Thursday, December 30, 2021

Dumbing Down Public Schools

As if things are not bad enough since half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level, rather than put plans in place to improve academic achievement, some school districts across the country are just eliminating testing, standards, grades, metrics, extra credit under the presumption that holding kids to standards that they are not meeting is "racist".  So rather than focus on improving academic achievement, woke school boards, administrators and teachers led by teacher unions that want no accountability for teachers are just moving to dumb down public schools even further. 

This blogger knows this first hand. I have repeatedly asked the Washoe County School Board where I live in Reno, Nevada to put a plan in place to improve dismal reading and math scores and to focus on improving the district's Great Schools ratings, which are also horrible.  Instead, our School Board is focused on implementing Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history indoctrination and imposing the LGBTQIA agenda in our schools both supported by the teacher's union.  The majority on the woke School Board and Administrators just don't care about the quality of education in our School District, which is why Nevada ranks at the bottom of states nationwide.  

Let's face facts.  The majority of kids in Title I schools presumably in the poorest areas of most cities in the US are kids of color. They are way behind in reading and math and other subjects, as well.  And, though these schools have gotten billions of federal dollars every years since 1965 to improve the quality of education for these kids, there has been little improvement in academic achievement.  Obviously, the system is badly broken.  There is no accountability.  Teachers and administrators who fail to educate children are never FIRED.  Lowering standards will not improve education.  Matter of fact, these kids will just fall even further behind.  

We need metrics in place to measure teacher and administrator performance.  There should be merit pay for great teachers.  Mediocre teachers and administrators who fail to do the job must be FIRED.  And ultimately, we must have School Choice so that parents that can't afford to do so can get their kids into private schools to escape failing public schools.  Of course, teacher unions that do not represent the interests of children, parents or taxpayers are opposed to all of this.  Instead, teacher unions support dumbing down public schools to prevent any accountability and or focus on the lack of academic achievement.  It is downright criminal malpractice.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Dirty Harry Reid Is Dead - One Of The Biggest Crooks To Ever Serve In Congress

Dirty Harry Reid, long time Senator from Nevada is Dead.  Since we live in Nevada and had to endure Harry Reid for years, we can report that Reid was one of the biggest crooks to ever serve in Congress and that is saying a lot since so many of them are crooks.  Reid claimed he was a multi millionaire from the days he was an attorney in Nevada more than 40 years before he served in Congress.  That of course was BS.  First, Reid served on the Gaming Commission before going to Washington DC, which was an avenue for pay-off's and bribes.  Reid then got involved in all sorts of shady real estate deals that made him millions of dollars.  

Then once Reid was in Congress, his kids were paid lobbyists making millions of dollars lobbying him.  I am sure they took good care of their father, since with their help, Reid was able to live in the penthouse at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC.  Finally, Reid wrote a worthless book that his campaign bought from him that he gave out as Thank You's to his voters.  No doubt, Reid also walked away with millions of dollars in campaign funds.  In exchange, Reid did bring home the bacon for Nevada and his PEEP's.  

Aside from being a crook, Dirty Harry Reid did great damage to our country when he was majority leader of the Senate pushing through legislation to benefit his PEEP's harming our country in the process; but that is nothing new for Socialist Fascists.  Those in the Deep State Swamp of both political parties will applaud Dirty Harry Reid because he was one of them feeding at the trough for years.  Harry Reid should burn in hell for all his crooked deals and the damage he did to our country.  In the Italian tradition, I know I will be wearing red to celebrate his death.  Good riddance to a big crook!  

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Racist 1619 Project Author Says Parents Should Have No Say In Their Children's Education

Racist, Marxist author Nikole Hannah - Jones, the darling of the Socialist Fascists and Fake News recently said in an interview that parents should have no say in their children's education.  Really!  This evil woman has declared that the United States was actually founded in 1619 when the first slaves arrived in what was then the British colonies.  Further, as a Marxist she pushes Critical Race Theory racist, revisionist, fake history indoctrination crap.  Jones will go down as the Karl Marx of this century.   She is so full of BS that her dyed red hair, which makes her look like a clown in Marxist clothing is BS talking.  As a Black woman why does she dye her hair red.  Must be denial of her Blackness.  

Fortunately for the University in North Carolina that offered her tenure, she turned it down to go spew her lies at Howard University so she can indoctrinate more Black students with her hate filled rants.  This woman is a Fascist Communist grifter and enemy of the United States.  Believe me, she is using her racist ideology to get rich and destroy our country in the process.  No doubt, woke companies and other organizations including school districts will pay her big money to come and consult on spreading her racist theories.  But the rest of America should not welcome her in any context.  

Let's get real.  Parents and all taxpayers have every damn right to determine what is taught in our public and even private schools because WE ARE PAYING THE BILLS.  Woke school board members, administrators and teachers who deny that right must be removed from office or FIRED.  And, teacher unions must be opposed at all costs because they do not represent the best interests of children. At least half the country does not want Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist history indoctrination happening in our schools.  Further, we don't want the LGBTQIA agenda imposed on children either.  

A sleeping giant has been awakened.  Those little Socialist Fascists running our public schools better get used to being confronted at school board meetings.  And, if pursued by the FBI as "domestic terrorists", we will fight at the ballot box and in the courts for our rights.  This is already happening.  We are mad as hell and we will not stop until these Gestapo Hitler's are removed from office and or FIRED.  

Monday, December 27, 2021

Covid Craziness - Why All The Testing

It appears that some people that have been vaccinated for Covid and some that have not been vaccinated are getting the new Covid Omicron variant.  So what?  While the Omicron variety appears to be highly contagious, the symptoms don't appear to be much worse than a common cold.  So why all the fuss and why the big emphasis on testing other than to pay Big Pharma billions more.  If someone's gets the symptoms, it may make sense to get a test to confirm that it is Omicron; but otherwise, why waste the time or money on testing.  

So now of course, teacher unions in some states are demanding that the schools go back to online learning.  Some universities are going back to online learning.  We can't allow this to happen.  Half the kids in our country can't read or do math at grade level.  They can't afford to lose another year.  If a kid or anybody else gets sick, they should just stay home.  If others have been exposed, they should be tested or maybe quarantine for a few days to see if they get sick.  But we have to get back to living life.  

There are now decent therapeutics to treat Covid either in a hospital if really sick, or at home.  This blogger has taken Zinc, Vitamin D and Quercuron, which in combination seems to be a preventative.  Most who have died of Covid had a Vitamin D deficiency.  Since we travel on airplanes at least once a month, eat in restaurants regularly and have been exposed to people who have had Covid even before we were vaccinated, perhaps these supplements do work to prevent catching Covid.  In any case, the people in our country are weary.  Many are sick of seeing big mouth Socialist Deep State Swamp Lizard Flip Flop Fauci on TV promoting himself and his forever Covid theories.  Life must go on.  Use lots of hand sanitizer and avoid big crowds.  We will be fine even if we catch Covid.   

Sunday, December 26, 2021

American Households $15 Trillion In Debt

Americans are beginning 2022 with $15 Trillion in debt.  That sound a little scary; but about $10 trillion of this debt is in low interest rate mortgages, which this blogger sees as good debt.  No one who can qualify for a mortgage should be paying rent unless they are living in an area for a short amount of time and will be moving within a few years.  Renting from somebody else makes the landlord rich, which is great for landlords; but not so good for most Americans.   It is better to own a home and build up equity in that home so that by the time retirement comes, people have options to downsize and or move to a lower cost of living area.  For most people, it may make sense to pay off a home before retirement; but that depends on lots of considerations. 

However, not all of this debt is good debt.  About $1.7 Trillion is student loans.  Many are already in default related to these loans.  What is worse, there are many people who took out student loans and never did graduate from a college or university.  So, they have this debt with no college degree to show for it.  And, there are others who got worthless degrees that do not result in high paying jobs.  So they have this debt without the ability to pay it off.  Of course, the most radical Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are pushing feckless Joe Biden to cancel these loans and to end the debt.   Not sure Biden has the authority to wipe out $1.7 Trillion in student loan debt.  Doing so would be incredibly unfair to those that paid off their student debt and or parents who sacrificed to send their kids to college so they would have no debt.  And, most important is that the radical Socialist Fascists want the 60% of Americans that have no college degrees to pay for the 40% of Americans that have college degrees presumably that should allow them to earn more money than many without degrees.  This is really unfair. 

The rest of this $15 Trillion in personal debt is either car loans, or worst of all high interest credit card debt.   People charging a Starbucks coffee on a credit card need to cut up their cards.  Credit cards should only be used for emergency expenses like medical care; not daily living expenses if they cannot be paid off monthly.  High interest rate credit cards are a debt trap that should be avoided at all cost.  Forget about buying the $500 Nike Tennis shoes or the $1,000 I-Phones on credit.  Cut up the cards and pay off this credit card debt to end the interest rate misery.  

So there is good debt and very bad debt.  People who have discipline can manage debt.  For others, debt can turn into a nightmare.  It is like being addicted to drugs.  Many die from being addicted to drugs.  Credit can be just as bad.  

