Sunday, September 26, 2021

National Socialists, Fake News & Deep State Intent On Murdering Innocent Babies

"Devout" Catholic Speaker of the House pushed through an abortion infanticide bill that would make abortion the law of the land right up until birth and even after.   The good news is that it will be stopped by Republicans in the Senate so it will not become law.  Even Socialist Pope Francis has called abortion murder.  Catholic Arch Bishop Cordileone of San Francisco, where Pelosi lives has condemned her support of abortion as a Catholic.  The Arch Bishop really should excommunicate Pelosi because she is no Catholic; that's for sure.  

The question is why are National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State so intent on murdering innocent babies.  Clearly women in the base of their party want the right to end pregnancies even if it means killing their children.  And, to be clear after the first three months, abortion involves a gruesome procedure literally ripping a baby apart limb from limb using clamps to get all the baby parts out of the womb so they can be sold for medical research.  Can anything be more evil.  This is the devil at work plain and simple; yet this is what the left in our country demands.  

Many states have enacted common sense restrictions on abortion that do not end abortion, but rather end later term abortions.  Clearly once there is heart beat that happens after the first 6 or 7 weeks to deny that a human being is being murdered is absurd.  The left in our country is always talking about following the science and that is exactly what these restrictions attempts to do.   Once we have a heart beat, we have human life.  Babies have rights too.  

The Supreme Court has agreed to take a case involving the state of Mississippi that prohibits abortion after the first 15 weeks.  If the court allows this ruling to stand, it will not eliminate abortion.  What is will do is force women to decide on abortion by that point in time, which seems perfectly reasonable.   Let us hope that the Supreme Court recognizes that late term abortions are murder.  Killing a fully formed baby is infanticide.  It has to stop.  

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