Saturday, December 5, 2015

National Freedom Forum - Signing Off For Now

In 2009, shortly after Socialist President Obama took office, this Blogger began writing National Freedom Forum.  Obama is and was the most left wing President in American history, which is what caused me to speak out.  Everything I feared about Obama has occurred as he has tried to transform America into a Socialist country, while weakening our nation.  Even so, as I count the days to the end of Obama's failed Presidency, it is time for me to move on.  

This will be my last posting of National Freedom Forum for the foreseeable future.  Instead, this Blogger will focus on my business Blog, Business Management Forum at and my business radio show as we seek to syndicate it in the coming year into a hundred or more markets.  As I stop speaking out for now concerning the problems we face as a nation, here is the picture I see.   

Today, we have about 50 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps as a result of Obamanomics, more than at any other time in American history because our poverty rate is higher now than in the last 30 years.  The Labor Participation Rate is the lowest it has been since Jimmy Carter was President because millions of Americans have just given up looking for work.  The 5% unemployment rate reported by Obamanistas is bogus.  The real unemployment rate, if all are counted, is nearer 20%.

The world is on fire because Obama has failed miserably to assert American leadership.   We face threats from Radical Islamic Terrorism, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan, these countries of which are armed with nuclear weapons, or in Iran's case will be soon.  Obama has succeeded in gutting our military at a time when we need our military to be larger and stronger than ever.  This picture is not pretty. 

Still, the people of America have recognized Obama's failures by voting for Republicans and or Conservatives repudiating the Obama legacy.  In fact, the Democrat Party has moved so far to the left that it is now the Socialist Party of America.   Obama and his Socialist pals in government have done more to elect Republicans that any campaign committee ever could.   This Blogger in my very small way with readers in 46 states and 23 countries has done what I can to help influence Americans to vote for freedom, Free Market Capitalism, lower taxes and less regulations, a strong national defense and the right to life by voting for Republicans and Conservatives.

The good news is that since 2009 and Obama taking office, 68 state legislative Chambers out of 98 are now in Republican hands.   23 states are controlled by both Republican Governors and state legislatures with only 7 states completely controlled by Democrats.  There are 31 Republican Governors out of 50.  And of course, the Congress of the United States is controlled by Republicans with big majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Yes, many of these Republicans in office are RINOS, but they do vote right some of the time.   Most important, we are a center right country that has stood up and said NO to Obama and his Socialist Party.  Hopefully, we will complete this story by electing a Republican President in 2016 who can get our country back on track. 

The battle is not over and it may never be over because Big Government Socialists will always attempt to limit our freedoms and transform our country into one where the American Dream is dead.   This Blogger will always be working to promote freedom and watching to determine if I must start speaking out again on National Freedom Forum.  Until then, best wishes to all my readers.  Keep fighting the good fight to take back our country. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack In San Bernadino

The United States has experienced a Radical Islamic Terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California.  Two Islamic Terrorists, a husband and wife team were radicalized either over the Internet, or during trips to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.  More important, they got training in Assault weapons and building pipe bombs and other explosive devices, with remote detonation capability, somewhere from somebody.  I don't know about you, but this Blogger, with multiple university degrees, certainly knows nothing about how to build pipe bombs and other explosive devices; let alone using assault weapons to murder people. 

It is very clear that this Terrorist Duo, planned not only the attack on this county building at a time when they knew there was going to be a Holiday Party going on, since the man was an employee of the county invited to the party.  These Terrorist knew that there would be easy access to this facility and that lots of people, many of whom were Christians, would be gathered in one room to facilitate their slaughter.  As a result, 14 people were murdered and 21 were wounded in this carnage. 

If these Radical Islamic Terrorists were not stopped, a short time later, in a bloody shoot out with law enforcement, it is also clear that they had the ammunition and weapons to go on a killing spree to murder even more people.  All the facts lead to these conclusions, yet we don't see Socialist President Obama on TV calling this a Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack.   And because Obama refuses to use the words Radical Islam in the same sentence with the word Terrorists, the FBI is hesitant to call this a Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack just yet; but they will do so shortly because the facts are clear.

When the Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack occurred in Paris, President Francois Hollande immediately went on TV to Declare War on ISIS and Radical Islam.  The next day, the French bombed the hell out of the ISIS capital in Syria.  Surveys indicate that fully one third of Muslims in the world support Radical Islam, which calls for either conversion of Infidels, basically everyone in the world that does not adhere to their form of Islam, or death. 

That means that as many as 500,000 million Muslims in the world support the murder of Christians, Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists, Shinto and other Muslims that do not adhere to their form of Islam, not to mention people of no faith.   If just a small percentage of these people are willing to act on this belief, it means we are facing millions of Terrorists, all over the world, willing to murder in the name of Allah.  It is time for the world to come together to find and destroy these Terrorists.  What choice do we have.   It is either kill them, or they will continue killing us.   

