Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Roe V Wade - Time For Common Sense Abortion LAWS

In January, 1973,  the Supreme Court based on a 7 - 2 decision over reached and made abortion the law of the land in its Roe V Wade decision.  They concocted their twisted decision based the 14th Amendment to the Constitution due process clause and privacy rights giving women a right to choose abortion infanticide.  This happened without a vote of the people through their state legislatures in accordance with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, which is where abortion rights should have been dealt with because there is nothing in the Constitution specifically guaranteeing a right to abortion.  

Over the years, various states have enacted laws in an attempt to limit the right to unrestricted abortion.  This is happening because the technology today is so good that we know when human life begins at about 7 weeks of pregnancy when we we can detect the first heart beat.  Many of those laws are currently headed to the Supreme Court for further consideration and this will continue until we have common sense abortion LAWS, rather than judicial over reach.

The National Socialist Fascists, various radical left wing womens groups, Fake News and the largest corporations in America support unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after, which is opposed by the majority of the American people.  We can put this very divisive issue behind us, if these groups will accept reasonable restrictions on abortion.  But don't count on it!  Certainly, once there is a heart beat to deny that human life exists is ridiculous.  At just a few weeks later, there is a fully formed baby with arms, legs, hands, feet etc.  So much so that abortion at three months pregnancy is impossible using the suction method.  Instead, the abortionist must use clamps to literally tear a baby limb from limb to remove it from the uterus in many instances to sell the baby parts for medical research.  This procedure is gruesome to say the least.  It is clearly the murder of a human being.  It must stop.  

Abortion infanticide is a crime against humanity.  Since Roe V Wade more than 60 million babies have been destroyed in the name of a woman's right to choose.  We need abortion laws that recognize both a woman's rights and the baby's rights. It would also be good if interested fathers willing to take responsibility had something to say about destroying their children.   State legislatures are getting it right.  Hopefully, the Supreme Court will finally recognize their over reach and allow each state to determine their own abortion laws.  This would not eliminate abortion laws as predicted by those who favor abortion right up until birth and even after.  It would impose common sense restrictions that recognize when human life begins.  

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