Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Price of Bacon & Gas - Mainstreet Inflation Indicators

While Wall Street lives and dies by the Dow Jones average, which is an indicator of overall big company profitability, it is meaningless to Main Street, except for those that have their monies invested in the stock market.  The real indicators for Mainstreet are the price of bacon and gas.  When Joe Biden took office just ten months ago, bacon was around $4.00 a pound. Today it is more than $7.00 a pound and projected to go to $9.00 a pound.  Who does not love bacon.  This is national crisis.  The price of gas when Biden took office was below $3.00 a gallon.  Today, it is near or more than $5 a gallon in many states.  Since the cost of energy is built into everything we do, buy, eat etc. skyrocketing energy prices caused by Biden policies are underlying much of the inflation in our country.  Thank you Joe Biden.  

As the price of bacon and gas continues to go up, Biden's poll ratings that are already in the toilet because of the many messes and crisis's Biden has caused will continue to sink even lower.  Bidenistas have told the American people to lower our expectations something President Trump would NEVER, NEVER have said.  The Green New Deal will be a disaster for our country resulting in a lower standard of living for all Americans.  The National Socialist Fascists in office including the President just don't care about the American people.  For them, it is all about their woke agenda no matter what harm it brings our country. 

No doubt, President Trump was a narcistic character; but his America First policies were great for our people and country.  Biden's America Last policies are great for China, but a disaster for our country.  Watch the upcoming election in Virginia.  If the Republicans win or even come close to winning in a Blue State that Biden carried by 10 points, it will send shock waves throughout the DC Swamp.  It will portend what is coming in 2022 and 2024, which is likely to be a Republican take over of the Congress and the Presidency to get our country back on track. Of course by then all Americans will be poorer for the Biden years. Oh well, we just have to grit our teeth and bare it until these National Socialist Fascists are out of office.  President Trump is waiting in the wings to restore good governance to our country.  

School Board Meetings & The Culture Wars

I recently watched our local School Board meeting in Reno, Nevada on a live feed that lasted until 1 am in the morning.  We were not in town, or I would have been at the meeting.  Our School Board knew that this meeting would be attended by an over flow crowd; but refused to change the venue so many parents and concerned citizens, who waited hours to speak during public comment portions of the meeting were forced to wait outside in the cold weather.   This was a disgraceful attempt to silence the community that failed. 

First, as to public comment directions.  Our School Board lectures parents and concerned citizens concerning what they are allowed to say.  I have written them many times that the directions they provide are an unconstitutional violation of 1st Amendment rights.  While School Boards can and should demand order, they do not have the right to tell anybody what they can or cannot say no matter how odious the speech provided that such speech does not incite violence.  

This particular School Board meeting involved a Board Member who committed Fraud.  She moved out of the her district yet continued to serve on the Board for more than two years collecting a monthly stipend.  So, hours were spent on who knew what and when.  An outside law firm was hired for thousands of dollars to conduct a meaningless "investigation" rather than to determine how to get the monies back from the fraudulent Board Member.  Since none of the testimony was under oath, which is what should have occurred in a Grand Jury investigation and the attorney never had the fraudulent School Board member testify, it was a complete waste of time and money.  The real intent of this bogus process was to go after the only White Male conservative on the Board who was the Whistle Blower because he made the issue public despite being told by one Board Member to "let it go".  

That gets me to the ranting and raving School Board President, who happens to be a Black admitted Democrat Socialist who in essence prosecuted the case against the Whistle Blower in an attempt to censure him.  This woman spent 20 minutes delivering the most hate filled racist slander, I have ever seen happen at a public meeting of any kind.  She accused her fellow conservative Board Member of everything conceivable.  Frankly, he would have every right to sue her for slander and defamation of character.  Fortunately, saner minds on the Board prevailed as the vote was 4 to 2 to basically table the censure motion.  The School Board President was so out of control that it was impossible for the majority on the Board to support her censure motion.  

I was so proud of the several hundred parents and other concerned citizens who waited hours to speak in support of the School Board member who the School Board President attempted to censure.  They knew very clearly that this attempt was part of the broader culture war that is happening all over the country in reference to opposition to Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist, fake history along with things like Gender Screening and pushing the LGBTQIA agenda that are happening in our school district and many others.  The conservative School Board member naturally is opposed to what he sees occurring, which is why he was targeted.   

All of this is happening when half the students in our country cannot read or do math at grade level including in Reno where I live.  Further, Nevada ranks at the very bottom of all states related to academic performance; yet we face this kind of BS.  Public schools have lost their way.  They are failing our country because School Boards and Administrators just do not understand their mission.  The good news is that parents and concerned citizens are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  There will be many more confrontational School Board meetings to force change that must take place for the sake of our nation's children.  There is no other option.  

Monday, October 25, 2021

Welcome To Brazil In The US

In bigger cities in Brazil, the wealthy hire private security to guard themselves and their homes.  They often live behind 20 foot high walls with guard stations to enter the property.  But they go one step further as people on each block pay to maintain 20 foot high guard turrets with guards with AK 47's to shoot dead any would be assailants in the neighborhood.  They are also driven around in chauffeured limousines with armed guards to prevent car jackings and kidnappings.  This is what happen when civil society breaks down as is now happening in the US. 

While people in the US who live in gated communities often have armed security, now 165 residents in San Francisco, a no go zone, have come together to retain armed security to patrol their street because they feel so unsafe.  This is what happens when the police are defunded and or just quit rather than deal with all the politically correct BS they are facing. 

We now have Brazil in the US.  The good news is that cops who leave city police forces will not have to worry about finding good jobs.  Private security firms will hire them in a minute and at better pay and benefits than they earn now.  Wealthy people will pay for security and safety.  It is the poor and the middle class that will suffer the loss of cops.  It is what it is.  

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Biden Administration Incompetent Cabinet Officers

Biden Administration cabinet officers are all Socialist Party Hacks.  That is to be expected.  However, the fact that many of them are totally incompetent is the real problem.  Big Mouth Mayorkas in charge of Homeland Security is a clueless clown as we face an invasion on our border.  AG Merrick Garland just seems stupid.  Thank God he did not end up on the Supreme Court for life.  Issuing an order calling parents and other concerned citizens who protest at School Board meetings "domestic terrorists" is about as dumb as it gets.  Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation has been missing in action on parental leave for two months while we have a supply chain melt down.  Brie Eating John Kerry in charge of Climate Change initiatives is the typical DC swamp lizard.   Secretary of the Treasury Yellen is full of baloney because she believe inflation will be temporary.   Secretary of State Blinken is a light weight idiot who really botched the Afghanistan fiasco.  

Honestly, this crew is a national disaster. No wonder everything they have touched in the first 10 months in office has turned into a Crisis.  It is like watching the Keystone Cops running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  It would be funny if it was not impacting every American in our country in a negative way.  

If Biden had a functioning brain, he would fire many of them.  However, we know Biden does not have a functioning brain.  Poor Joe is mentally impaired as he wonders out loud during a Town Hall, "what am I doing here".  Biden is lost in the fog of dementia.  It is very sad to watch, but also really dangerous.  This is the guy who has the nuclear foot ball with him at all times.   We all should be scared to death because this cast of characters cannot govern our country.  Just three more years until Trump can be reelected to bring sanity back to Washington DC.  

Friday, October 22, 2021

China Serious Economic & Military Threat

It is time for Congress, the President and even the Supreme Court to recognize that China is a serious economic and military threat to our nation.  They all need to take action NOW to protect our country from domination by China.  Let me count the ways.  We see what happens when the Supply Chain is a mess.  Our country is dependent on China an enemy to our country for critical things like computer chips, drugs, minerals and many other items that should be designated as critical to our national security.  It is time to demand that American companies produce many critical items in the United States.  In addition to the job creation, this is about making sure that we are not dependent on an enemy country for things needed for daily life.  

Who care if toys come from China.  The fact that at about 70% of our drugs are made in China is a real problem.  Unfortunately, Joe Biden is owned, locked, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communists who have given his son Hunter billions of dollars to support the Biden Crime family.  Biden will never do what is necessary to challenge China a country that steals technology to compete with Western companies because the Biden's are on the take.  

Recently, China successfully tested a hypersonic missile that can reach our country in a few minutes armed with nuclear weapons.  There is no current defense against these missiles.  Of course, we need to develop our own hypersonic missiles in response; but we also need to build our alliance with Japan, Australia, South Korea and India to counter China's dominance of Asia Pacific.  We need to base nuclear weapons in these countries to deter China.  Failure to do so, will cause China to attack Taiwan because they don't believe there would be any consequence.  Taiwan produces most of the computer chips in the world.   As such, we must protect Taiwan.  It is in our national security to do so.  

The things we buy from China not only makes them richer at our expense, it gives them the money to build up their military.  Trade is good; but we have allowed global trade to hurt our country.  President Trump was right.  Our policies must be about America First.  China is winning the war against our country.  We must fight back.  

