Monday, September 6, 2021

Time To Improve Public Schools Is Running Out

Certainly half the people of the United States believe that our public schools, colleges and universities indoctrinate students with left wing Socialist Ideology.  They don't educate children with the truth any more.  That ship sailed 20 or more years ago.  It has become most obvious lately as Woke school boards, teacher unions, major companies and the Deep State in general are now pushing Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project Marxist, Racist, Revisionist Fake History that is based on politically correct left wing teachings.  Finally, we see open revolt happening at many school board meetings across the country, as well as, recall movements to remove left wing School Board Members.  

All of this obscures the real crisis in public education, which may be the reason they are pushing this radical ideology full of lies.  The fact is that half the country's children cannot read or do math at grade level.  Further, even though we spend more on public education than any other nation in the world, academic achievement in the United States is mediocre at best and dismal at worst.  Yet, the National Socialists and those in the Education Bureaucracy at all levels of government don't seem to care.  Instead of a Task Force focused on "Social Justice" as is happening in my home town, Reno, Nevada, we should have a Task Force focused on raising reading and math test scores.  And, instead of feel good performance objectives for school Superintendents and other Administrators, as is the case where we live, there should be meaningful metrics in place tied to student's academic achievement.  It is just not happening.  

Ironically, all of this hurts the poor and middle class most since 90% of kids in our country go to public schools.  The rich have options.  Their kids are in private schools that actually educate their children and often provide values education in the process, which is just as important as academic achievement.  It is poor and middle class kids stuck in failing public schools held hostage by teacher unions in business to raise salaries and pensions and administrators without any regard to academic achievement.  

Support for public schools is faltering among half the people in our country and it is a Bi-Partisan issue.  Minorities in particular are beginning to see that public schools are no different than the old slave plantations in the South because most of them don't have the money to escape.  Except in this case the teacher unions and the education bureaucrats are the slave masters holding children hostage so they can continue feeding at the trough. 

So now School Choice has been turned into School Freedom.  No parent and no child should be stuck in a failing public school because they don't have the money to go elsewhere.   The teacher unions own the National Socialist Party lock stock and barrel, which is the reason their elected lackeys will not support School Freedom no matter how much damage public schools are doing to children.  However, a sleeping giant has been awakened.  Parents and tax payers are sick and tired of spending billions of dollars on public schools every year that achieve poor academic results.  Time is running out to improve public schools.  Lack of support from the public will eventually lead to School Freedom.  It is coming and it is inevitable.  

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