Friday, December 24, 2021

Global Socialist Fascists Are Out To Destroy The United States

It recently dawned on me that the Socialist Fascists in the United States AKA Democrats are actually out to destroy the United States.  They hate our country and everything that made America great.  They are globalists out to distribute the wealth of the United States to other countries at the expense of the American people and particularly the Makers in our society.  They see our higher standard of living as evil and racist.  These Socialist Fascists believe that Americans consume too much of the world's goods and services at the expense of other people who live in poor impoverished countries.  These Fascists discount the hard work of the American people that made us a great nation and particularly White Americans who they see as racist Oppressors; but actually all Americans of various races that have been successful.  

The Socialist Fascists have used the Covid crisis to grow Fascist government, which they will milk for as long as they can.  In the process, they have destroyed thousands of small businesses while working with Fake News, Big Tech and woke companies to help them grow even bigger because they support their agenda.  The largest companies in the US all do billions of dollars in business with government.  Those companies just like in Hitler's Germany support Fascism because they benefit from it.  So now we have round two of Covid so more vaccine mandates that benefit big Pharma that is making billions of dollars off of Covid because the Deep State will not allow cheap therapeutics that work to threat Covid.  

And, since the Socialist Fascists will never let a good crisis go to waste, they intend to use the bogus excuse of climate change to impose the Green New Deal on our nation to take away our freedoms, make our people and country poorer and limit what we can own and do.  The Green New Deal has nothing to do with climate change.  It is all about destroying the United States of America to redistribute our wealth both within the United States and to other countries.  It really is designed to create a lower standard of living in the United States.  The real beneficiary will be China and third world countries that will experience the biggest transfer of wealth at our expense in the history of the world if we allow it to happen.  

The reason Global Socialist Fascists hate Donald Trump so much is that he was the first President in a hundred or more years to put America First when their goal is to put America Last to destroy the United States.  We know that they used election fraud to defeat Donald Trump.  History teachers us that Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat, steal and even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  We see it everyday based on actions of Socialist Fascists in Congress and on Fake News. 

Socialist Fascists are out to indoctrinate our nation's children with Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist Fake History and bogus Climate Change ideology.  They want to impose the LGBTQIA agenda on our nation and in our schools.  They want to defund the police to wreak havoc in our big cities.  They are out to enslave the Makers in society to not only support the Takers in our nation, but the Takers in all nations.  

To do so, if allowed, the Socialist Fascists will implement wealth confiscation in the form of various taxes and fees and charges imposed on those who have wealth.  And, this is not just about taking from the rich; but rather taking from all successful Americans that have accumulated property and other forms of family wealth.  The Socialist Fascists see wealth accumulation as racist.  We have to stand up to all of this if we are to remain a free country.  We cannot allow the Global Socialist Fascists to steal elections in their drive to destroy our country.  They are the enemy of the people and we must see them as the threat that they represent to our nation and our people.  

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