Thursday, October 21, 2021

60,000 Illegal Aliens Are Heading To Our Border

It has been reported that there are another 60,000 illegal aliens heading to our border.  I suspect that the number is even greater.  Members of the Biden Administration refuse to recognize that we have a CRISIS at our border.  That is because Bidenistas support an open border.  They want millions entering our country illegally because they believe one day that these people will be National Socialist Fascist voters.  That is the real motivation for allowing these illegal aliens to enter our country.  Members of the Biden Administration are actually supporting the Cartels to implement human trafficking and drug smuggling because they will do nothing to stop it.  

At a time when our country already has a $30 Trillion National Debt, which grows daily, Joe Biden wants to give entitlements to illegal aliens.  Taxpayers already spend billions of dollars every year to support 11 million or more illegal aliens in our country related to education, medical care, the court system, policing, jails etc.  Blue states provide free college education and many other benefits to illegal aliens.  

It is time to put the army on our border.  It is time to put the army on Mexico's border.  We have to stop the invasion of our country.   It is not just about illegal aliens entering our country, but also Terrorists and drugs that are killing Americans.  Joe Biden will do nothing to protect our nation from the invasion that is happening.  Biden has failed to uphold his oath of office and responsibility to preserve and protect our country.  When the Republicans take over the House of Representatives in 2022, Biden must be impeached from office.  Joe Biden is destroying our country.  He has to go.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Biden's America - Lower Your Expectations

In 1974, as a young history teacher, I visited the old Soviet Union.  Communism resulted in food shortages as people stood in line for hours to buy bread, meat, chicken and many other items.  So now with the Supply Chain mess,  the Biden Administration is telling Americans to lower our expectations.  Just wait, Jimmy Carter's gas lines are coming back to the United States.  The price of Gas has gone up $2 a gallon now approaching $5 in many states because Biden is purposely out to destroy the carbon energy industry.  Remember, Biden's first day in office was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, which was designed to bring oil now approaching $100 a barrel into the US from Canada.  

Biden is now begging OPEC, including Russia, Iran and Venezuela to produce more oil when the United States can be energy independent.  This is crazy; but then Biden has dementia so he is crazy.  We are beginning to see empty shelves in stores.  Scoring toilet paper will again become a big deal.  The price of bacon is going to go to $9 a pound.  This is a crisis.  The price for everything we buy is going through the roof.  This is happening because of out of control government spending and because the cost of energy is going up dramatically thanks to Joe Biden's stupid Executive Orders.

The Green New Deal will be a disaster for all Americans.  Instead of making all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper,  we will experience scarcity, which will drive up the cost of everything we do, eat, buy etc.  It does not have to be this way.  This is a disaster created by National Socialist Fascists to grow government and limit our freedoms.  Republicans must take back the government in 2022 and 2024 and not RINOS.  We need America First Trump Republicans in office to get our country back on track.  It will not happen any other way.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Quemala Harris Violated The Law Campaigning In Black Churches

Most Churches are 501(c) 3 charitable organizations, which gives them tax exempt status.  The Johnson Amendment prohibits charitable organizations, including churches with this status from being directly involved in any kind of political activity.  So what!   Quemala Harris just posted a political video in support of Socialist Terry McAuliffe running for Governor in Virginia in 300 Black Churches in Virginia.  If these churches play this video, they are risking their tax exempt status.  The IRS would have to go after them as the IRS has done related to Conservative 501(c)3 organizations.  But, don't count on it happening.  

Republicans must bring pressure both on these Churches and the IRS for violation of the law.  Unfortunately, National Socialist Fascists ignore laws that don't suit them and nothing is done.  Joe Biden will do nothing to enforce the Johnson Amendment, which would be an impeachable offense.  If Republicans take back the House in 22, they must file Articles of Impeachment for many issues and violations of several laws.  

The rule of law matters if we are to maintain our democracy.  We cannot have laws ignored by the Socialists and Fake News, which happens every day.   President Donald Trump was persecuted for his entire Presidency for doing nothing wrong  Yet, Joe Biden gets a pass.  We can't allow that to happen.  It may be time for the Tea Party marches in Washington again.  The National Socialists will be terrified; but too bad.  We can't allow this crap to continue.  

Monday, October 18, 2021

White Europeans Did Not Invent Slavery

As National Socialist Fascists, Fake News and woke School Board members, teachers and administrators attempt to indoctrinate children with Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist fake history and 1619 Project propaganda, it is important that we recognize truth.  White Europeans did not invent slavery.  In fact, slavery existed for 5,000 years on most every continent inhabited by human beings.  This is not a justification for slavery in the Americas; but just a statement of fact. 

The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Maya, the Inca, the Aztecs, Native Americans, the Chinese and other Asian cultures, Arabs and African tribes, all had slaves that were peoples of all colors including Whites.  Sadly, world history is not taught today because the truth in not in keeping with woke ideology.  In fact, when Christopher Columbus discovered America for Europeans, the Aztecs and the Incas at that time had slaves.  Further, they practiced brutal human sacrifice and even cannibalism that was outlawed by Christian missionaries.  

Cancel Culture that condemns some of our Founding Fathers because they owned slaves fails to recognize the contributions of these great men without whom there would be no United States of America.  Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe in particular and many others that owned slaves laid the foundation for our great nation; the nation that Illegal Aliens desperately risk their lives to get to.  There are bigger issues than slavery that also matter to American history.  

We need to teach the Great, Good, Bad and Ugly about American and World History leaving out nothing.  The problem is that National Socialist Fascists and Fake News are attempting to indoctrinate children with lies.  We can't allow that to happen, which is why parents and concerned citizens, now called "domestic terrorists" are attending School Board meetings like never before.  We are not going to tolerate the indoctrination that is happening.  It will destroy our public schools as parents demand choices for their children.  But the fact is that public schools as configured today are failing our nation, so just maybe it is time to end this monopoly once and for all. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Obama Is Running The Country - Poor Joe Biden

Barack Hussein Obama is back poorly running the country through his surrogates strategically positioned in the Biden Administration.  Obama is clearly pulling the strings.  Obama encouraged Joe Biden not to run for President because he said of Biden "if Biden could F--K it up, he would".   And, now we are seeing Obama's comments in action.  Joe Biden has F--Ked up everything he has touched.  Let me count the ways.  Incredible inflation related to all goods and services, energy prices going through the roof, supply chain nightmare, Afghanistan, foreign relations, weaponizing the DOJ against parents and other concerned citizens,  Murders and Crime way up, giving BLM and Antifa Terrorists a pass on their crimes, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea.  

For these reasons and many more, an incompetent Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet so much so that no doubt Obama and the other National Socialist Fascists see an election debacle coming in 2022 and 2024.  Of course, they fear a resurgent Donald Trump, which is why they and Fake News are desperately doing everything and anything they can to destroy Trump.  The January 6th Commission Circus, supported by two RINOS is just the third impeachment trial.  The others failed and so with this latest assault on Donald Trump.  What they can't get through their thick skulls is that the more they attack Trump, the stronger he gets. Trump owns the Republican Party.  Trump will be the nominee for President in 24 if he wants the job.  

Obama will now hit the campaign trail in a desperate attempt to save the National Socialist Fascist Party because Biden is so unpopular that candidates don't want him around. This is the reason Obama is going to Virginia to stump for Terry McAuliffe for Governor who may be in trouble.  The only problem is that Obama lost the Congress when he was President so not sure he does much good.  If anything, Obama helps turn out Republican voters who can't stand him or Biden.  

Poor Joe, it is only a matter of time before the National Socialist Fascists attempt to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him. Ironically, it could be the Republicans that save Biden.  That would be funny.  Only problem is that Quemala Harris is disliked by so many in the country that having her step in as President may be worse than having Biden.  This is what happens when the Socialists steal an election for an incompetent candidate with dementia.  Eventually, the chickens come home to roost.  

Superman Now Must Be Politically Correct - No Watch List

Superman is 80 years old.  This fictitious character fought for "truth, justice and the American way".  Apparently, since National Socialist Fascists hate America, the "American Way" is no longer acceptable.  So now, Superman will fight for "truth, justice and a better (Socialist) tomorrow".  But it goes further, the new Superman who I guess is now a descendent of the old Superman is bi-sexual.  Is nothing sacred?  Why is that necessary?  I know why!

Why is sexual orientation even an issue related to Superman.  It is true that Clark Kent, alias Superman,  secretly loved Lois Lane; but not much ever came of it.  Presumably now the new Superman can have various love interests depending on his whim that day. This is really about pushing the LGBTQIA agenda on young children; however, this means that Superman will now have to go from rated G to rated PG or something more adult because depending on how far they take this topic, it will not be appropriate for young children because it could cause gender confusion.  

Half of America is not buying any of this crap, which is why parents are protesting at school board meetings all over the country.   Public Schools are pushing the LGBTQIA agenda at very young ages.  There is unconstitutional gender screening going on where teachers are asking students to state their sexual orientation to determine what name they would like to be called by and what pronoun should be used when the teacher references them.  This is crazy and unconstitutional.  