2022 & 2024 - The Battle Lines Are Drawn

The United States has never been more divided since the Civil War.  As such, the battle lines are drawn for the elections of 2022 & 2024.  It is the Global Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and their allies, the woke 100 largest companies in the US that control 50% of our GDP including BigTech, Fake News, Hollywood, BLM and Antifa, the radical LGBTQIA crowd, Woke Socialists in the Education Establishment School Boards, Administrators and Teachers, colleges and universities, Teacher and other public employee unions, those that support Abortion right up until birth and even beyond, those that want to take our guns away, those that support the Green New Deal to redistribute wealth, those who support Open Borders and the Devil himself; basically the America Last crowd against faith, family and freedom, the other half of Americans opposed to everything they stand for on virtually every issue.   

The Global Socialist Fascists many of whom are atheists and their allies are out to destroy everything that made America great including our Constitution and our history.  This not just about Trump or Biden and fraudulent elections, but in fact our entire way of life.  It is about the America First Agenda advanced by Trump and all who support him.  We are in a battle to save America from these evil people out to destroy our country.   We are fighting for our freedoms like never before.  What we confront today is as bad as the threats we faced in World War II or from the Soviet Union, with the modern paralel being China combined with the enemies from within our own country.

The good news is that President Trump got 75 million legal votes and that a sleeping giant has been awakened.  We see the enemy in front us.  We know the evil that they represent.  Of course, we can't be naive because Socialist Fascists and their allies will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  They will have billions of dollars from their allies that will be used to steal elections in 2022 and 2024 as happened in 2020 if we allow it to happen again.   We will have to out raise them in monies and out organize them on the ground.  There is a Red Wave coming because Joe Biden has been a colossal failure.  And, the American people clearly see the Socialist Fascists as enemies of the people out to destroy our nation.  

There will have to be legal challenges to all crooked elections; though we learned in 2020 that the courts are part of the Deep State Swamp so that remedy may be limited.  The battle will need to be fought by taking back state legislatures and governorships as happened recently in Virginia and other places.  Let there be no doubt that we are fighting a war to save our country.  We have irreconcilable differences.  We have to win.  There is no other alternative if we are to remain a free nation.   

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Covid Christmas & The Divide In Christianity

As we celebrate Christmas in 2021, Global Socialist Fascists will continue to milk Covid for all it is worth.  Since they never let a good crisis go to waste, Covid is being used to justify Trillions of dollars in higher taxes to redistribute wealth to support Socialism and new entitlements.  Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan is being argued as needed because of Covid.  Feckless Joe Biden clings to Covid as a life preserver because of his many failures in his first year in office.  Biden needs Covid and Covid deaths in particular as the only way to get positive Fake News Coverage because everything else is bad news.  

While all this is happening, the divide within Christianity like the divide in the United States has never been greater.  Conservative Catholics, which does not include the Pope nor the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and Evangelical Christians are the keepers of the true faith.  Socialist Catholics and other left wing Christian denominations who support Global Socialist Fascists, which does include the Pope and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church are actually Communists and Socialists out to destroy the United States.  This the open border crowd supporting illegal immigration all over the world under the guise of social justice. 

As a judeo Christian Orthodox Catholic, I am completely disgusted by the corruption in the Catholic Church and all the sex abuse crimes.  What I see are a bunch of old men led by Communist Pope Francis in gold robes feeding at the trough.  And, while I love the beauty and the art in St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican and Catholic Cathedrals all over the world,  I realize just how far the church has strayed from the teachings of Jesus Christ, a poor Jew who became the light of the world through crucifiction and resurrection.  

The Protestant Reformation recognized the corruption in the Catholic Church that continues to this day; but on a much larger scale.   Like many Conservative Catholics, we no longer donate money to the Catholic Church because of that corruption and because I know some of that money goes to support illegal immigration in violation of our laws.   Clearly, the divide that exists in our country also exists in Christianity and it is getting worse.  Devout Bible based Catholics and Christians are pro life and support traditional marriage.  Secular left wing Catholics and Christians support abortion and the LGBTQIA agenda.  These are irreconcilable differences that cannot be bridged.  So as we celebrate Christmas in 2021, we see two views of Christianity in our country and the world.  One that is based on original faith, freedom and country and one that is based on heresy, Socialism and Fascism.  These two views cannot coexist because good cannot live with evil. 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Global Socialist Fascists Are Out To Destroy The United States

It recently dawned on me that the Socialist Fascists in the United States AKA Democrats are actually out to destroy the United States.  They hate our country and everything that made America great.  They are globalists out to distribute the wealth of the United States to other countries at the expense of the American people and particularly the Makers in our society.  They see our higher standard of living as evil and racist.  These Socialist Fascists believe that Americans consume too much of the world's goods and services at the expense of other people who live in poor impoverished countries.  These Fascists discount the hard work of the American people that made us a great nation and particularly White Americans who they see as racist Oppressors; but actually all Americans of various races that have been successful.  

The Socialist Fascists have used the Covid crisis to grow Fascist government, which they will milk for as long as they can.  In the process, they have destroyed thousands of small businesses while working with Fake News, Big Tech and woke companies to help them grow even bigger because they support their agenda.  The largest companies in the US all do billions of dollars in business with government.  Those companies just like in Hitler's Germany support Fascism because they benefit from it.  So now we have round two of Covid so more vaccine mandates that benefit big Pharma that is making billions of dollars off of Covid because the Deep State will not allow cheap therapeutics that work to threat Covid.  

And, since the Socialist Fascists will never let a good crisis go to waste, they intend to use the bogus excuse of climate change to impose the Green New Deal on our nation to take away our freedoms, make our people and country poorer and limit what we can own and do.  The Green New Deal has nothing to do with climate change.  It is all about destroying the United States of America to redistribute our wealth both within the United States and to other countries.  It really is designed to create a lower standard of living in the United States.  The real beneficiary will be China and third world countries that will experience the biggest transfer of wealth at our expense in the history of the world if we allow it to happen.  

The reason Global Socialist Fascists hate Donald Trump so much is that he was the first President in a hundred or more years to put America First when their goal is to put America Last to destroy the United States.  We know that they used election fraud to defeat Donald Trump.  History teachers us that Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat, steal and even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  We see it everyday based on actions of Socialist Fascists in Congress and on Fake News. 

Socialist Fascists are out to indoctrinate our nation's children with Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist Fake History and bogus Climate Change ideology.  They want to impose the LGBTQIA agenda on our nation and in our schools.  They want to defund the police to wreak havoc in our big cities.  They are out to enslave the Makers in society to not only support the Takers in our nation, but the Takers in all nations.  

To do so, if allowed, the Socialist Fascists will implement wealth confiscation in the form of various taxes and fees and charges imposed on those who have wealth.  And, this is not just about taking from the rich; but rather taking from all successful Americans that have accumulated property and other forms of family wealth.  The Socialist Fascists see wealth accumulation as racist.  We have to stand up to all of this if we are to remain a free country.  We cannot allow the Global Socialist Fascists to steal elections in their drive to destroy our country.  They are the enemy of the people and we must see them as the threat that they represent to our nation and our people.  

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Blue States Shrinking - Red States Growing

Blue States like California, Illinois, New York and others are shrinking while Red states like Florida, Texas, Idaho, Arizona and many others are growing.  People are voting with their feet leaving behind high tax, high crime, high cost of living states with lousy public schools and infrastructure to move to states that have lower taxes, less crime, lower costs of living and better public schools and infrastructure.  Most important, they are moving to states with Governors and state legislatures that actually work to benefit the people rather than unions and other left wing organizations and interest groups  They are running from Socialism to states that offer more freedom.  

The implications are huge as Blue States are losing Socialist seats in Congress while Red States are gaining Republican seats in Congress.  We will see this play out in the elections of 2022 and 2024 as Republicans most likely take back the Congress and perhaps the Presidency in 2024.  This will make the remaining National Socialist Fascists, Fake News and Woke Corporations crazy because Conservatives committed to Donald Trump are likely to gain control of our government both at the federal and state levels assuming we have free and fair elections.  It will be Trump's America First Agenda that prevails, not the Socialist America Last globalist mentality that they profess. 

And, it will mean more religious freedom and Pro Life and Second Amendment rights enacted into law.  But,  the National Socialist Fascists and their supporters will not go down without a fight.  History teaches us that they will lie, cheat, steal and even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  In their desperation, they will be even more dangerous.  That is why they are desperate to federalize elections making unsolicited mail out ballots and no Voter ID the law of the land.  

They used these techniques to win the election for Joe Biden as Vote Navigators paid for by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg voted and gathered those ballots to make sure their votes were cast for Biden.  They have learned how to steal elections and they are intent on doing it again and forever.  We can't let that happen if we are ever to have election integrity in our country.  It is a fight and battle that must be fought to save our country.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Understanding The History Of Russia

Since before the Tzars of Russia, their country had to deal with the Mongol invasion.  Eventually, the Tzars pushed them out of Russia; but then came the threats from the Turks and the West; the Poles, the Swedes, Napoleon and then two World Wars with Germany both of which resulted in millions of Russian deaths.   The result after World War II was the Soviet Union and expansion into the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe to create a buffer zone around Mother Russia.  

