Saturday, September 4, 2021

California Recall Election - Socialist Newsom May Go Down

Socialist Governor Gavin Newsom has made such a mess of California that he may very well go down in the upcoming Recall election.  The National Socialists, public employee unions, major corporations and Hollywood are all panicking because they know Newsom often referred to as Governor Gruesome could lose.  They are so panicked that they have raised $80 million in an attempt to save him.  However, all it takes is one less vote than 50% of the vote to end Newsom's career.   Watch the fraud that is probably already in the works.  

The reason Newsom may go down is the high crime rate, homeless people all over the streets of major cities in California, lousy public schools, very high cost of living and energy; gas is getting close to $5 a gallon, illegal aliens being given all sorts of government services free, gridlock on California freeways, and forest fires every year that destroy homes and businesses.  And, then there is Covid and the school closures and lockdown while Newsom sent his kids to expensive privates schools and was photographed having dinner mask less with lobbyists at the French Laundry in wine country that can cost $500 or more a plate.  Newsom is the typical big mouth Socialist; lots of cheap talk and no solutions to the many problems Californians face every day. 

While there are many Republican candidates running in the Recall election, the one favored is Larry Elder, the articulate, Conservative Black radio commentator.  Elder grew up in a Black part of LA and escaped poverty by working very hard and getting a great education.  Right now he is way ahead of other Republican candidates in the polls at 26% of the vote.  If Newsom goes down, which ever Republican has the most votes will be elected Governor. 

If Elder wins he will be the first Black Governor of California.  If Newsom loses just 10% of the Black vote, he is toast.  The next few weeks will be very interesting.  All the big name Socialists will be in California campaigning for Newsom.   They are trying to paint Elder as a Trump clone.  That could back fire given Joe Biden's falling poll numbers.  Many people are starting to realize that Trump, though a character, was a great President.  So tying Elder to Trump may actually help him win the election.  

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