We are reaching a divide in our country that is irreconcilable on so many issues.  No doubt, there are parents that will not allow their young children to watch a bi-sexual Superman.  This does not make them homophonic.  It does make them cautious about the things they don't want their children to see at a very young age, which should include horrible violence.  Superman was all about preserving the "American Way".  Half the country wants the American Way preserved.  You can bet Superman will end up on the no watch list for many because of this nonsense.  


Friday, October 15, 2021

Environmental Terrorists Attack The Department of The Interior Headquarters in DC

People V. Fossil Fuels, a radical environmental Terrorist group recently attacked and invaded the Department of the Interior.  These Insurrectionists were protesting against Joe Biden because he has not moved quick enough to implement the Green New Deal to destroy the fossil fuel energy industry in the process.  DC Cops and the Department of Homeland Security had to scramble to protect the building and staff members from these environmental left wing terrorists.  Cops were injured and many of them had to go to the hospital.  59 of these Terrorists were arrested by the DC Metropolitan Police.  The Department of the Interior put out a statement saying they respected their right to protest.  Really!

Many are likening this Insurrection to the riot that occurred on January 6th at the Capitol.  Of course, more than 600 of those Trump Supporters were arrested mostly on minor charges; but they are political prisoners in jail without the potential for bail.  Unarmed Ashley Babbitt was murdered on January 6th by a Capitol Cop without any investigation, or consequence because she was a White woman and Trump supporter.  Let's just see what happens to these left wing environmental Terrorists.  Taking bets that most of them will be out of jail within a week or less.  They will be treated the same as BLM and Antifa Terrorists that rioted, looted and burned down cities resulting in very few arrests and very little jail time. 

There will be no justice for these environmental Terrorists because they support the Green New Deal and probably much worse.  What we are seeing in our country is disgraceful as crime and the murder rate are out of control.  Joe Biden and the National Socialist Fascists that run the country and many states and cities just look the other way when their supporters commit serious crimes.  The Justice Department and the FBI facilitate these crimes because won't prosecute these criminals.   This is happening as parents and concerned citizens who protest at school board meetings just fighting for quality education for their children are now being characterized as "domestic terrorists", which is outrageous.   

So follow the news in the next few weeks.  Of course, Fake News won't report the story related to these environmental Terrorists.  Go to Fox and NewsMax to get the real story about this riot and everything else these days.  Can't trust Fake News to get the truth about any story.  

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Supply Chain Nightmare - Not Going Away Any Time Soon - Thank You Joe Biden

We live in a global economy with goods flowing from all over the world that we take for granted until the supply chain breaks down.  Americans have access to more goods than exists in any other country in world.  The distribution system is quite remarkable; but it depends on Just In Time deliveries because to cut cost, stores do not maintain big inventories.  When the deliveries don't show up because they are stuck on a ship off shore waiting to be unloaded, which is what is happening right now, the shelves in the store begin to go empty.  Thank You Joe Biden.  

But that is not all.  Because those ships have not been unloaded according to schedule, they are not where they need to be to pick up other goods to be shipped to some other country around the world.  There is also a problem related to the containers that hold goods not being where they need to be.  Once this dislocation begin, it will take months to get back to normal, which means some of our favorite products may not be available when we need them.

A big part of the problem is that the United States is short more than 60,000 truck drivers.  Without truck drivers, it is impossible to get goods to market.   Even though the pay is not bad with many truck driver earning $100,000 or more a year, young people do not want those jobs living on the road.  The average age of a truck driver today is 58 years old.  They are starting to retire with no replacements.  Many of the independent operators are being driven out of the business by high fuel prices and state and federal regulation.  Many will not even come into California where there are ships waiting to be unloaded because of crazy California regulations on top of federal regulations. 

Thank you California Governor Gruesome and Joe Biden that has destroyed our US energy independence in just the few months Biden has been in office.  The Green New Deal is going to make matters worse.  The trucking industry cannot exist without cheap fossil fuels.  Electric trucks cannot facilitate long haul deliveries.  The technology is just not there.

Government caused this Supply Chain nightmare.  Biden may have to use the military to help with unloading ships and actually delivering goods to get things back to normal.  Biden probably will not do that because dock workers are highly unionized.  There is no way Biden will cross the dock workers union to get the job done.  Where is President Trump when we need him.  I suspect many that voted for Joe Biden are having buyers remorse, which is why Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet.  Biden has made a mess of everything in our country.  The Supply Chain nightmare is just one more thing.  

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Public Schools Are Failing Our Nation

Even though the United States spends more on public education than any other nation in the world, half of the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  This problem is particularly acute in our inner cities where poor kids of color are way below grade level.  So much so, that the best they will be able to do is manual labor jobs and or live in poverty.  This is a national crisis and the civil rights issue of this era. 

Sadly, while woke school boards, administrators and teachers focus on Socialist indoctrination that has been happening for years and now gender screening, little is being done to actually improve academic achievement.  The rich can escape public schools.  Their kids including the kids of many National Socialist Fascist politicians are in private schools getting a quality education.  The poor and many middle class families cannot afford to send their kids to private schools.  They are stuck on the plantation like slaves working for highly paid administrators and teachers with no accountability to achieve academic results.   

First, we must demand accountability in public schools.  School Board members, administrators and teachers who fail to deliver academic achievement must be invited to leave public education.  If they don't quit, they must be removed from office, or be FIRED.  This could require an end to teacher tenure that often protects incompetent teachers.  Great teachers need not fear more accountability because it can and should be used to pay them more in merit pay.  Public schools must use metrics to measure success, or the lack thereof.  Right now business as usual is not achieving academic excellence.  The numbers tell the story.  

In Nevada where we live, reading and math scores are dismal and Nevada ranks at the bottom for academic achievement in the nation; yet incompetent administrators and there are lots of them get fat salaries and pensions.  However, this is not unusual because it is happening all over the country.  Frankly, what is happening is malpractice.  School Boards are not addressing the issue instead focusing on implementing things like Critical Race Theory, Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and unconstitutional Gender Screening.  This is the reason parents and other concerned citizens, now labeled as "domestic terrorists" by Biden/Garland are protesting at school board meetings all over the country.  Half the country that cares about quality education is fed up, mad as hell and won't take it anymore.  

Since public schools are failing our nation, Concerned Citizens should form public charter schools to take management away from the Socialist education establishment including teacher unions.  These schools can be managed by a separate board of concerned citizens specific to that school.  We must also insist on School Choice so that the poor and middle class can pull their kids out of failing public schools and put them in private schools.  Clearly, taxpayer monies should follow the kid to whatever school parents think is best for them.  The only way to improve public education is by competition and denying them students, which impacts their funding.  We have to starve the beast to get the beast to provide quality education instead of indoctrination.  It appears to be the only way.  Money talks to those who are tone deaf.  

Clearly, half the country, the half that is demanding quality public education is not happy with our public schools because they have been politicized and many of them are terrible.  Socialists are running our public schools today.  We are not buying what they are selling.  When that happens customers go someplace else.  We are at a cross road.  Either we get back to quality education in our public schools, or many families will demand other alternatives.  That day is here.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

F--K Joe Biden Chant At Football Games

In the last few weeks at numerous college football games and other professional sports games all over the country, the crowd has spontaneously begun chanting F--K Joe Biden.   Wow!   Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet; but we have never seen anything like this in American history.  Clearly, young and older people attending these games have used their proximity to express incredible dissatisfaction with this incompetent President.  

Though unusual, it should be no surprise because Biden has made such a mess of our country in so short a time.  The disgraceful and shameful disaster in pulling out of Afghanistan was the icing on an ugly cake.  With the Taliban in charge, Afghanistan will once again become a haven for Terrorists.  We have an invasion by illegal aliens on our border that is out of control.  Inflation is going through the roof with the price of gas up $1.50 in all areas of the country since Biden took office.  The murder rate has increased dramatically as National Socialist Fascists move to defund the police.  China is on the verge of invading Taiwan.  Biden has issued an order for the FBI to prosecute parents and concerned citizens as "domestic terrorists" for protesting at school board meetings in opposition to Critical Race Theory, Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history, gender screening and mask mandates.  This is unbelievable.  

Covid is not under control either.  Vaccine Mandates as a condition of employment has resulted in thousands of people being fired.   The supply chain is disrupted as hundreds of ships are off shore because there are no truck drivers to deliver the goods once unloaded.  The fact is that Joe Biden is completely incompetent.  Biden just can't do the job.  Early onset dementia is obvious.  

So these spontaneous chants of F--K Joe Biden should be no surprise to anyone.  We can expect to see more of this occurring in the weeks ahead because people are just fed up.  