When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Baltic countries and much of Eastern Europe joined NATO as protection against the Russian Bear, all of a sudden Russia was surrounded by what they believe to be hostile forces.  NATO in essence is right up against Russia's border with no buffer.  To the Russians aside from American forces, they are facing Germany, their traditional enemy right at their border.  While none of this is an excuse for Russia's aggressive behaviors against Ukraine and other countries that border Russia that were once part of the Soviet Union at least it should help explain their behaviors. 

Russia wants no further expansion of NATO, which is understandable given their history.  They absolutely do not want to see Ukraine join NATO because again it would put NATO forces not far from Moscow.  On the other hand, given Russia's aggressive behaviors toward Ukraine, it is easy to see why Ukraine would want the protection of NATO.  While Trump was President, we did not have to worry too much about the situation in Eastern Europe.  Trump sent defensive weapons to Ukraine when Obama only sent blankets.  Biden has continued to send defensive weapons to Ukraine, which is good; but Biden is weak.  It was during the Obama Biden Administration that Russia took over the Crimea from Ukraine without much consequence.  Again, Crimea was part of Russia going back to Catherine the Great who captured it from the Turks.  There are many native Russians living there.  

Putin sees Biden as weak so he might be tempted to go the rest of the way to take over Ukraine.  Russia is a third rate country from an economic standpoint.  It is only its nuclear and military power that makes it a factor in the world.  But all of this leads to a bit of an inferiority complex, which makes Russia dangerous.  Ronald Reagan's adage of peace through strength should be the operative; but it only works when we have a strong President.   Unfortunately, President Joe Biden is weak and feckless, which is making our relations with Russia and China very dangerous.  Let us just hope that these countries don't miscalculate because of Biden's weakness.   

Monday, December 20, 2021

Civics Education - Many Americans Are Clueless

While woke school boards, administrators and teachers keep pushing Critical Race Theory, Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and imposition of the LGBTQIA agenda in our public schools, half the nation's kids cannot read or do math at grade level.  And, in many school districts there are no plans to address this crisis because the education bureaucracy and teacher unions want no accountability.  What is just as bad is that many Americans are completely clueless when it comes to Civics Education.  They have no idea how our government works because they are not being taught the fundamentals of American history and government.

The University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center found in September, 2021 that 44%  of US adults could not name the three branches of government; one in five could not name any.  Only 51% of US adults knew that the Supreme Court was the arbiter of last resort when laws are disputed.   Only 6 in 10 stated that they had taken a Civics course in high school focused on the Constitution, or our judicial system.  About 48% said they had taken a college course focused on the US system of government and the Constitution.  Even so, since many history and government teachers today spew left wing Socialist ideology, kids are not getting the straight story, just hateful anti American propaganda.  

In 2020, it should be no surprise that only 24% of eighth grade students performed at or above the proficient level on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a Civics exam.  While there is focus on STEM in many public schools, the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which is great when it happens, there is very little emphasis on Civics education.  

It is no wonder that half the people in our country are clueless regarding the workings of our government.  Many are being led like sheep by corrupt politicians and a political system that is often completely dysfunctional.  This is why those in the DC swamp are able to continue feeding at the trough.  Ignorance is bliss.  Many in our country are so clueless that they don't even know what questions to ask about the workings of our government.  We have to fix this if we are to remain a thriving, vibrant democracy.  Otherwise, our nation will be continue to be ruled by crooks and liars not held accountable by anyone.  Certainly, we can't count on Fake News to hold elected officials accountable because they too are feeding at the trough in the Deep State Swamp.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Won The Election For Joe Biden

Everybody knows that unsolicited mail in ballots and lack of Voter ID requirements were the basis for election fraud in 2020; but now we know how.  In a comprehensive report published by reporter Mollie Hemingway who works for the Heritage Foundation, she investigated the Mark Zuckerberg connection to the election.  As it turns out, Zuckerberg donated $420 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life and the Center for Election Innovation & Research, which were both working to support the National Socialist Fascist Party AKA Democrats.  

They hired highly paid "Vote Navigators" to canvas poor neighborhoods that traditionally vote Democrat to "assist" voters in those homes with voting in many instances completing and gathering unsolicited ballots from people in those areas.  While it is illegal to do such things any where near polling places in all 50 states, going into someone's home to help someone with voting is not illegal and neither were the donations made by Zuckerberg to manipulate the election.  

Thousands of Navigators flooded Democrat precincts in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia all states that were very close between Trump and Biden.  While in these homes, the Navigators "cured" mistakes to make sure that the votes would be counted once they turned them in at polling in places in a process called "bundling".  It was a brilliant scheme and it worked. 

So while Trump and his allies focused on voting machines and other forms of election fraud, it was this process that swung the election for Joe Biden as those ballots all came in after the polls were closed in the days that followed.   Seeing this success is the reason that the National Socialist Fascist Party is now insisting on unsolicited mail in ballots and eliminating Voter ID as federal law because they know it is the basis for stealing elections in the future.  Republicans beware!  The Socialists did this once and they will do it again.  Be assured, Crooked Hillary is wondering why this apparatus was not in place in 2016 because it would have made her the first woman President.  

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Legal Immigration - What We Need Now

When my Italian grandparents came to America legally in the early 1900's, the country needed blue collar workers to grow our economy.  They worked in factories, farms, built roads and rail roads, bridges, buildings etc.  My one grandfather who never did speak English worked in a steel mill his entire life until he was forced to retire at 65.  My other grandfather was more entrepreneurial.  He started out with a horse and wagon selling fruit door to door.  Eventually that evolved into neighborhood grocery stores, which he maintained until he retired.  His family followed the same path.  

Today, we are at a different time.  We need doctors, engineers, computer nerds, mathematicians, teachers, nurses and skilled workers like carpenters, plumbers and electricians really from any country in the world so that means any race or religion.  And, provided they speak English, which is our national language allowing them to assimilate more quickly, these legal immigrants should be given an automatic Green Card with a path to citizenship within 5 years.  Certainly, any foreign exchange students that graduate from our colleges and universities should also be given Green Cards with the same path to citizenship.  Why send them back to another country to compete with us.   

At the same time, while we really don't need many factory workers any more because of robotics, we do need unskilled labor to work farms, hotels, restaurants and elder care facilities.  Many countries refer to these people as guest workers.  They should be allowed into our country with perhaps a Blue Card, which only leads to citizenship after 10 years provided they learn English and develop other skills that are needed in our country.  Their children should not automatically become American citizens as long as they are in Blue Card status. They should be permitted to attend our colleges, universities and trade schools while in the United States.  Those that graduate should be welcomed to stay as American Citizens.  At that point, they could be permitted Green Cards to being the citizenship path

What we don't need are more people on Welfare and Food Stamps than we already have.  Currently, we have 59 million people in the United States living in poverty supported by the 50% of residents who pay all the taxes in our country.  We don't need more Takers that the Makers must support.  We need people who can contribute to the growth of our economy and help us compete with other countries in the world.  If we work smart we can use legal immigration to our advantage.  Right now our immigration system is completely broken.  While some illegal aliens are coming for work, others coming across our border illegally will end up on Welfare and Food Stamps.  And many are criminals and potential Terrorists, which at all cost we must keep out of our country.  

It is time for smart immigration policy.  The problem is that the National Socialist Fascists that support illegal immigration are not acting in the best interest of our nation because they think they are adding eventual voters through some sort of amnesty that they can addict to government entitlements, which will be good for them.  We can't let that happen.  

Friday, December 17, 2021

Senator Joe Manchin Of West Virginia Should Leave the National Socialist Fascist Party

It is very clear that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is no longer welcome in the National Socialist Fascist Party because he is an old style Blue Dog Democrat who comes from a Conservative Southern State.  President Donald Trump carried West Virginia by 39 points.  The Governor of West Virginia left the Socialist Party to become a Republican.  The other Senator from West Virginia is a Republican as are many other state officers.  It is time for Manchin to shout, "Let's Go Brandon" and join the Republican Party.  

If he did so, the Republicans would immediately have 51 votes in the Senate and Chuckie Schumer, the Big Mouth Socialist would no longer be the Majority Leader controlling the agenda.  It would virtually end the Biden Presidency even before the 2022 and 2024 elections.  Senator Manchin simply cannot vote for Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan because it a Big Lie that is not paid for and it would bankrupt the country,   

In addition, coal is the life blood of the West Virginia economy.  Generations of West Virginians have worked in the coal mines making very good money that cannot be replicated in the State of West Virginia.  If Biden's Build Back Broke SwindleUS Plan was enacted into law, it would screw the people of West Virginia.  Manchin has to represent his PEEP's, or they will vote him out of office.  At this point, it appears that the Build Back Broke SwindleUS Plan, as configured will not make it through the Senate.  

