Thursday, September 30, 2021

Huge Caravan Headed To The US

It is now estimated that there are another 120,000 illegal aliens headed to our country from Latin America.  This will be the largest Caravan yet composed of people, especially Haitians from all over the world.  They know that Joe Biden will let them in no problem.  Begs the question, is the Biden Crime Family being paid by the Cartel to open our borders to their human trafficking and drug smuggling.  We know that the "big guy" Papa Joe gets 10% of whatever Hunter brings in.  Just imagine if the "big guy" is in on this deal.  

It would be worth millions to the Biden family.  So the Catholic Church is being used as way stations along the way to feed these illegal aliens during their journey, since there is a church in every little town along on their path.  These are poor towns so the Cartels must be paying the Church to provide for these people or it would not be happening.  

It is estimated that it will take a month for this Caravan to reach the US.  Once it does, we will see thousands of illegal aliens invading our country.  The time is now to call out the army to stop them in Mexico before they ever reach our border.  Of course, Joe Biden will never do that because he wants these illegal aliens in our country.  Biden should be impeached for failing to protect and preserve our nation.  We face an invasion at our border, yet Biden goes to his beach house in Delaware to enjoy the shore.  It has to stop.  The border states must take action.  If Biden won't secure the border, Governors must use the National Guard to turn them back.  The time is now.  

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