Monday, October 11, 2021

Columbus Day Must Be Preserved

As an American of Italian decent and a former history teacher, I am committed to preserving Columbus Day because Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Columbo, a Latino) made an incredible contribution to world development.  Columbus brought Western Civilization and Christianity to the New World including the great, the good, the bad and the ugly.   However, to get the big picture, since history is always politicized by National Socialist Fascists and Fake News, it is important to recognize what existed when Columbus arrived in the Caribbean.  

Native Americans in what is now the United States, were primarily a nomadic people practicing some agriculture.  They were hunters and gatherers living in very primitive dwellings, Tee Pee's.  They created very few permanent structures except for some burial mounds in some areas.  And, they frequently were at war with each other living in various tribes.  Those that they did not kill during many wars were sometimes enslaved.  

The Mayas, Aztecs and Incas in what is now Mexico and South America all had slaves and practiced human sacrifice.  They did build incredible structures that demonstrated advanced skills and knowledge.  They practiced agriculture based on the ability to manage water resources.  This was the Americas that Christopher Columbus discovered in 1492. 

Slavery already existed in the Americas and the world for thousands of years including in Africa.  It was not some invention by evil White Europeans.  That is not a justification for slavery; just an inconvenient fact.  It is true that Europeans brought various diseases that ultimately killed off millions of indigenous peoples because they had no resistance to many diseases that did not exist in the New World.   It is also true that Europeans imposed Christianity on native peoples and in the process ended human sacrifice, which was common in Latin America.  In the end, cultures combined in many positive ways that impacted all peoples.  

In all cases, we need to recognize the great, good, bad and ugly about world history.  The whole truth and nothing but the truth should be the objective not some revisionist, racist fake history that is being advanced today by National Socialist Fascists in our schools and on Fake News.    

Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Divide In The US Catholic Church

The same divide that exists in our country exists in the US Catholic Church.  About 50% of US Catholics are left wing liberals who vote for Democrat Socialists.  They do not adhere to many of the teachings of the Church, which makes it hard to understand why they remain Catholic except for the fact that Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, who is a Socialist or Communist is their champion.  The other 50% are Conservatives who are more devout Catholics who do adhere to the tenets of the Church and vote for Republicans.  This 50% is ardently pro life and pro traditional family.  Conservatives absolutely oppose priests serving Communion to supposedly Catholic Socialist politicians that support abortion right up until birth and even after.  This issue has become a flash point in the Church because the Pope has said Communion should not be "weaponized", since he supports Joe Biden who professes to be a Catholic.  

The problem for the Catholic Church in the US is that Conservatives are leaving in droves since Pope Francis was elected.  Francis is almost universally disliked by Conservative Catholics that are counting the days until he is gone.  As such, we have stopped donating because of him and all the child molestation and corruption that exists in the Church.  Though the Church in the US is not growing, Conservatives are being replaced with poor illegal immigrants; mostly Hispanics.  That means the money is not there to support huge expenses and ROME.  

Sadly to find money, the Catholic Church is indirectly complicit in human trafficking by supporting the Caravans bringing illegal aliens into the United States.  Since Churches in Mexico are serving as way stations, the Cartels must be paying the Church to feed and care for these poor people along the way.  Where else is the food coming from.  And, once these illegal aliens make it into the United States, our federal government is giving the Church billions of dollars to care for them, which is replacing the donations from Conservatives that have stopped.  Since these Hispanics are mostly Catholic, the Church sees them as the future of the Church in the United States.  They are filling the pews left behind by the Conservatives abandoning the Church.

Even young people that went to Catholic Schools by the time they are in their 20's have left the Church.  If they remain Christian, they are joining Evangelical Churches that are growing.  As a Conservative Judeo Christian Catholic, my attraction to the Church continues to fade.  Though I appreciate the history of the Catholic Church and I am a devout Christian, what I see are a bunch of old men in robes and silly pointed hats feeding at the trough practicing irrelevant rituals that don't make them any more Christian.  The hierarchy of the Church including the Pope just don't matter any more.  It is easy to see why there was a Protestant Reformation.  The problem is that the Catholic Church never got the message.  

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Vaccine Mandates - The Real Story Behind The Protests

While I believe that everyone should get the Covid vaccine unless there is a good medical or religious reason not to do so,  I am opposed to any kind of Mandate that would require the shot to keep a job, or have medical insurance coverage.  Clearly, many adults get vaccines to prevent flu, pneumonia, shingles and a variety of other serious diseases; but we do so of our own volition.  And, none of this is a requirement for employment, but the real question is could they be in the future.  If the Covid vaccine is a requirement for employment to work for a company with 100 or more employees by the President's Executive Order,  why not all the rest.  

More important, I could see emboldened medical insurance companies making vaccines a requirement for medical coverage to prevent illnesses that would require doctor visits and or hospitalization.  As it is now, children are required to be vaccinated against 8 childhood diseases to attend schools.  There are some people who home school for this very reason.  

However, if someone does not want to get the Covid or any other vaccine for good medical or religious reasons, they should not be forced to do so to hold a job.  They could be offered the options of regular testing if they must be on location to do the job, or working from home.  Literally firing someone for refusing to get the Covid vaccine is an over reach in power that is intolerable. 

There is a bigger picture in all of this.  If people can be forced to be vaccinated to hold a job, why not insist that they give up their guns, or stop supporting President Trump, or other conservatives to hold a job.  The Covid vaccine mandate is a slippery slope.  We are learning that National Socialist Fascists are weaponizing agencies of the federal government against their opponents.   When parents protesting at school board meetings are now called domestic terrorists requiring that the FBI get involved in prosecuting them, we see the power of an uncontrolled Fascist government.  

It is Germany in 1933.  Heil Biden Garland.  We should fear that the Covid vaccine mandate could lead to other mandates.  Give them an inch and they will take a yard.  As Ronald Reagan used to say, "we are just one generation away from losing our freedoms.   We can't let that happen.  

Friday, October 8, 2021

Mass Exodus From Public Schools - An Insurgency Coming

Now that National Socialist Fascists Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have designated parents and other concerned citizens as domestic terrorists for protesting at school board meetings, it is clear that there must a counter reaction to this tyranny.  We are facing NAZI Germany in 1933 with the FBI acting as the Gestapo.  It is intolerable. The best way to impact woke Public Schools indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory is to deny them money.  Public Schools spend about $750 billion tax payers dollars a year in many cases delivering a lousy product.  Half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level while woke School Board Members and Administrators focus on racist Social Justice curriculum, gender screening and mask mandates.  Half the country that is opposed to all of this must demand our $375 billion to educate children as we choose to do so.  We don't want to buy what they are selling because it is crap.  

Since School Districts receive funds based on average daily attendance and other formulas, denying them public school students means they will receive less money.   This is about starving the beast.  So, we need a mass exodus from public schools and it can happen several ways.  First, for those who can do so, Home Schooling is an option.  I would recommend the Abeka curriculum, which is patriotic American and Christian tied to the Hillsdale College 1776 Project curriculum.  These approaches come with great materials to support K - 12 instruction that is real teaching not Sociologist indoctrination.  And, they are cost effective costing very little or nothing.  

Next, in many states parents and concerned citizens can form Public Charter Schools at taxpayer expense.  These schools are not under the thumb of the local Socialist School Boards or teachers unions.  They are run by private boards that manage the budget, hire teachers, adopt curriculum and run the school.  A group of concerned citizens can apply to the state to start a Public Charter School.  I would recommend grades K - 7 and then grades 8 - 12 as perhaps the best demarcation depending on what conforms to elementary and secondary teaching credentials in each state.  

Next, it is critical to push for School Choice and that means the same energy happening at School Board Meetings focused on Governors and State Legislatures.  Naturally politicians in blue states run by Socialists are owned lock, stock and barrel by the teacher unions, which just means the battles will be harder; but the battles must be fought until we get it done.  

This fight is not just about Marxist, racist Critical Race Theory fake history, gender screening and mask mandates, it is also about quality education, which is just not happening in many public schools.  Dismal reading and math scores tell the story.  The half the country that cares about patriotic American education and actually teaching kids reading, writing, math, history, science and other subjects so that they leave high school with marketable job skills has to act to get the job done.  This is the Civil Rights battle of this era.  It impacts kids of all colors and particularly trapped, poor inner city kids who are getting a lousy education.  There must be a sense of urgency to make it happen.  We can do it.  

Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Biden Crime Family - 10% For The Big Guy

It is pretty obvious that Joe Biden and other Biden family members are using Hunter Biden to sell the Biden Name to pretty much the highest bidder that often is China and other countries.  Let's not forget that Joe Biden is the "big guy" who gets 10% of the take, which no doubt paid for the beach house in Delaware.  Matter of fact, it has been reported that Hunter covers the cost of the beach house.  

So Hunter Picasso is now a painter who sells paintings to undisclosed parties for $500,000.  This is a bribe plain and simple.  There are accomplished real artist hanging in galleries that have never sold a painting for $500,000.  This scam is better than anything the Clinton's ever did with the Clinton Foundation to peddle influence.  I bet Crooked Hillary is kicking herself for not coming up with this scheme.  She could have used Chelsea Clinton to peddle paintings for years. Oh darn. 