The National Socialist Fascists in the House and Senate are furious with Joe Manchin.  He needs added security protection because the nuts in their Party would kill him given the opportunity.  Of course, that would only lead to appointment of a Republican by the Governor so not sure how that would help them in their quest to transform our country into a Socialist - Communist Utopia.  

The Radical LGBTQIA Agenda In Our Public Schools

Teachers Unions and woke School Boards, Administrators and Teachers are pushing the LGBTQIA agenda in our public schools supported by National Socialist Fascists, Fake News and Big Business.  This agenda goes way beyond just Gay Rights.  It involves introducing very young children to the Gay Life Style and in some cases sexually explicit instruction, which is totally inappropriate.  There is Gender Screening going on where teachers are asking kids to come out and declare their sexual orientation at a very young age.  Kids are being told that it does not matter if they were born a boy or a girl because they can be any sex they want to be.  What the hell does any of this have to do with improving academic achievement at a time when half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level. 

So of course, all of this is leading to further insanity.  Biological boys are demanding the use of girl's bathrooms and locker rooms.  In one school district, the courts have required the district to pay $4 million to girls who were denied the use of boy's bathrooms and locker rooms.  All of this is leading to chaos in our public schools that are already failing our nation.

Parents and concerned citizens all over the country are going to school board meetings protesting Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist fake history indoctrination along with imposition of the LGBTQIA agenda.  These people are neither racist nor homophobic.  Instead, they are arguing for a safe and secure environment that is actually focused on educating children, rather all the radical left wing PC BS that is happening in our schools and at some of the largest companies in America.  

Half the country, the thinking half is mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  We are fighting to save our public schools from further demise, corruption and decay.  The radical LGBTQIA Agenda has no place in our public schools.  It is just another attack on the traditional family, faith and freedom.  It has to stop.  


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Communist China Using Global Tech Company Huawei To Spy On People

It was recently reported that Communist China is using Global Tech Giant Huawei, headquartered in China to spy on people presumably all over the world where they do business.  What a surprise!  Of course this is happening.  Why would the US government or anybody else be surprised that the Communist Chinese government would demand that Huawei implement surveillance for them to stay in the good graces of the Chinese government.  So naturally Western governments are condemning all of this.  

However, we have the same problem in the United States.  Big Brother is always watching.  Woke companies Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Face Book and many Banks, etc. are all part of the Deep State Swamp.  Does anybody really believe that these companies do not cooperate with the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS etc to spy on Americans.  After all, every one of these companies has multi-billion contracts with the federal government.  They are one giant cabal of data management.  These companies have information on every single American for one reason or another.  

So before politicians in the United States start condemning China for spying on people world wide, which is warranted, they better acknowledge Big Brother in the United States.  After all, Socialist Fascist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland just assigned the FBI Gestapo to spy on parents and concerned citizens protesting at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists".  In Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan, there are billions of dollars to pay for 89,000 new IRS agents to monitor our banking transactions and audit all of us.  If this is not spying, what is. 

So the US government is doing the same things as the Chinese Communist Government.  The Deep State exists both in China and the United States.  Both governments are a threat to our freedoms.  And, we wonder why there was a riot on January 6th at the Capitol in an attempt to stop a fraudulent election from occurring.  The Deep State is alive and well in the DC Swamp just like in Beijing. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan- The Big Lie

Feckless Joe Biden and his National Socialist Fascist pals in Congress and Fake News report that Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan is fully paid for by higher taxes on the rich and corporations and slated to cost $1.7 trillion.  The problem is the bill is loaded with entitlements that once given will never be eliminated.  Going out ten years, the Congressional Budget Office reports that the Build Back Broke Plan will add $3 trillion to the National Debt.  It is absolutely not paid for by the new taxes in the bill. 

And, many economists have said that the Build Back Broke Plan will make inflation, which is raging as prices on everything continue to skyrocket even worse.  In talking to my 93 year old aunt recently living on a fixed income, she told me that normally she spends $200 a month on food for her and her husband.  Since Biden was elected she is now spending $400 a month and they can no longer afford to buy meat.  The key to all of this is the cost of energy.  Since Biden was elected the United States has gone from being energy independent to begging OPEC to pump more oil.  Gas has gone up $1.50 a gallon.  In California the price of gas now exceeds $5 a gal.  Average is now above $3.50 a gallon.  The cost of utilities, electric, natural gas and heating oil has gone up dramatically.  Since the cost of energy is built into everything we do, eat and buy naturally the cost of everything is going up. 

The good news is that it looks like Democrat Senator Joe Biden of West Virginia may hold the line to beat back Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan.  Manchin is not going to support some of the entitlements that will bankrupt the country.   And, Manchin will certainly not support the Green New Deal that will raise energy prices across the board and screw the people of West Virginia where coal is king.  

Monday, December 13, 2021

Illegal Alien Invaders Coming From 39 Countries

Since feckless Joe Biden and his Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, a real clown opened our Southern border to all comers, nearly 2 million illegal aliens have invaded our country in 2021 alone.  Turns out they are coming from all over the world; at this point from about 39 countries.  The criminals and terrorists among them do not turn themselves in to the border patrol in the hope of seeking asylum.  The bad guys enter our country with the hope of not being caught.  And, some large number of them succeed. 

In any case, most illegal aliens are just released into our country and sent to cities all over the nation in the dead of night by bus or plane supposedly awaiting trial to seek asylum years from now.   However, most will never show up for the trail.  They will just disappear into our country and be added to the 15 - 20 million already here.   The court has ordered Biden to reinstate Trump's Stay in Mexico Policy awaiting trial; but Bidenistas have fought that from happening and are dragging their feet in violation of a court order.  

Illegal Aliens are entering our country with Covid and various other diseases.  Tuberculosis is rampant in Latin America.  While Americans are often required to get vaccinated and or wear masks, no such requirement exists for Illegal Aliens.  Crime in the United States is out of control.  Allowing even more criminals to enter our country will only make matters worse.  Many of these illegal aliens invading the United States are known violent gang members tied to the drug trade.  While Biden takes his afternoon naps and Mayorkas is in denial about what is happening at the border, we face an invasion.  Of course, the border czar Quemala Harris is nowhere to be found anywhere near the border.   What is happening is a national disaster for our country.  

Yet, the National Socialist Fascists and Fake News are focused on the January 6th Committee Circus; impeachment trial number 3.  We need to station the army at the border to stop the invasion; but don't count on it.  Now that cities like New York are allowing illegal aliens to vote legally, we can expect to see this happening in more Socialist cities and Blue States.    

Fake News Chris Wallace Leaving Fox To Join CNN

It is no surprise that Fake News Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News to join CNN, which is a better fit for him.   Wallace was earning $7 million a year at Fox.  No doubt, CNN desperate for any talent probably paid Wallace more to "take on this new adventure".  Given that Wallace is 74 years old and in decline in terms of his audience, not sure CNN is getting much for the money, except someone at least perceived to be a little more moderate than the other clowns that work at CNN. But, Wallace has been part of the Deep State Swamp for years.  As a Has Been, Wallace won't do much to bring up ratings at CNN that are in the toilet.  

Now that CNN was forced to fire Chris Cuomo, who was their lead clown, they had to do something to stir up the pot.  No real Conservative would work at CNN.  If there are any RINOS on CNN, they are only there because they are Trump Haters.  CNN's ratings continue to fall, which impacts ad dollars.  They are ripe for an acquisition because AT & T that owns CNN needs to get rid of money losing trash.  Don't be surprised if Trump's new media company does not make a run at CNN.  They could change the name to TNN for Truth News Network though Trump News Network would be tempting.  

Of course, Trump would immediately fire all the Socialist clowns that work at CNN to hire Conservative commentators that will generate an audience and higher ratings.  It would be justified to turn CNN into a money maker instead of a money loser.   Nobody with a brain trusts CNN to report the news.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome results in a hate filled Trump story on the hour.  They do not report on the Biden Crime family, or Biden's dementia because they are an arm of the National Socialist Fascist Party.  CNN only puts out Socialist propaganda.  The clowns at CNN are liars plain and simple.  Adding Chris Wallace to the mix will not change any of this.  

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Crooked Hillary - Here She Goes Again

Crooked Hillary Clinton decided to read her acceptance speech on TV had she won the election in 2016.  It was pathetic! The woman will never just get off the stage and tend to her man, which is probably why her man always had a wandering eye.  What she is really lamenting is that the voter fraud that existed in 2020 to give Biden the election was not in place for her election.  Had there been millions of unsolicited ballots mailed out and no requirements for Voter ID in 2016, there is no doubt that Crooked Hillary would have beaten Donald Trump.  Oh well, National Socialist Fascists are attempting to put into law those fraudulent practices to help insure that whoever the Socialist is who runs will win in 2024.  

