Sunday, September 19, 2021

Another Bad Week For Joe Biden

While Joe Biden vacationed at his beach house in Delaware oblivious to world events, his administration had another very bad week.  Let's start with the invasion at our border where there are thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world attempting to enter our country.  Clearly, our border is completely out of control.  Homeland Security is attempting to fly these invaders back to the their home countries because we have no place to put them.  A court ordered Biden to implement Trump's remain in Mexico policy; but since things are so out of control that is not happening.

Next, it appears that the drone strike our military implemented in Afghanistan killed an innocent family 10 in all, including an Aide Worker and all of his children.  So much for "Over the Horizon Capabilities" and this happened while we still had troops on the ground in Afghanistan.  It is clear that our satellite technology is not fail safe without intelligence on the ground.  This will be a real problem going forward because Afghanistan will once again become a haven for Terrorists.  So why is the Biden Administration giving the Taliban millions of dollars under the guise of humanitarian assistance while they are still holding Americans and Afghans who helped us hostage.  Just plain incompetence.  

The FBI was found guilty this week of failing to deal with sexual abuse cases of young female athletes for years.  So far only one FBI agent has been fired when in fact heads need to roll all over this corrupt and often incompetent agency.  No mention of any of it from the Biden Administration.  No one from the Biden Administration Department of Justice even bothered to show up for the Senate Hearing on the matter.  

At the same time, France has pulled its ambassador from Washington for the first time ever by an ally.  Seems we are selling nuclear submarines to Australia, which is a good thing; however, in the process we screwed France that had a deal with Australia to sell them 12 diesel powered subs for $66 Billion.  Joe Biden failed to advise French President Macron that this was happening before it made the news.  Of course, France is pissed off at Joe Biden.  What a surprise.  

And, then there is Covid.  Biden had announced that Booster shots were coming for all over the age of 12.  Not happening.  The CDC has only approved Booster shots for those over age 65, which throws a real monkey wrench into the Biden Covid Strategy.  

Joe Biden fiddles while the world burns.  But let's face it.  As a result of Biden's dementia, he is clueless.  There are days when Biden does not even know where he is let alone what is happening around him.  This was a bad week of many for Joe Biden, but who is counting.  Certainly not Fake News or others in the Deep State Swamp.  

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