The Justice Department and the FBI should be all over the Biden Crime family because there is a trail a mile long.  But don't count on it because Attorney General Merrick Garland, a Deep State swamp lizard and  Socialist Party Hack is not about to touch this case, particularly since we learn now that his family is on the take as well selling Critical Race Theory materials for millions of dollars to woke school districts.  And, FBI Director Christopher Wray is not about to go after Joe Biden because he values his job so he can continue feeding at the trough.  Instead, Wray will be sending FBI agents to school board meetings to arrest moms as Domestic Terrorists for protesting against Critical Race Theory indoctrination.  

The corruption in the DC swamp is now so pervasive that they don't even care if their crimes are known.  Since Fake News will do nothing to tell the story,  the Biden Crime family and now the Garland Crime Family both get a pass.  What is happening is down right disgusting, but not surprising.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  Just follow the money to see the whole story.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Attorney General Merrick Garland - A Corrupt Socialist Party Hack

It is a good thing that Merrick Garland was never seated on the Supreme Court because then we would have been stuck with him for life.  We see now that he is just a Deep State Swamp Lizard and Corrupt Socialist Party Hack.  Garland responded to the National Association of School Boards, another Socialists organization, presumably with Joe Biden's approval assuming he can remember giving it, to order the FBI to prosecute parents and concerned citizens protesting against Critical Race Theory, Gender Screening and Mask Mandates at School Board meetings as domestic Terrorists under the Patriot Act.  This is unbelievable and unconstitutional. 

Of course, Republicans and conservative media are going crazy because it turns out the Garland's daughter Rebecca is married to a man who owns a company call Panorama, funded by none other than Mark Zuckerberg of Face Book fame.  Panorama sells millions of dollars of Critical Race Theory and other left wing Socialist Materials to school districts to indoctrinate rather than educate children.   So like the Biden Crime family, we now have the Garland Crime Family.  Everybody knows that Joe Biden, the "big guy" gets 10% of all of Hunter Biden's crooked deals. 

Now we have to wonder if Garland is on the take too like so many other crooked politicians in DC.  Sure looks suspicious.  Garland acted within a day of getting the letter from the National Association of School Boards, which means this was in the works for months because the Swamp normally does not move that quickly.  I am willing to bet that Garland's daughter through her husband was somehow in on this deal.  If nothing else they are certainly benefiting from their business with woke school districts. 

What Garland and Biden have done is to weaponize the FBI and other government agencies.  The FBI is now the Gestapo enforcer.  Though on this one, my bet is that the FBI is cringing at the thought of arresting Moms trying to get a good education for their children.  The reputation of the FBI of late is terrible and in the toilet because of so many screw up's.  Hard to see how this will help when the first arrest occurs.  Most important, once again we see the adage, "whose bread they eat, whose song they sing".  Garland is directly tied by marriage to a company making money off of Critical Race Theory BS.  No wonder he moved so quickly to get the FBI involved in this travesty.  Always follow the money for the real story.  

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

National Socialist Fascists See The Train Coming

National Socialist Fascists know that they are likely to lose the Congress in 2022 because Biden has made such a mess of everything in his first months in office that his poll ratings are in the toilet.  This is the reason they are so desperate to enact as much of Bernie Sanders $3.5 Trillion SwindleUs Plan as possible.  To get there, there will just shorten the timeframe for all the entitlements in the plan from 10 years to 5 years.  This will allow them to increase taxes by the largest amounts in years and get all the entitlements in place even if technically they will expire at perhaps a $2 Trillion deal.

The thinking is that once people are used to free money and benefits, it will be impossible for future Congresses to take benefits away.  They could be right except for a couple of factors.  Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency.  There are 78 million Baby Boomers turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 15 - 20 years.  At some point, politicians will have to address the problem.  If all of a sudden people over 65 face a reduction in benefits, which is what will happen, Republicans if they take back the Congress will be in a position to take some of the new entitlements and means test them to save Social Security and Medicare. 

If not, we will see economic collapse because tax increases will not fund Pre K for 3 and 4 year olds, child tax credits, free junior college, expanded Medicare and Medicaid, the Green New Deal and a million other programs that are in the 2,700 page SwindleUs Plan.  It is impossible.  At some point politicians including Socialists will have to make hard choices because otherwise,  they would have to raise taxes on everyone not just the "rich" and that will not play in Peoria.  

So watch in the next few weeks for the games that are coming.  They will get the SwindleUs Plan down to about $2 trillion to get Joe Manchin and Kristin Sinema to vote for it.  There will not be one Republican vote.  The Socialists will pass the SwindleUs Bill on their own.  And, then when the Republicans take over the Congress in 2022 if the votes are there, they will scale it back.  It is all just political theater.  

Biden To Prosecute Critics Of Public Schools - Half The Country

Just when I thought Joe Biden could not get any dumber, as Forest Gump always said, "Stupid is as Stupid Does".  The National Association of School Boards has demanded that Joe Biden prosecute irate parents and other concerned citizens that are protesting at School Board meetings demanding an end to Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, fake history indoctrination, gender screening and mask mandates. The National Socialist Fascists at the Justice Department are going to use the Patriot Act and the FBI Gestapo presumably to make arrests designating these patriotic Americans at Terrorists.  Really?  These are the same Deep State swamp lizards who are holding Americans in jail, charged with minor crimes from the January 6th riot with no chance of bail.  This is all happening as BLM and Antifa real Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down our cities and yet they walk the streets.  

Of course, all of this is a violation of 1st Amendment rights and no doubt this will be challenged in the courts; but now it is very likely that a National Organization will take this on to protect the rights of parents and other concerned citizens.  The National Socialist Fascists that run our public schools are just adding fuel to the fire.  This controversy is not going away any time soon.  The problem is that School Boards have never really been held accountable for the mismanagement of Public Schools and now that parents and other concerned citizens, many for the first time are making their voices heard, these woke School Board Members and Administrators just can't take the heat and pressure.  It has nothing to do with threats of violence.  

Socialist indoctrination in our Public Schools, colleges and universities has been going on for years.  That is not new.  Critical Race Theory is just the last straw.  But this is not just about Critical Race Theory, gender screening and mask mandates.  It is also about the fact that half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level even though we spend more on Public Schools than any other nation in the world.  School Board Members and Administrators have simply failed to do the job.  The numbers tell the story.

The attack on parents and concerned citizens is part of a bigger picture as National Socialist Fascists are attempting to silence and cancel half the country that does not support their schemes.  We certainly see it happening in School Districts around the country including in Reno, Nevada where I live.  The School Board and their woke Superintendent have been attempting to silence critics for months.  In the latest salvo, the School Board President, an admitted Black Democrat/Socialist is attempting to censure the only White male conservative on the Board because he does not agree with Critical Race Theory indoctrination and gender screening and he is attempting to force some accountability in the School District.  This conservative School Board member, with huge support from the community is rocking the Boat and the National Socialist Fascists that run the district don't much like it.  Well to0 bad!

The good news is that the Superintendent has announced her retirement under pressure to resign.  Three School Board Members are already gone, one who moved out of state, one who could not take the pressure and one who committed fraud and was forced to resign.  There is real focus now on upcoming elections to remove woke School Board Members who continue to push for Critical Race Theory indoctrination and gender screening.  In the end, the community will not be silenced.  We will not be cancelled.  

These actions by the Biden Administration will help insure that Republicans take back the Congress in 2022.   Watch the upcoming election in Virginia for the first sign of backlash.  All three Republicans running for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General are ahead in the polls in this very blue state; at least in Northern Virginia.  This education issue is front and center in Virginia.  Parents and concerned citizens are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more.  

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Abortion Great For Men - Free Sex Without Financial Responsibility

The National Socialists argue for abortion right up until birth and potentially even after in the name of a woman's right to choose death for her child.  To be clear, this  means pulling a viable baby apart limb from limb using clamps to sell the baby parts.  It is the most disgusting, gruesome act of murder possible.  But abortion is really about a Man's right to have free unprotected sex without any financial responsibility.   For men looking for a good time with any woman willing to have sex, does it get any better.  

What seems to get lost in all of this is that abortion kills innocent babies particular once there is a heart beat at around 6 or 7 week gestation.  Just Google a baby at 15 weeks and you will see a fully formed child.  The only way to get that child out of the womb is by dismemberment.  The suction method cannot be used once the baby is a baby.  

Since we have grandchildren and our daughters in laws knew they were pregnant just one week after conception from simple testing, it is hard to accept that a woman may not know she is pregnant after having unprotected sex if she just implements an at home pregnancy test.  And, very shortly thereafter we began seeing the ultra sound pictures, which arrived on our cell phones about every two weeks.  The technology is there to prove human life very quickly after conception.  It does require some personal responsibility to actually be tested if getting pregnant is a concern.  Those services are readily available even for poor women who have access to doctors and medical services through Medicaid, or perhaps ObamaCare.    