That is why no doubt Crooked Hillary is considering a run again in 2024.  With a little crooked help from her friends just maybe she would win.  She knows that Biden will be in senior living by then or requiring home care for his dementia.  Hillary also knows that Quemala Harris would be easy to beat in the primaries, since so many people dislike her.  Matter of fact, Crooked Hillary would just expect all comers to step aside to give her one last chance to be President.  Sad for her because some other Socialists will not step aside.  They will claim that Crooked Hillary had her chance twice and failed and that she is so hated by so many that she would stand no chance of winning.  Further the Clinton Crime Family shenanigans would all come right back up front and center. 

But you can't blame the old girl for dreaming.  Crooked Hillary really believes she should be the first woman President.  The problem for her is that a majority of American people believe she should just shut the hell up and move on.  Poor Bill!  He goes out without Crooked Hillary to parties, events etc.   Of course, that is nothing new.  Bill Clinton has done a lot worse throughout their marriage.  But who could blame him.  Being married to Crooked Hillary must have been a horrible experience.  That big mouth of her always yapping is enough to drive any man to stray.  OMG.  Shoot me now to end it all!  There must be days when Poor Bill just can't take it anymore.   

Friday, December 10, 2021

Public School Are Broken - Blame Teacher Unions & Woke School Boards And Incompetent Administrators

While teacher unions, woke school boards and administrators push for Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist Fake History indoctrination and the LGBTQIA Agenda, half the students in our public schools cannot read or do math at grade level.  Many are way below grade level.  Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Nevada where I live that is ranked at the bottom of all states in terms of academic achievement.  This is happening because Washoe County and Clark County, the two largest school districts in the state refuse to do anything to improve academic achievement.  I have asked to see an Academic Improvement Plan many times to no avail.  However, to be fair this a national crisis happening all over the country not just in Nevada

The woke left wing education establishment always argues that not enough money is being spent on public education, which is bogus BS.  We spend more on public education that any other industrialized nation in the world, yet they achieve mediocre academic results.  The problem has nothing to do with money.  Instead, the woke public education establishment, which is to blame for the dismal state of education in our nation fights every accountability reform, performance based evaluations and metrics, merit based pay for teachers and school choice programs that have been empirically proven to increase academic performance.  Teacher unions even oppose public charter schools because they would have less control over them.  Teacher unions clearly are in business to represent the interests of teachers not children. 

Since 90% of the kids in our country go to public schools, this national disaster cannot be ignored any longer.  This is why a sleeping giant has been awakened to loudly protest at school board meetings.  Parents and concerned citizens are finally standing up to say ENOUGH.  The Deep State and woke Education Establishment are fighting back in an attempt to silence them by arresting parents and concerned citizens attending school board meetings as "domestic terrorists" targeted by the FBI Gestapo led by Socialist Party Hack Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States.  The woke public education establishment is one giant cabal and part of the Deep State feeding at the trough. 

Saving our public schools is the battle of our times.  Woke School Board Members, incompetent Administrators and teachers who fail to properly educate children must be removed from office or be fired.  Parents and concerned citizens must be prepared to do battle with teacher unions to demand reforms, accountability and school choice.  Business as usual is not possible anymore, if we are going to save our public schools.  Otherwise, our public schools are lost and can no longer be the basis for universal education in America.   

If that is the case, taxpayers must demand elimination of automatic funding for public education.  The money must follow the student not the teacher's union and public school bureaucracy, since woke school boards have proven that they cannot be trusted to protect the interests of students, parents and taxpayers.   

Radical Terrorists In America - Facts Matter

There is a small percentage of people living in the United States who could be categorized as radical terrorists out to do harm to our country and people in addition to the occasional deranged lone wolf mass killer.  The woke Deep State and Fake News, all suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome wants us to believe that the biggest terrorist threat to our country comes from White Supremists.  That is PC BS.  In order of danger, the radical terrorists in our country are as follows:

Radical Islamic Terrorists are out to destroy Western civilization and Israel.  They would use nuclear or biological weapons if they had them to achieve their goal to impose Sharia Islam on the American people.  Just look to Iran and or to Afghanistan to understand their political positioning and their horrible impact on society.  They want to take the world back 700 years to impose the most extreme version of Islam in the world.  They were responsible for 9/11 and would do it again given the opportunity.  Recently, it was reported that captured illegal aliens at our border came from 39 countries.  You can bet that some of them who came across our border are Radical Islamic Terrorists.  They represent the biggest danger to our country. 

Next, are Antifa and BLM Socialists, Communists and Anarchists terrorists.  We have seen their attempts to destroy our country as they have rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses.  They oppose our economic system and are working to bring down Capitalism and presumably impose a Communist dictatorship.  In the process in the last year they have caused billions of dollars in property damage, destroyed businesses and injured or killed hundreds of people.  If arrested, they have been released by woke prosecutors.  There has been no accountability for their crimes because the Deep State and Fake News actually supports them.  Big Woke Companies have actually donated billions of dollars to BLM, a Communist terrorist organization.   

And, finally there are right wing Americans in the United States of various colors who see the threats coming from Radical Islam, Antifa and BLM in addition to the corruption that exists in the Deep State and Fake News.  They believe that another revolution may be the only way to save our country from these other forces.  Many of them have given up on the ballot box.  Some of them are prepared to use violence to push back on these other groups, the Deep State and Fake News.  However, they are in no way a bigger threat than the other two groups.  Some have formed what they believe to be patriotic militias ready to fight for our country; but this is a very small number of people. 

We need to worry about any group that would murder to achieve their objectives; but we must also be clear eyed as to the groups that represent the biggest threat.  Radical Islamic Terrorists, Antifa and BLM are the biggest threats to our country and people.  They have demonstrated their ability to wreak havoc on our nation.  Right wing Americans see this threat as their reason for being.  That is not an excuse for any actions they might take that brings harm to our people; it is just the reality we face.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Packing The Supreme Court - Not Going To Happen

Certain radical members of the National Socialist Fascist Party support packing the Supreme Court with a bunch of left wing Socialists and Communists to counter the current Conservative majority on the Court.  This would lead to chaos and constant upheaval.  It is a stupid idea.  In order to deal with this crazy idea, once tried by Franklin Roosevelt,  feckless Joe Biden appointed a 34 Member Commission to study the matter along with ways to "improve" the court like term limits or age limits.  After hearing from 44 witnesses, the Committee concluded that packing the court is a very dumb idea.  So, under cover of the Commission, it will not happen despite threats by idiots in the National Socialist Fascist Party.

The reality is that our court system works most of the time.  It is meant to be slow to prevent crazy radical ideas that will not stand the test of time.  Yes, there are controversial issues like abortion, gun control, and freedom of religion and speech that get the headlines, but most cases involve decisions supported by both liberal and conservative judges.  There have been some very bad decisions that eventually get over turned.  Roe V Wade may be one of them.  There is not one word in the Constitution that guarantees a woman's right to abortion.  7 judges in 1973 used twisted logic applying the 14th Amendment that was enacted to protect freed slaves to guarantee equal rights to allow for abortions.  There are provisions of the 14th amendment that speak to due process and privacy rights that were applied to concoct Roe.  Many legal scholars believe that this was a faulty decision aside from the morality of killing an innocent baby.  

The fact is that abortion is a state issue under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution that should be decided by state legislatures and state courts not the Supreme Court.  Clearly, there are Red States that would restrict abortions.  Blue states support abortion right up until birth and even after even though it is clear that it results in the murder of an innocent baby.  We don't need a one size fits all federal abortion standard except to say that it is legal.  The current majority on the Supreme Court is likely to both uphold Roe and at the same time allow states more freedom to reflect their constituencies.  A decision to allow restrictions will not eliminate abortion as claimed by the National Socialist Fascists in our country and various radical left wing women's organizations.  Those restrictions will reflect the rights and interest of both the mother and the child, since there are two parties involved in this picture, which is legitimate.  In any case, packing the Supreme Court is DOA thankfully.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Math Has Nothing To Do With Social Justice

In dopey California, the state was about to adopt a Mathematics Social Justice Curriculum, which of course would mean PC BS when 1,100 top Mathematicians and Scientists penned a letter to the state department of education demanding that they cease and desist.  The good news is that the state postponed implementation pending further study for now.  But knowing the National Socialist Fascists in California that don't want kids of color held to rigorous standards, the odds are pretty good that they will be back in the name of "social justice" destroying the math curriculum in the process.  In addition, some school districts in California are in the process of eliminating grades of D or F for all subjects; another stupid idea.  

This is at a time when US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona recently gave a speech complaining that not enough kids of color were studying STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  The same could be said for White kids. What this education bureaucrats fails to understand is that half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level and many are way below grade level.  How in the hell can these kids study STEM, which are the most difficult subjects in school when they can't read or do math at grade level.  And, the fact is that many kids at grade level don't take these courses either because they are uninspired by their teachers, or because they are hard.  Well Dah!

The video generation needs to be entertained and since STEM is tough stuff, they tend to study easier subjects.  In fairness, though this blogger read real adult level books from the time I was 8 years old, math was never my subject.  I gravitated toward foreign languages, which came easy and history.  In any case, California attempting to dumb down math and other subjects in accordance with "social justice" PC BS is great news for China; but very bad news for our country.  We have got to get serious about academic achievement in our public schools.  First, we must deal with the fact that half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level.  Woke School Boards, administrators and teachers focused on PC BS who fail to get the job done must be FIRED.  

