Friday, December 17, 2021

Senator Joe Manchin Of West Virginia Should Leave the National Socialist Fascist Party

It is very clear that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is no longer welcome in the National Socialist Fascist Party because he is an old style Blue Dog Democrat who comes from a Conservative Southern State.  President Donald Trump carried West Virginia by 39 points.  The Governor of West Virginia left the Socialist Party to become a Republican.  The other Senator from West Virginia is a Republican as are many other state officers.  It is time for Manchin to shout, "Let's Go Brandon" and join the Republican Party.  

If he did so, the Republicans would immediately have 51 votes in the Senate and Chuckie Schumer, the Big Mouth Socialist would no longer be the Majority Leader controlling the agenda.  It would virtually end the Biden Presidency even before the 2022 and 2024 elections.  Senator Manchin simply cannot vote for Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan because it a Big Lie that is not paid for and it would bankrupt the country,   

In addition, coal is the life blood of the West Virginia economy.  Generations of West Virginians have worked in the coal mines making very good money that cannot be replicated in the State of West Virginia.  If Biden's Build Back Broke SwindleUS Plan was enacted into law, it would screw the people of West Virginia.  Manchin has to represent his PEEP's, or they will vote him out of office.  At this point, it appears that the Build Back Broke SwindleUS Plan, as configured will not make it through the Senate.  

The National Socialist Fascists in the House and Senate are furious with Joe Manchin.  He needs added security protection because the nuts in their Party would kill him given the opportunity.  Of course, that would only lead to appointment of a Republican by the Governor so not sure how that would help them in their quest to transform our country into a Socialist - Communist Utopia.  

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