Sunday, September 12, 2021

Inflation Is A Tax That Hurts The Poor Most

Joe Biden had to increase the amount of money going for Food Stamps, really the debit card that the poor  use to buy food because of inflation.   However, that card cannot be used for non food items that are also going up in price.  The National Socialists are proposing a $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan full of pork and lard that will kill jobs and drive prices already going through the roof into the stratosphere.  In many places, gas is already at or near $5 a gallon because Biden and his pals are out to destroy carbon energy without any thing meaningful to replace it.   Look at California that already has the Green New Deal with very high energy prices and black outs.   

Very soon, people will have to choose between food and other items like paying the utility bill. The cost of energy is built into the cost of everything.  Skyrocketing energy bills means higher cost for everything we do, eat, buy etc.  Biden claims his SwindleUS Bill will not add to inflation.  Really! The federal government has already put $6 trillion into the economy to deal with Covid and prices are going through the roof.  They are going to add another $1.5 Trillion infrastructure bill assuming it gets through both houses of Congress.

Here is the deal.  Before adding new entitlements, Congress and the President need to save Social Security and Medicare both of which are headed toward insolvency.  Nobody is talking about these programs that are on a count down toward bankruptcy.  It is crazy to add more entitlements when the government will not to be able to provide full Social Security and Medicare benefits in the next ten years. 

And then there is the national debt approaching $30 Trillion even now without more spending.  If everything was taken from everybody not just the rich, it would be impossible to pay off the current national debt.  The alternative will be the Fed's printing more money to cover the interest on the debt when rates go up.  That will make the dollar worthless.  People like free entitlements until there is no money to pay for them and we have the economic collapse of the United States.  

Don't think it can't happen because it has happened many times throughout history.  And, if it does happen it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  The Red states will want out of the union.  Then what?  Another Civil War.  We can't let that happen.  If there any adults left in the DC Swamp, they need to stop the $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan.  It will result in economic disaster for our country.  

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