We have got to face down teacher unions to demand more accountability.  We need School Choice so all parents in failing schools can get their kids into private schools that do a better job.  Public schools are failing to educate many children today.  Adding a PC BS Social Justice component to math and other subjects that is nothing more than Socialist propaganda that includes Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist history indoctrination and compliance with the LGBTQIA agenda will only make matters worse.  

Monday, December 6, 2021

Students In American Schools Are Not Studying STEM

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona in a recent speech before the US Space Council, headed by Vice President Quemala Harris emphasized that kids of color are not studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Well dah!  Half the kids in the country of all colors; but particularly kids in our inner city schools cannot read or do math at grade level because public schools are failing to educate them.  Cardona complained that many inner city schools do not even offer Calculus.  Again, well dah!  How can kids that can't do basic math do Calculus.  And, most of the kids who are at grade level do not choose STEM because the courses are very difficult.  Again, well dah!

It would be great if we could get the video game generation to actually read books let alone focus on careers in STEM.  And of course, school districts run by woke School Board Members and Administrators continue to push Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist history indoctrination and the LGBTQIA agenda.  I keep asking the School Board in Reno, Nevada where I live to put forth a plan to improve reading and math scores, since half the kids in the district cannot read or do math at grade level.  Further, Nevada ranks near the bottom of all states related to academic achievement.  Yet School Boards in Washoe County in Northern Nevada and Clark County in Las Vegas, the two biggest in the state are doing little or nothing that matters to address dismal academic achievement in Nevada.  But in fairness, Public School Boards all over the country are missing in action because half the country cannot read or do math at grade level.  

So naturally, when I heard Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona's speech concerning the fact that not enough kids of color and I would broaden the discussion to include Whites as well are not studying STEM,  I laughed out loud.  Obviously, this education bureaucrat is clueless like so many others in the public education establishment who need a reality check and or should to be FIRED for their failure to educate children in our country.  Pushing STEM makes good sense  in order for the US to compete with China and other countries; but first we need to teach half the  kids in the country to read and do basic math at grade level.  To do that, we must stop the politically correct indoctrination BS that is happening in our public schools to focus on the basics.  We also need far more accountability than the teacher unions will allow.  School Boards must be prepared to do battle with teacher unions that oppose real accountability.  

And for those students that can do STEM because they are at grade level or above, they need inspiring teachers to get them excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  For public schools to attract those teachers, a different pay scale is needed because schools are competing with business for that talent.  Again, that would mean a battle with teacher unions who oppose any differentiation in pay from the best to the worst teachers regardless of subject.  It is time for feckless, gutless School Boards to fight that war on behalf of students, parents and taxpayers.   But don't count on it as they pursue their "social justice" agenda instead.   

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Fake News Trump Derangement Syndrome Never Ending

Fake News has a Trump story on the hour every day of the year.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is so great that they can't do an hour without spewing Trump hatred.  Or, it might be that their ratings are so far down the toilet that they will do anything to keep the few viewers that they have left and it is just a few.  They focus on the "Big Lie" that Joe Biden won by election fraud, which half the country believes is true.  Despite the Deep State refusing to investigate the election because they hated Trump too, history tells the real story.  No candidate for President who carried Ohio, Texas and Florida all bell weather states has ever lost the election.  Trump carried all three by big percentages because there was no election shenanigans in those states as there was in other states.  

Further, Trump got 11 million more votes in 20 than in 16, which is a record for any incumbent President.  Obama actually got fewer votes when he ran for reelection than he got in his first election.  So we are expected to believe that senile, feckless Joe Biden actually got several million more votes than Barack Obama.  Seems unlikely.  The problem with all of this, which makes election fraud very feasible is that none of it adds up.  Millions of mail in ballots without the need for Voter ID approved by various Governors because of the Covid pandemic without the approval of their state legislatures as required by their state Constitutions is the reason many believe that fraud gave Biden the election.  

None of it matters.  Without Trump stories every hour on the hour, Fake News would lose what few viewers they have today.  Viewers tie to ad dollars, which is probably why management at these Fake News stations is insisting on Trump stories as often as possible.  They know that without Trump, they would continue to lose viewers.  It is getting pretty old.  Rehashing the same old BS over and over again for the last 5 years is just not news, or even interesting.  

Just wait, Trump is rolling out his own social media company to stop the censorship that is happening of him and other Conservatives and Republicans.  This is a signal that Trump will be running in 2024 because he needs easy access to his 50 million plus followers.  Of course, all of this will drive Fake News crazy, but who cares.  With each day that passes, Fake News becomes less relevant to the American people because they refuse to cover the news like all the Biden Crime Family stories that should be front and center.  Instead, crickets when it comes to National Socialist Fascist racist Crooks and Liars.  

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Being A White Straight Man In Hollywood, Media, On Broadway, In Politics Or Working For The Largest Companies in America

Fake News CNN announced that they have terminated Chris Cuomo, one of their night time news stars for working with his brother, Andrew Cuomo, the former Governor of New York to cover up various sexual harassment claims.  Ironically, Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign because of these allegations when in fact his bigger transgression was the deaths of several thousand nursing home residents from Covid that he forced back into nursing homes where the infection was rampant.  But here is the reality.  If either Cuomo had been a woke person of color, Gay or a Socialist woman, it is highly doubtful that either of them would have been forced to resign or have been fired.  Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon have done far worse and nobody is calling for their heads.  

It would appear that a White Heterosexual man working in Hollywood, the Media, On Broadway, in Politics, or for the largest companies in America are subject to cancellation for any infringement of the National Socialist Fascist Politically Correct Code.  Of course, any Conservative Republican Trump Supporter of any color or sexual orientation has already been cancelled.  

White Straight Men face tremendous discrimination in hiring.  Recruiters at many of these organizations have actually been ordered not to hire them.  I am waiting to see the class action lawsuits that are inevitable under the 14th Amendment equal protection clause, which was originally supposed to protect freed Black slaves and would now be applicable to White Straight Men.   How ironic!  

This practice was never more visible than in casting for the Broadway musical Hamilton.  As a former history teacher, I appreciated the authenticity of the story.  But what was ridiculous was casting Blacks and others of color as our Founding Fathers.  Sure it was a gimmick that sold seats at ridiculous prices; but kind of dumb.  I wonder what would happen if a movie or play was made about Martin Luther King and the role of King was given to a White Man.  There would be outrage and boycotts.  I paid $400 each for lousy seats to see Hamilton on Broadway.  My wife enjoyed the musical.  Though I could have dealt with the racial silliness, I did not enjoy Hamilton mostly because watching our Founding Fathers sing in hip hop, which I could not understand was not my cup of tea.  

And, this is not about race.  I loved Dream Girls and the Musical about the Temptations and many others that featured really talented people of color.  It is really about authenticity and my belief that one should come out of a Broadway musical singing the signature song.  There was no signature song in Hamilton that I can remember.  So I advise people to save their money because there are many other incredible Broadway musicals showcasing artists of all colors worth the money and at less costs.  

But I digress.  White Straight Men in Hollywood, Media, On Broadway, In Politics and or working for the largest companies in America face discrimination and even termination if they don't tow the National Socialist Fascist Politically Correct Party Line.  God forbid any of them believe the election was stolen from Donald Trump.  That would definitely lead to termination and could lead to arrest and prosecution.  There will ultimately be a class action landmark case dealing with all this discrimination that ends up at the Supreme Court.  It is only a matter of time.  Believe it not, White Heterosexual Men have rights too!  And, don't be surprised if Chris Cuomo who may not be able to get a job for years does not sue CNN.  Cuomo may have a case for wrongful termination TBD.  

Michigan School Shooting - More Training For Administrators & Teachers

The recent shooting and murders at a Michigan public high school by a 15 year old boy with serious problems from a dysfunctional family demonstrated that teachers and administrators  were not prepared to deal with a child who showed signs of derangement in word and deed.  Administrators knew this boy had issues and sent him back to class after a parent conference with the gun in his backpack.  The administrators may now face charges of criminal negligence and of course the district will be sued by the families whose sons and daughters were murdered, or wounded because the school did not act appropriately to protect them from harm.

While public school districts waste time on Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist history indoctrination and gender screening to insure compliance with the LGBTQIA agenda, there are no doubt kids with serious mental problems in our schools and many come from households with guns in the home.  Some of these kids are getting access to these guns because they are not being properly stored.  In the Michigan case, the parents actually gave their unstable son a gun for his birthday, which demonstrates serious parental problems, as well.  Many of these children that commit these crimes are being raised in dysfunctional families.  This is just one more example.  