But, let's get back to men.  Does it bother anyone that men can just walk away from the children that they father as a result of unprotested sex when the woman has an abortion right up until birth.  I would think that women's organizations would start to talk more about the real beneficiaries of abortion.  We never seem to hear about the men who end up with no financial liability for their sexual activities.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  However, the real losers are the innocent babies murdered by abortion infanticide.  

Saturday, October 2, 2021

National Association of School Boards - Socialist Fascist True Colors

The National Association of School Boards has called on Joe Biden to use the FBI under Patriot Act authority to prosecute protesters at school board meetings,  happening all over the country who are saying HELL NO to Critical Race Theory indoctrination and in some cases to Mask Mandates.  Doing this in essence would be designating parents and other concerned citizens as Terrorists.  This is all happening while BLM and Antifa Terrorists have rioted, looted and burned down cities, yet they walk free.  

If Joe Biden is dumb enough to do this, it will represent a declaration of war against half the  country that is absolutely opposed to Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project Marxist, racist, revisionist Fake History.  And, if Biden dares do it, it will cost the National Socialist Fascists the Congress, which may happen anyway because if his incompetence.  As it is now, this is playing out in the state of Virginia in the next month, a blue state where Republicans are ahead in the polls for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General,   The CRT battle is front and center in the election in Virginia.  

This CRT battle is also going on in Reno, Nevada where I live.  The President of the School Board who happens to be a Black admitted Democrat/Socialist and the woke Superintendent who just announced she will be retiring by the end of the school year under tremendous pressure to resign because both of them are attempting to implement Critical Race Theory indoctrination and gender screening throughout the district.  As a result, they are facing irate parents and other concerned citizens.  School Board meetings are raucous to be sure because these Socialists refuse to listen to the community.

In the latest salvo,  the School Board President as their ring leader is attempting to censure the only White Male Conservative on the School Board who is opposed to all their sleazy shenanigans.  I would hate to think that our Black School Board President is a racist out to cancel a White School Board Member; but it is certainly possible and in keeping with CRT ideology.  I have demanded that the School Board stop this BS and repudiate the actions of the National Association of School Boards and actually take the 1776 Pledge to prove that they oppose CRT.  They are not likely to do it because this woke School Board and their Superintendent are determined to put this racist, Marxist CRT ideology in place in the name of "Social Justice".  

So far, three School Board Members in Reno have resigned; one who left the area, one who could not take the pressure and one who committed fraud by moving out of her district two years ago while continuing to serve on the Board.  Let's face it.  Socialist indoctrination has been going on for more than 20 years in our public schools, colleges and universities.  This is nothing new.  Critical Race Theory is just the last straw.  We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  School Board Members are being forced to resign and or face recall.  Certainly any that will not take the 1776 Pledge must be removed from office at election time.  Parents and Concerned Citizens all over the country are organizing to do just that.  

This national battle is happening while at the same time half the students in the United States, including in Reno cannot read or do math at grade level, which is an even bigger issue.  In our case, in Nevada public schools rank among the worst in the nation.  It is pathetic.  This is the case because School Boards and Administrators have failed to do their jobs.  There has been no accountability; but that is changing.  Since we spend more on public schools than any other nation in the world aside from stopping this CRT BS, we have a right to expect academic achievement and results.  A sleeping giant has been awakened.  People who have never attended School Board Meetings are focused on ending this racist CRT indoctrination.  We are also demanding higher reading and math scores and academic achievement.  We will not be cancelled and we will not be silenced by these National Socialist Fascists.  

France Criticizes Woke America - Wow

Our relations with France, our oldest ally are in the toilet.  The United States and Britain double crossed France by putting a deal in place to sell nuclear submarines to Australia, rather than the electric diesel subs France was going to supply.  We can't blame Australia for doing this because the technology France was selling was old news.  However, this all happened behind France's back, which cost the country $60 Billion in business and many jobs.  If Biden had a brain that is functioning, he would have figured out how to involve France in this deal; but let's face it, our President is an incompetent idiot.  

So now President Macron of France is not happy with Biden, which should be no surprise.  But Macron is going further by criticizing Woke America for all the politically correct baloney going on in our country because it is infecting France, as well.  The left cancelling people to silence them is outrageous.  Marron mentions what is happening our our university campuses and fears that it is coming to France.  

Obviously, Macron sees what is happening in our country.  We have Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting, looting and burning down our cities without any penalty.  There is a movement in the US to defund our police, which has led to an increase in murders and crime on ours streets.  There are apparently now people in France doing these very same things.  Civil society is breaking down in the US and President Macron fears that chaos will spread to France.  Obviously, President Macron of France has a lot more common sense than Joe Biden; but it may also be about brain power.  

Biden suffers from dementia so there are days when he does not know his name or where he is.  Biden is oblivious to what is happening around him.  Further, Biden is owned by the Socialists and Communists in our country and China.  If Biden does not do as he is told, they will use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.  Biden knows it and acts accordingly, which is why he is so Woke.  

Friday, October 1, 2021

National Socialists In Turmoil

 A hand full of Communists in the National Socialist Party are holding Joe Biden hostage.  Biden would settle for a reasonable compromise deal to get his $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Deal enacted into law; but the Communists in the party are insisting that they will torpedo the Infrastructure Deal if they don't get an additional $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan, as well.  There is a simple solution.  

Enough Republicans in the House must vote for the Infrastructure Deal so that Speaker Fancy Nancy Pelosi can tell the Communists in her party to get screwed.  This Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Deal has already been enacted by the Senate.  If the House approves the plan it could be on Biden's desk immediately.  

Ultimately, the votes are not there for a $3.5 Trillion SwindleUS Plan in the Senate.  So, they will have to play ball with Joe Manchin to pass a $1.5 Trillion Plan that no doubt will include lots of new spending and tax increases.  All of this is happening because Joe Biden's poll ratings are in the toilet.  Biden cannot bring his party together because his first 8 months in office have been a national disaster.  The clowns in his party do not fear Biden, which is why they are pushing back on his legislative agenda.  The reality is that Communist Bernie Sanders is really running the National Socialist Party.  Crazy Bernie is calling the shots at least until Fancy Nancy gets her knife out and stabs him and his Communist co-conspirators in the back.  It is coming.  Bernie will not know what hit him until Nancy draws blood.  

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Huge Caravan Headed To The US

It is now estimated that there are another 120,000 illegal aliens headed to our country from Latin America.  This will be the largest Caravan yet composed of people, especially Haitians from all over the world.  They know that Joe Biden will let them in no problem.  Begs the question, is the Biden Crime Family being paid by the Cartel to open our borders to their human trafficking and drug smuggling.  We know that the "big guy" Papa Joe gets 10% of whatever Hunter brings in.  Just imagine if the "big guy" is in on this deal.  

It would be worth millions to the Biden family.  So the Catholic Church is being used as way stations along the way to feed these illegal aliens during their journey, since there is a church in every little town along on their path.  These are poor towns so the Cartels must be paying the Church to provide for these people or it would not be happening.  

It is estimated that it will take a month for this Caravan to reach the US.  Once it does, we will see thousands of illegal aliens invading our country.  The time is now to call out the army to stop them in Mexico before they ever reach our border.  Of course, Joe Biden will never do that because he wants these illegal aliens in our country.  Biden should be impeached for failing to protect and preserve our nation.  We face an invasion at our border, yet Biden goes to his beach house in Delaware to enjoy the shore.  It has to stop.  The border states must take action.  If Biden won't secure the border, Governors must use the National Guard to turn them back.  The time is now.  

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Generals & Secretary Of Defense - Rats Off A Sinking Ship

In testimony before Congress, the Generals and the Secretary of Defense all testified that they recommended that the United States keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan to support the existing government.  Just a few weeks ago, Biden either lied or was delusional when he said he got no such recommendations. Since the Generals and Secretary of Defense are worried about losing their jobs and big pensions, they spoke the truth before Congress because the information had been leaked anyway. No it was about saving their skins since they must believe that Biden will not be there for long.  

The fact is that Joe Biden ignored the advice he was given when he ordered that all troops leave Afghanistan and we saw the chaos that ensued.  We invested $2 Trillion in Afghanistan to ensure that Al Qaeda and other Terrorists could never again be able use it as a base of operations.  2,500 Americans died and 20,000 were wounded in the last 20 years.  President Trump had set several provisions that had to be met in order for the United States to leave Afghanistan.  The Taliban ignored all but one; that they would not attack our soldiers during the draw down.  We had grounds to stay in Afghanistan to protect our investment.  The same way we stayed in Germany, Japan and South Korea to ensure that the peace prevailed, we should have maintained a small presence in Afghanistan.  

