that have unprotected sex or sex without birth control should just assume that the woman may be pregnant shortly thereafter.  Pregnancy tests show results rather quickly after conception.  With this 6 or 7 week line in the sand, after which abortion is illegal in the state of Texas, if they do not wish to have children, women need to buy an over the counter pregnancy test to determine if they are pregnant. If so, they can then determine if they are going to pursue an abortion or not.  Personal responsibility is the story here not outlawing an abortion after there is a heartbeat.   

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