Clearly, Administrators and Teachers need a whole lot more training first to identify kids with serious problems to refer them for help and then to deal with an active shooter when on campus.  It could be that kids will need to enter schools through metal detectors to stop guns and knives from being bought on campus.  In addition, it could very well be that based on the family situation, some of these kids may be in danger in their own homes from parents or other relatives that are causing the dysfunction and often abuse.  There may need to be referrals to law enforcement and or other social agencies when the danger signs and red flags appear to stop a crime from happening.  

This story is not about Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  It is about the break down of the family and civil society that we see happening before our eyes.  The kids committing these horrible crimes often come from dysfunctional families plagued by substance abuse and brutality, which when combined with violent movies and videos games create a recipe for disaster.   The kids who commit these crimes in some instances are being bullied in school, which is a whole different problem.  

School administrators and teachers need a whole lot more training to better understand the signs that could lead to tragedy.  It is clear by the number of school shootings we see every year that a lot more work needs to be done to prepare those in charge to deal with the dysfunction that exists in our society.  The goal must be to prevent these crimes and murders above all else; but also to help the kids that would commit them.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Covid Restrictions & Mandates Worthless

What we have learned since Covid hit the world is that Mask Mandates and Shutting down schools and the economy did little to stop the spread of Covid while wreaking havoc on our country.  Matter of fact, under feckless Joe Biden, there have actually been more Covid deaths in his first year in office than in Trump's last year in office.  The so called "science" as defined by Mr. Science himself, flip flop Fauci is BS.  The vaccines developed and initially distributed during the Trump Presidency is the only thing that has slowed the spread of Covid and even that has not prevented vaccinated people from getting sick with Covid.  

So now we have the second new Covid variant coming out of Africa that is causing some concern.  Since Biden and his National Socialist Fascist pals have made such a mess of everything they have touched since Biden's fraudulent election and they took over the Congress, they are thrilled that Fake News will now focus on Covid again to distract from the illegal alien invasion at our border, the fiasco getting out of Afghanistan, energy prices and inflation going through the roof and horrible dealings with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. And, in the most ridiculous excuse yet. the Biden Administration is blaming Flash Mob Robberies on Covid instead of the thugs committing the crimes.   Really!

Biden has already extended the requirement to wear masks on public transportation, trains, buses, planes, subways etc until next March.  Biden claims there will be no lockdowns; but teachers in crazy Portland are demanded remote learning again.  Just wait, Biden will demand lockdowns if this new variant leads to a big upsurge in cases, which is likely.  Naturally, Red State Governors and Attorney Generals thankfully will resist and refuse to enforce the Mandates.  People living in Blue States will be out of luck.

We have to get back to normal whatever the consequences. We cannot close down schools or the economy again.  Yes, there will be Covid cases ranging from mild to very sick and even deaths; but we can't go back to lockdowns again.  With the 2022 elections just around the corner and Biden and National Socialist Fascist ratings in the toilet, they are desperate to use Covid once gain to rig elections.  Just wait, remember National Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  This next election will be no exception.  

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Waukesha Massacre - Biden & The DOJ Missing In Action

Darrell Brooks who happens to be Black and a serious criminal who was out on bail took his SUV and plowed into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin killing 6 including children and injuring 60, many of whom are still in the hospital.  Feckless Joe Biden flew right over Wisconsin to get to Minnesota for a political event and made no effort to stop in Waukesha to show support for these suffering people and community.  How come?  Pretty simple.  The killer was Black and the victims were White. 

And, while the Department of Justice run by Socialist Party hack Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered the FBI Gestapo to arrest and prosecute parents and other concerned citizens as "domestic terrorists" who protest at school board meetings, has made not one mention about the Waukesha Massacre.  Just imagine if Brooks, the killer had been White and any of the victims had been Black.  OMG, the National Socialist Fascists including Biden and Garland and Fake News would be screaming bloody murder demanding that the White Supremacist be executed.   There would be an FBI investigation to designate this as a hate crime.  Instead, we hear crickets!

This just proves that the DOJ has been highly politicized under Garland and that the Biden Administration has weaponized the DOJ, FBI, IRS and other government agencies to promote their America Last agenda and to persecute Conservatives and Trump Voters no matter what their color.  In addition, there is no focus on Black on Black crime in our inner cities because it does not fit their narrative.  Further, though Blacks make up 13% of the population more than 30% of abortions destroy Black babies.  Further BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities injuring hundreds of people and even killing some.  Again, we never hear anything about these murders because it does not fit the narrative pushed by woke National Socialist Fascists, or Fake News.  

The good news is that the American people see the truth and what is happening in our country, which is why Republicans will take over the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.  The day of reckoning is coming.  Enough is enough.    

Roe V Wade - Time For Common Sense Abortion LAWS

In January, 1973,  the Supreme Court based on a 7 - 2 decision over reached and made abortion the law of the land in its Roe V Wade decision.  They concocted their twisted decision based the 14th Amendment to the Constitution due process clause and privacy rights giving women a right to choose abortion infanticide.  This happened without a vote of the people through their state legislatures in accordance with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, which is where abortion rights should have been dealt with because there is nothing in the Constitution specifically guaranteeing a right to abortion.  

Over the years, various states have enacted laws in an attempt to limit the right to unrestricted abortion.  This is happening because the technology today is so good that we know when human life begins at about 7 weeks of pregnancy when we we can detect the first heart beat.  Many of those laws are currently headed to the Supreme Court for further consideration and this will continue until we have common sense abortion LAWS, rather than judicial over reach.

The National Socialist Fascists, various radical left wing womens groups, Fake News and the largest corporations in America support unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after, which is opposed by the majority of the American people.  We can put this very divisive issue behind us, if these groups will accept reasonable restrictions on abortion.  But don't count on it!  Certainly, once there is a heart beat to deny that human life exists is ridiculous.  At just a few weeks later, there is a fully formed baby with arms, legs, hands, feet etc.  So much so that abortion at three months pregnancy is impossible using the suction method.  Instead, the abortionist must use clamps to literally tear a baby limb from limb to remove it from the uterus in many instances to sell the baby parts for medical research.  This procedure is gruesome to say the least.  It is clearly the murder of a human being.  It must stop.  

Abortion infanticide is a crime against humanity.  Since Roe V Wade more than 60 million babies have been destroyed in the name of a woman's right to choose.  We need abortion laws that recognize both a woman's rights and the baby's rights. It would also be good if interested fathers willing to take responsibility had something to say about destroying their children.   State legislatures are getting it right.  Hopefully, the Supreme Court will finally recognize their over reach and allow each state to determine their own abortion laws.  This would not eliminate abortion laws as predicted by those who favor abortion right up until birth and even after.  It would impose common sense restrictions that recognize when human life begins.  

Monday, November 29, 2021

New Covid Variants & The Endless Pandemic

National Socialist Fascists never let a good crisis go to waste.  Covid has been their dream crisis.  Covid and election fraud helped elect a feckless President with dementia.  Covid has driven wild social spending in the trillions of dollars that would never have been approved without Covid.  So, now we have new variants coming out of Africa and probably other parts of the world too.  Everyday spent focused on Covid is a day Fake News does not focus on rampant inflation, energy prices, crime, the illegal alien invasion at our border, China, Russia and Iran.  Biden can go before the nation each day to provide us his Covid update rather than deal with other issues and messes he has created.  

Problem is we have heard it all before.  Last July Biden told us that we had defeated Covid.  Really!  There have been more Covid deaths in Biden's first year in office than in Trump's last year.  But forget about facts.  Now Biden and his National Socialist Pals in Congress will use the new Covid variant to push his $2 Trillion Build Back Broke SwindleUS Plan.  Why not?  Biden will say that we need all these new entitlements that will bankrupt our country to fight Covid.  Of course, it is all BS.  

We can't go backwards no matter what happens with Covid.  We can't close schools again.  We can't shut down the economy again.  We will have to do the best we can to protect those most vulnerable; those over 65 and or with serious diseases who are most susceptible to serious illness, hospitalization or even death from Covid.  Yes, everyone should get vaccinated; but Mandates should not be happening.  Further, getting vaccinated is no gaurantee of escaping Covid, or especially the new variants of Covid.  

We will have to take our chances as we do with every other illness or accident.  No doubt there will be more deaths from Covid just as there are deaths from many other diseases.  We can't stop living for fear of dying.  In the meantime, National Socialist Fascists will try every trick in the book to enact their Socialist Schemes.  Death could be less painful.  Let's Go Brandon!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

In Woke America Everything Is Racist

Woke Fake News, National Socialist Fascists and the largest corporations in America have determined that everything they don't like is racist, so let me provide the YTD list:  

American History;  The US Constitution; Bridges, freeways and roads that divide neighborhoods;  Single Family Home Zoning; Law and Order; All White People because we are Oppressors;  Anyone who owns a business; Capitalism; Our Founding Fathers; Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Christopher Columbus and Junipero Sierra among many others; All Trump Voters; Conservative Talk Radio and TV Stations; Christians and the Catholic Church; Everyone who is Pro-Life; Election Integrity and requiring Voter ID; Energy Independence; Covid; Red States; Anyone who wants a secure border and an end to the illegal alien invasion; The American Flag and the Star Spangled Banner; Gun Owners; Heterosexuals; Anyone who supports traditional marriage, parents and concerned citizens who protest at school board meetings, and Self Defense.