We should have retained the Bagram Airforce base from which to operate.  We spent billions building it.  It is just a few miles from the border with China and Pakistan.  Now China is in discussions to lease it from the Taliban.  Imagine, China will now have a base of operations in Afghanistan paid for by American taxpayer.  Joe Biden should resign or be impeached.  Biden is clearly incompetent.  Biden has to go.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Crisis At The Border - More Caravans Are On The Way

In the last week, thousands of illegal aliens from Haiti were let into our country to end the pictures of all of them under the bridge in Del Rio.  At all cost, Joe Biden had to end those pictures because they represented the failure of his administration to control the border.  So, some were sent back to Haiti; but the majority are now roaming free in the United States.  

What is worse is that there is another caravan forming in Columbia with 20,000 or more people.  This is the most organized coordinated movement of people in world history.  They are coming because they know that Biden will let them in.  But what is interesting is who is behind all of this.  Of course, the Cartels are the human and drug trafficker organizing the Caravans.  And, the Catholic Church in particular is working hand in hand with them because the church is providing the way stations along the way to feed these people.  Since locals could not possibly fund the feeding of thousands of people, we can only surmise that the Cartels are paying the Church to take care of these people.

Since our government often mismanages the things it touches, we must recognize the efficiency of the Cartels.  What they are doing and achieving is quite remarkable.  In the process, they are making billions of dollars.  The Catholic Church as an NGO is being paid by the US government once the illegal aliens get into our country to care for them.  Catholic Charities are behind all of this feeding at the trough.  

Since many Conservative Catholics have left the Church because we can't stand Socialist Pope Francis, the Church is replacing our donations with government money.  None of this is happening by accident.  This is big business both for the Cartels and the Church.  It is time to take tax exemptions away from the Catholic Church.  They are functioning like a business not a charity.  Their "good works" are facilitating the invasion of our country.  It has to stop.  

Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Culture War In The United States

While we have a crisis at our border with thousands of illegal aliens invading our country and we saw the disaster unfold in Afghanistan, the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State continue to focus on the January 6th riot as if somehow there is any comparison to these other serious things happening.  Further, while members of Antifa and BLM Terrorist organizations walk free after rioting, looting and burning down our cities, the 600 charged with minor crimes at the Capitol Riot remain in jail as political prisoners without any opportunity for bail solely because they are Trump Supporters. 

This is all part of the Culture War we are fighting on a daily basis.  The left in our country is attempting to cancel Conservative Republicans.  They hate President Trump in particular.  They have tried everything to bring him down because like all Socialists and Communists, they will lie, cheat and steal to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Trump threatens them and they hate him for it.  Thankfully, we are not in a Civil War yet; but the fact is that we have irreconcilable differences that make compromise impossible, which is pushing our country in that direction.  We certainly will not stand by and watch our rights be trampled on by these Fascists.  We must take back our country at the ballot box while there is still time; though election fraud may make that difficult to achieve.  If we lose faith in our elections, all bets are off.    

The Socialists and Communists that run our public schools and universities are doing everything they can to impose Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project indoctrination in our schools.  This is nothing more than racist, Marxist revisionist Fake History full of lies that we must stop from happening.  This battle is being fought all over the country including in Reno, Nevada where I live.  The Socialists on our School Board and the Superintendent are attempting to silence the only Conservative on the Board.  This is really an attack on his supporters, as well.  They are determined to cancel him because he is a Conservative White Male.  Naturally, we are fighting their every move; but that battle is daily.  This is all happening while half the kids in Reno, like all over the United States cannot read or do math at grade level.  Mismanagement of our public schools is rampant.

The left is determined to murder innocent babies pushing for abortions right up until birth and even after.  Fortunately, many states have enacted common sense limits on abortion murder.  This is a battle that must be fought to protect innocent babies from infanticide murder.  

The National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State, which includes the 100 largest companies in our country are doing everything they can to silence all the rest of us.  We can't let that happen.  We must show up at city council, school board and stock holder meetings to let them know we are not going anywhere.  We must fight for our freedoms, including our right to bare arms to save our country from these Fascist, corrupt little Hitler's attempting to make our country into a Socialists or Communist nation.  Let us hope we don't end up in another Civil War because if it happens, it will result in the dissolution of the United States.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened in other countries throughout history when irreconcilable differences became impossible to bridge.  

National Socialists, Fake News & Deep State Intent On Murdering Innocent Babies

"Devout" Catholic Speaker of the House pushed through an abortion infanticide bill that would make abortion the law of the land right up until birth and even after.   The good news is that it will be stopped by Republicans in the Senate so it will not become law.  Even Socialist Pope Francis has called abortion murder.  Catholic Arch Bishop Cordileone of San Francisco, where Pelosi lives has condemned her support of abortion as a Catholic.  The Arch Bishop really should excommunicate Pelosi because she is no Catholic; that's for sure.  

The question is why are National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State so intent on murdering innocent babies.  Clearly women in the base of their party want the right to end pregnancies even if it means killing their children.  And, to be clear after the first three months, abortion involves a gruesome procedure literally ripping a baby apart limb from limb using clamps to get all the baby parts out of the womb so they can be sold for medical research.  Can anything be more evil.  This is the devil at work plain and simple; yet this is what the left in our country demands.  

Many states have enacted common sense restrictions on abortion that do not end abortion, but rather end later term abortions.  Clearly once there is heart beat that happens after the first 6 or 7 weeks to deny that a human being is being murdered is absurd.  The left in our country is always talking about following the science and that is exactly what these restrictions attempts to do.   Once we have a heart beat, we have human life.  Babies have rights too.  

The Supreme Court has agreed to take a case involving the state of Mississippi that prohibits abortion after the first 15 weeks.  If the court allows this ruling to stand, it will not eliminate abortion.  What is will do is force women to decide on abortion by that point in time, which seems perfectly reasonable.   Let us hope that the Supreme Court recognizes that late term abortions are murder.  Killing a fully formed baby is infanticide.  It has to stop.  

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Joe Biden, National Socialists and Fake News Missing In Action

Isn't it funny, when President Trump was in office, the National Socialists and Fake News regularly went to the border to see for themselves the cages that Obama built housing illegal aliens.  There is now some indication that Joe Biden has never even been to the border in his 45 years in office.  And, Biden certainly is not going down there now that there are thousands of illegal aliens invading our country every month; more than ever before. 

Quemala Harris is supposed to own the border crisis as part of her portfolio; yet she is nowhere to be found.  And, all the other Big Mouth National Socialists in Congress and Fake News are not going anywhere near the border with their fake tears as was the case when Trump was President. The fact is that none of them want to bring focus to the crisis on our border.  They want these illegal aliens swept under the rug so that they don't have to address the problem.  

Secretary Mayokas, another Big Mouth in charge of Homeland Security should be fired for lying to Congress and for failing to deal with the invasion at our border.  It is time to send the army to our border to stop the invasion no different than if China or Russia were invading our country.  Biden is supposed to be the Commander In Chief.  Biden swore an oath to preserve and protect our nation.  Clearly, that is not happening as thousands of illegal aliens are invading our country every day.  Biden should be impeached for this inability to protect our nation.  Don't count on it as long as the National Socialists are in charge and Fake News refuses to report the story.  We have a crisis at our border that is not going away any time soon as long as these clowns are in office.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Being White In America

For the National Socialists, Fake News, the 100 largest companies in America and the Deep State, being White in America has become a crime punishable by cancellation.  They are alleging that all White people or more specifically White People that voted for President Trump are all Privileged, White Supremists, Racist, Oppressors.  Really!

Of course, all of this is ridiculous.  And, God forbid a White Person supports the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and particularly the 1st and 2nd Amendments that guarantee freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms.   And if a White person is also pro life that is the icing on the cake.   If a White Person even mentions the need for election integrity with things like Voter ID, no unsolicited mail out ballots, prohibition against ballot harvesting, they are automatically racist for even suggesting such things.  

Being a Conservative White person in America is now a crime.  Don't you dare wear your MAGA hat in public because you will be attacked on the streets.  The bad news for the White Haters is that we don't care what they think of us.  We will keep fighting to take back our country from the loons on the other side.  And, it has nothing to do with race.  It is all about values and common sense and the very foundation of our democracy.  We won't be cancelled.  We will stand up at school board meetings, city council meetings, in state capital and in the DC Swamp to both demand our rights and to push for our freedoms.  We are not going away any time soon.  

Monday, September 20, 2021

Improving Academic Achievement - A National Crisis

Half the kids in the United States including where we live in Reno, Nevada cannot read or do math at grade level.  This is a national crisis as bad as any hurricane natural disaster.  Since 90% of kids attend public schools, the problem is primarily in our public schools.   Nobody in the education establishment seems to care.  And, it is not about money going to public schools, since we spend more on public schools than any other country in the world only to achieve mediocre academic results.  

It is time to end business as usual if we are going to improve academic achievement.  First, school board members must recognize they are are elected to represent the interests of students, parents and taxpayers exclusively.  School district staff member interests are all represented by various unions because they are Labor.  School Boards therefore must understand that they are Management because most school administrators are part of the education establishment.  Administrators are not managers in a real sense.  Instead they are paper pushers who will never rock the boat.  We need to rock the boat to improve academic achievement.  

