Monday, December 13, 2021

Illegal Alien Invaders Coming From 39 Countries

Since feckless Joe Biden and his Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, a real clown opened our Southern border to all comers, nearly 2 million illegal aliens have invaded our country in 2021 alone.  Turns out they are coming from all over the world; at this point from about 39 countries.  The criminals and terrorists among them do not turn themselves in to the border patrol in the hope of seeking asylum.  The bad guys enter our country with the hope of not being caught.  And, some large number of them succeed. 

In any case, most illegal aliens are just released into our country and sent to cities all over the nation in the dead of night by bus or plane supposedly awaiting trial to seek asylum years from now.   However, most will never show up for the trail.  They will just disappear into our country and be added to the 15 - 20 million already here.   The court has ordered Biden to reinstate Trump's Stay in Mexico Policy awaiting trial; but Bidenistas have fought that from happening and are dragging their feet in violation of a court order.  

Illegal Aliens are entering our country with Covid and various other diseases.  Tuberculosis is rampant in Latin America.  While Americans are often required to get vaccinated and or wear masks, no such requirement exists for Illegal Aliens.  Crime in the United States is out of control.  Allowing even more criminals to enter our country will only make matters worse.  Many of these illegal aliens invading the United States are known violent gang members tied to the drug trade.  While Biden takes his afternoon naps and Mayorkas is in denial about what is happening at the border, we face an invasion.  Of course, the border czar Quemala Harris is nowhere to be found anywhere near the border.   What is happening is a national disaster for our country.  

Yet, the National Socialist Fascists and Fake News are focused on the January 6th Committee Circus; impeachment trial number 3.  We need to station the army at the border to stop the invasion; but don't count on it.  Now that cities like New York are allowing illegal aliens to vote legally, we can expect to see this happening in more Socialist cities and Blue States.    

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