There are things added to the list daily.  I don't know about you; but this Blogger is sick of it.  If we don't agree to their narrative on just about every topic, we must be cancelled because we are racists.  It is all PC BS.   Let's Go Brandon!

Flash Mob Robberies - Civil Society Is Breaking Down

Antifa and BLM Terrorists got away with rioting, looting and burning down government buildings and businesses.  The result was thousands injured and some killed and more than $2 billion in property damages in many cities.  So, now we are seeing stage two of that lawlessness and the break down of civil society.  Flash Mobs coming out of our inner cities that may be affiliated with Antifa and BLM to be determined have figured out that it is smarter to steal high value goods that they can sell along with the drugs they often pedal.  Why not! In many states that have eliminated bail, these crooks will be released if they are caught and or probably charged with a minor crime, if charged at all. 

Sadly, to date two security guards both in California have been murdered by these flash mobs in the course of their crimes.  No doubt, there will be more violence in the weeks ahead.  So now high end stores like Nordstrom's, Louie Vuitton, jewelry stores and many other retail stores are targets for Flash Mob robberies mostly in Blue States and cities because Red State Governors would send out the National Guard if needed to protect their businesses.  Further, many in Red States own and carry guns that would be used for self defense in the event they were attacked in the process of one of these Flash Mob robberies so there is more of a deterrent.  

So while Joe Biden and his Justice Department focus on arresting and prosecuting parents and other concerned citizens protesting at School Board Meetings, we are seeing organized crime in many cities terrorizing businesses as they walk away with thousands of dollars of high end products.  Clearly, Fake News and the National Socialist Fascists are missing in action.  Where is the outrage related to Flash Mob crime.  The usual big mouth Socialists in Congress are silent because they support defunding the police at a time when crime is rampant.  Civil Society is breaking down.  Let's Go Brandon!  

Friday, November 26, 2021

American History Is A Much Bigger Story Than Just About Slavery

Those who advocate Marxist, racist, revisionist Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project attempt to tie every aspect of American history to slavery.  And, while slavery and the discriminatory Jim Crow laws that followed in the South enacted by Democrats were brutal and very sad chapters in our history,  they in no way were integral to the entire American story, which is so much bigger in world history.  As a former history and government teacher who taught the great, good, bad and ugly about American and world history with no sugar coating, I taught the whole story and nothing but the truth.

Woke government including many school boards, Fake News and the largest companies in the United States are peddling a distorted version of American history that denies and distorts the facts.  First, most American of all colors living in the United States today have ancestors that came to America long after slavery was ended.  And, most of those immigrant families never even lived in the South where racial discrimination after the Civil War was worst.  That is not to say that Blacks did not experience discrimination all over America; but the same was true for many later immigrant groups.  What is often lost is the fact that the Klu Klux Klan also hated Jews and Catholics and various immigrant groups as much as they hated Blacks.  And, that nearly all later immigrant groups, races and nationalities also faced incredible discrimination.  This does not excuse the racial discrimination Blacks experienced; but it does recognize that discrimination, primarily practiced by White Protestants was a national problem.  

Ironically, America is often portrayed as this terrible country that stole native American lands, which is true and made it impossible for all Blacks and other minorities to succeed, which is not true.  After all, the American people elected its first mixed race President twice and now Vice President not to mention thousands of other peoples of various colors and races in all levels of government.  Clearly, those who work hard succeed in our country regardless of race.  The proof is in their success.  And, in real numbers there are more poor White people on welfare than Black people.  There are also more Whites killed by cops every year in the line of duty than Black people. 

And, what is funny is that people of various races and colors risk their lives every year to come to our country illegally.  If America was so bad and racist, why the hell would illegal aliens risk everything to get across our border and into our country.  This former history teacher has no problem recognizing the whole truth about American and world history without any sugar coating.  It is time for those who hate America to do the same.  Let's at least agree on the truth, rather than attempt to revise history into nothing more than Socialist, Fascist or Communist propaganda in an attempt to destroy our country.  Let's Go Brandon!  

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Native Americans And Thanksgiving

Many Native Americans see Thanksgiving as a day of mourning because it signifies the day the pilgrims in Massachusetts gave thanks for basically surviving their first year in the new world.  And, it was President Lincoln that made Thanksgiving a National Holiday during the Civil War in an attempt to unite our country.   Native Americans see this national holiday as the beginning of European colonization and the stealing of their lands.  And in that sense, they would be correct. 

Millions of Native Americans died of diseases brought from Europe that they could not resist and at the hand of European settlers who often fought battles with them to take over Native American lands.  Native Americans also died during long marches to resettle them on to the reservations put aside for them by the federal government.  This sad chapter of American history is just as bad as the slavery that is also a stain on our history.

Though the federal government has provided Native American tribes billions of dollars over the years and continues to do so in restitution along with various tax benefits, Native Americans are among the poorest of our citizens suffering from both poverty and very high rates of alcohol and drug abuse.  And, though many tribes operate profitable Indian casinos on their lands, these monies never seem to make it to individual Native Americans.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  

The Reservation system that is designed to preserve some of their native lands is a form of Communism.  So rather than individual Native Americans owning their own acreage, the tribes own the land communally.  The end result has been tribal governments getting billions of dollars to administer; but very little benefit actually going to individual Native Americans.  Maybe it is time to reconsider this system.  After more than 150 years, it is not working.  Many Native Americans still living on Reservations are poorer today than ever.  The original tragedy and injustice experienced by Native Americans is compounded by a lack of progress for many of these Americans.  It is time for some creative ideas to address the injustices faced by Native Americans.   Same old same old is not working because Communism has failed everywhere in the world it has been tried.  This is no exception to the rule.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Time To Protect Yourself From Crime Or Violence - Don't Be A Victim

Law abiding citizens should always be cautious about surroundings.  We are now seeing the break down of civil society in many blue states and cities though bad things can happen anywhere.  What we see happening with flash mob burglaries is the result of tolerating BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioting, looting and burning down cities.  Since they have gotten away with serious crimes, it will encourage them to commit even more crimes.  So, it is time to take even more precautions when outside our homes.  

Older people in particular are targets for thugs.  You could be in a store or restaurant that is attacked by a flash mob as is occurring in many cities.  This won't stop until city and state governments crack down on crime.  Since that may not happen, it is best that you diminish the chance of being a target for robbery and or violence.  Don't be a victim of these crimes.  Don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Demand that stores and restaurants have private security if they want your business.  

Always be aware of your surroundings.  Don't put yourself in a situation that would make you easy pickings.  Don't be in outside dining that is very accessible to parking lots and the quick get away.  It is not a good idea to wear expensive jewelry unless you are in a very secure location.  Women should  not carry purses that would make them a target for robbery.  The reality is that all you really need is the credit card you will be using for any purchases you are making.  Lock a purse in the trunk of your car.  Always park in very well lit places.  Don't go to stores or restaurants in or near high crime areas.  

People often like to take walks.  Not the best idea unless the area is patrolled by cops or security.  As we get older, I don't like driving at night.  Women especially should not be driving at night alone.  I prefer to live in gated communities and or buildings with security. Sadly, we may get to the point where it is necessary to carry a gun for self defense.  Don't think crime can't happen to you because it is happening to thousands of people in the United States every year.   We can't take safety for granted any more.  Since many cops are quitting, calling 911 will not guarantee police protection.  We have to be proactive to prevent a tragedy from happening to any of us.  Let's go Brandon!  

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Biden Taps The Strategic Oil Reserve

At the insistence of his National Socialist Fascists pals scared to death of upcoming elections in 2022 and because of recent Republican wins all over the country, Joe Biden has tapped the Strategic Oil Reserve in an attempt to bring down prices at the pump.  Biden is dumping 50 million barrels on the market, which is a drop in the bucket; basically a three day supply.  To make matters even worse, a lot of this oil will be going to India and China.  This desperate action will do nothing to bring down the price of gas or heating oil ahead of a cold winter.  

Instead of begging OPEC to pump more oil, Biden should immediately approve the Keystone Pipeline and get oil production going in Anwar in Alaska.  Biden should be telling American oil and gas companies to put a petal to the metal to start pumping as much oil and natural gas as possible to supply our nation.  Remember, we were energy independent the day Trump left office.  Matter of fact, the United States became a net energy exporter for the first time in decades.  

Biden and his Green New Deal are screwing the American people.  The price of gas is up $2 a gallon in many areas and it will go higher because of Biden's stupidity.  And, the price of energy impacts the price of everything we do, buy, eat etc., which is why inflation is going through the roof.  National Socialist Fascists will lose the Congress in 2022 because clearly the American people have had it with Biden's America Last Policies.  The price of bacon at $8 or $9 a pound and the price of gas at $5 a gallon in many areas is the kiss of death for the National Socialist Fascists.  The misery index tells the whole story.  Let's Go Brandon!