Next, most public schools only have kids in school for 180 days a year conforming to the time when the United States was an agricultural economy and kids were needed at home to work on the farm during the summer months.  So kids in the US attend school for about 9 months and not even that when all holidays are factored in to the school year.  We need to get that up to 10 months or at least 200 days a year as happens in many other countries where kids are far ahead of kids in the US. 

Teachers and Administrators must be held accountable for achieving academic results.  That means management by metrics and performance objectives.  There should be bonus pay for exceeding objectives and merit pay for teachers who actually do the best job.  Those teachers and administrators who consistently fail to achieve results must be invited to leave the school district as would be the case in business when an employee fails to do the job.  They must be FIRED.

We need rigorous pre and post testing every year to use as the basis for improvement.  As occurs in other countries, by the end of the 8th grade testing should be used to determine if a kid is college bound or should be in a vocational track with apprentice programs to learn a trade.   We always have community colleges for kids that are late bloomers if it turns out the college is possible; but no kid should leave school without a trade if college is not possible.  

We must look at curriculum to focus on the things that really matter rather than political indoctrination, which is happening in many school districts across the country.  Especially now and probably because of their failures,  left wing woke School Boards, Administrators and Teachers think their job is to create little Socialist activists.  As a result, they are wasting time teaching Fake History and pushing Socialist ideology.  This has to stop because it does nothing to improve academic achievement.  They are hurting the very students they purport to want to educate.  

We have to reinvent our public schools to improve academic achievement.  It will mean battles with teacher and administrator unions to get the job done.  We probably must have School Choice to create competitive pressures to get public schools to improve.  Many in the education establishment will have to be FIRED when the dust settles because they are actually hurting kids.  What is happening now is malpractice.  School Boards cannot allow this to continue.  Business as usual is failing the kids of our nation.  It is time for action if we are going to compete with other nations.  

Biden's Border Crisis

There are thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world crossing our border into the United States.  The Border Patrol is overwhelmed.  QueMala Harris was supposed to be in charge of the border crisis.  She is nowhere to be found.  Governor Greg Abbott of the State of Texas was ready to send in the National Guard; but the Biden Administration stopped it from happening.  Now Homeland Security run by a big mouth clown, Secretary Mayorkas is headed to the border to see what is happening.  Really!  Just turn on the TV and see the thousands of illegal aliens in Del Rio invading our country.  

It is time to send in the army.  We face an invasion at our Southern Border.  Biden as the incompetent Commander In Chief is supposed to protect and preserve our country.  Certainly, between his naps somebody in the Biden Administration can tell him what to do to stop this invasion.  Even former Obama and Clinton Administration officials are sounding the alarm bells.  You know it is bad with Fake News Chuck Todd calls out Biden for his incompetence. 

Our border is open.  The court has ordered Biden to implement Trump's stay in Mexico policy; but it is not happening because they don't have the man power in place to make it happen.  They are putting Haitians on airplanes to ship them back to their country to prevent all of Haiti from attempting to come into the United States.  

All of this is Joe Biden's fault.  Biden opened the flood gates by promising all these illegal aliens citizenship.  The National Socialists are attempting to flood swing states with illegal aliens to eventually gain votes for their party.  What is happening is a disaster.  We must send in the army to stop the invasion at our border.  There is no other choice other than completing the Wall, which should all happen immediately.  

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Another Bad Week For Joe Biden

While Joe Biden vacationed at his beach house in Delaware oblivious to world events, his administration had another very bad week.  Let's start with the invasion at our border where there are thousands of illegal aliens from all over the world attempting to enter our country.  Clearly, our border is completely out of control.  Homeland Security is attempting to fly these invaders back to the their home countries because we have no place to put them.  A court ordered Biden to implement Trump's remain in Mexico policy; but since things are so out of control that is not happening.

Next, it appears that the drone strike our military implemented in Afghanistan killed an innocent family 10 in all, including an Aide Worker and all of his children.  So much for "Over the Horizon Capabilities" and this happened while we still had troops on the ground in Afghanistan.  It is clear that our satellite technology is not fail safe without intelligence on the ground.  This will be a real problem going forward because Afghanistan will once again become a haven for Terrorists.  So why is the Biden Administration giving the Taliban millions of dollars under the guise of humanitarian assistance while they are still holding Americans and Afghans who helped us hostage.  Just plain incompetence.  

The FBI was found guilty this week of failing to deal with sexual abuse cases of young female athletes for years.  So far only one FBI agent has been fired when in fact heads need to roll all over this corrupt and often incompetent agency.  No mention of any of it from the Biden Administration.  No one from the Biden Administration Department of Justice even bothered to show up for the Senate Hearing on the matter.  

At the same time, France has pulled its ambassador from Washington for the first time ever by an ally.  Seems we are selling nuclear submarines to Australia, which is a good thing; however, in the process we screwed France that had a deal with Australia to sell them 12 diesel powered subs for $66 Billion.  Joe Biden failed to advise French President Macron that this was happening before it made the news.  Of course, France is pissed off at Joe Biden.  What a surprise.  

And, then there is Covid.  Biden had announced that Booster shots were coming for all over the age of 12.  Not happening.  The CDC has only approved Booster shots for those over age 65, which throws a real monkey wrench into the Biden Covid Strategy.  

Joe Biden fiddles while the world burns.  But let's face it.  As a result of Biden's dementia, he is clueless.  There are days when Biden does not even know where he is let alone what is happening around him.  This was a bad week of many for Joe Biden, but who is counting.  Certainly not Fake News or others in the Deep State Swamp.  

Saturday, September 18, 2021

January 6th Political Prisoners - Injustice At Work

Antifa and Black Lives Matter Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities in the last year yet none of them are in jail today.  People were even killed during these attacks on our nation.  Police have been murdered.  If anybody was arrested, they were released by Woke Prosecutors.  Yet, there are several hundred Trump supporters in jail in Washington DC for the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.  They are charged with crimes as little as trespassing; but they are being held without the possibility of bail for as long as nine months awaiting trials.   

We clearly do not have equal justice under the law.  These Trump Supporters are political prisoners plain and simple.  Anyone who commits a crime should be prosecuted; but in many of these instances, it would involve a fine for first time offenders not months in jail.  What is happening is that the Deep State is persecuting people for supporting Donald Trump.  

So there was a march on Washington DC on September 18th to protest this persecution.  A few hundred people showed up.  The Deep State spent millions of dollars preparing for an invasion of Washington DC by a foreign power.  Talk about over kill.  There was no violence; just a protest that lasted an hour or two.   Too bad they did not do as much planning to evacuate Afghanistan, or to deal with the actual invasion at our border.  

The fact is that half the country believes that there was election fraud in 2020 that cost Donald Trump the election.  No matter what Fake News, the National Socialists and the Deep States does or says to deny election fraud, we saw what happened with our own eyes.  Unsolicited mail in ballots, lack of voter ID, tampering with ballots and ballot harvesting allowed Joe Biden to get about 5 million more votes Donald Trump; but a very small number more votes in critical states than resulted in a win for Joe Biden.  Harassing and Persecuting Trump Supporters will not change any of this.  Matter of fact, it will just make us more resolved to reelect President Trump in 2024.  This story is far from over.  

Friday, September 17, 2021

Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax

Fake News and the Deep State alleged that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign.  Of course, none of this was true; but even members of the FBI who all should be in jail were part of the hoax.  Now we know that it was Crooked Hillary Clinton herself with her minions who were paying the Russians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.  Finally, after several years, the Durham investigation will file a few charges against these crooks; but don't count on much. 

The Deep State protects their own because there are so many implicated in feeding at the trough.  Hillary Clinton should have been charged and gone to jail for deleting more than 30,000 emails that were under Congressional subpoena.  Both the Clinton and Biden Crime families walk free though they have used their offices to become multi millionaires.  Corruption runs deep in the DC Swamp.  

One of the reasons they hated Trump so much is that he was already rich and was not susceptible to the usual bribes that are common in DC.  Since they could not own Trump, they needed him gone so for four years, Fake News and the Deep State were relentless in implementing baseless attacks all aimed at destroying the Trump Presidency.  And, then there were the constant leaks from all the agencies of government including some who Trump appointed to be in his administration.  

They finally had to use election fraud to defeat Donald Trump; but ironically it has only made Trump stronger, which scares the hell of of them.  The January 6th investigation circus is really the third impeachment trial.  They keep trying to destroy Trump; but they will fail again.  They thought they finished Trump off; but far from it.  Trump owns the Republican Party.  If Trump wants the nomination in 2024, he will have it.  If Biden survives his first terms, he will not run again.  Quemala Harris will be challenged for the Socialist Nomination because they know she can't win.  Trump will come roaring back in both 22 to elect a Republican Congress and 24 for his second term in office.  This story is far from over.