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Terrorism In America - The New Normal

Sadly, Terrorism in America is becoming the New Normal as we see mass killings regularly.  Afterward, there is always the call for more gun laws; but that will not solve the problem.  Recently, we saw a deranged man murder several people at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado.  And then as of this Blog Posting, two or three killers (to be determined) entered a government facility and murdered many people and wounded others.  Clearly, the threat from Radical Islamic Terrorists is real and it is in our country.  But,  Terrorists come in all political ideologies and or can be disgruntled employees, or family members that go postal. 

For that reason, we all need to be vigilant to make sure that the environments we live and work in are secure.  Some time ago, we had a deranged bi-polar woman, going through a divorce from one of our employees, come into our office with a knife.    Fortunately, no one was hurt, but as the CEO of our company, that was a sign for me that we had to go to lock down mode.  As a result, all of our offices now have card key entry and camera surveillance so we can see what is happening all around our surroundings.  My first job as CEO of our company is to protect our employees from harm from any source; but particularly from work place violence.

Specific to Terrorism implemented by Islamic Radicals, or others for political or ideological reasons, we have to make soft targets harder targets.  Schools in particular should be no go zones.  While we can't make schools prisons, it is just too easy for anyone to walk on most campuses.  Schools have to built with security in mind.   Shopping Malls need more armed guards and cameras to detect anything and everything that is going on at their premises.

Government buildings must all be secured and anyone entering should be required to go through metal detectors and show identification.   We already have thousands of gun laws on the books, so more gun control is not the answer because those that want to murder innocent people will just find another way to do it, if they can't buy guns.  Instructions for making bombs are all over the Internet.  Lethal chemical agents are all around us. 

The only way to stop the murders is through more vigilance that does not involve giving up our freedoms.  Let's face it.  There is Evil in America that has come from many of the societal factors that we face.  We see many dysfunctional families.  Millions of Americans can't find jobs.   Children are growing up in single parent families often with little supervision.  Religion and faith are derided by a secular society.  The Poverty Rate is the highest it has been in three decades.  Alcohol and drug abuse are rampant.   Public schools are failing to educate many of our kids.   Why would anyone be surprised to see Mass Killings when there is so much societal dysfunction all around us like never before.   


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Delusional Obama Claims Climate Change Is Biggest Threat To US National Security

Socialist President Obama is delusional when he claims that Climate Change is the biggest threat to US National Security.   First Socialists referred to this phenomena as "Global Warming" until it turned out that the world was actually cooler than they projected.  So, the Socialists immediately switched to calling this normal cyclical phenomena "Climate Change" to cover just about anything climatic change possible.  So, it really does not matter if the world is getting hotter, or colder as the excuse to tax Carbon energy and the redistribution of wealth from the wealthy countries to the poor ones.   It really is that simple.  

So, Obama's intent is not just redistribution of income within the United States, what he also wants to accomplish is redistribution of income from the United States to other poorer countries.  In doing so, what Obama is trying to do is lower the standard of living for all Americans to raise the standard of living of people living in the third world.  Obama sees all of this as a zero sum gain because Obama and his Socialist pals believe that the poor are poor because the rich are rich, which is baloney.  The poor are poor because they lack education and marketable job skills and often live in corrupt countries run by Fascists, Communists and Socialists feeding at the trough. 

In any case, specific to threats to US National Security, let me list the real threats to our country in order of importance:

1. Approaching $20 Trillion in National Debt with no end in sight and another $150 Trillion in local, state and federal unfunded liabilities that will lead to the economic collapse of the United States.   Watch little Puerto Rico, with $79 Billion in Debt in 2016, to see Greece in the Caribbean. 
2. Millions of people around the world that adhere to Radical Islam that threaten our way of life and freedoms.
3. A resurgent and aggressive Russia with nuclear weapons.
4. An aggressive nuclear armed China seeking to control the South Pacific.
5. A nuclear Iran in the next ten years run by Radical Islamic Mullahs longing for the end of the world.
6. An unstable nuclear Pakistan, home to millions of Radical Islamic Terrorists.
7.  A nuclear armed North Korea.
8.  Europe threatened by Radical Islam. 
9. A US Border that is not secure allowing Terrorists and Drug Smugglers to enter our nation. 

Climate Change is no where on this list because what is happening, if it is happening is normal cyclical climatic change that has existed for millions of years.  The earth has gone through hotter and cooler periods long before there was Carbon Emissions.   There have been cycles of droughts and floods for thousands of years.  We have had tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, rain, snow, etc. since the beginning of time.  

The difference is that today we have cities and people in their paths; but these things have always occurred and will continue to occur.  Climate Change is just another Socialist excuse for higher taxes and bigger government.  Let's at least recognize the truth.