Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Communist China Using Global Tech Company Huawei To Spy On People

It was recently reported that Communist China is using Global Tech Giant Huawei, headquartered in China to spy on people presumably all over the world where they do business.  What a surprise!  Of course this is happening.  Why would the US government or anybody else be surprised that the Communist Chinese government would demand that Huawei implement surveillance for them to stay in the good graces of the Chinese government.  So naturally Western governments are condemning all of this.  

However, we have the same problem in the United States.  Big Brother is always watching.  Woke companies Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Face Book and many Banks, etc. are all part of the Deep State Swamp.  Does anybody really believe that these companies do not cooperate with the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS etc to spy on Americans.  After all, every one of these companies has multi-billion contracts with the federal government.  They are one giant cabal of data management.  These companies have information on every single American for one reason or another.  

So before politicians in the United States start condemning China for spying on people world wide, which is warranted, they better acknowledge Big Brother in the United States.  After all, Socialist Fascist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland just assigned the FBI Gestapo to spy on parents and concerned citizens protesting at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists".  In Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan, there are billions of dollars to pay for 89,000 new IRS agents to monitor our banking transactions and audit all of us.  If this is not spying, what is. 

So the US government is doing the same things as the Chinese Communist Government.  The Deep State exists both in China and the United States.  Both governments are a threat to our freedoms.  And, we wonder why there was a riot on January 6th at the Capitol in an attempt to stop a fraudulent election from occurring.  The Deep State is alive and well in the DC Swamp just like in Beijing. 

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