Friday, December 10, 2021

Radical Terrorists In America - Facts Matter

There is a small percentage of people living in the United States who could be categorized as radical terrorists out to do harm to our country and people in addition to the occasional deranged lone wolf mass killer.  The woke Deep State and Fake News, all suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome wants us to believe that the biggest terrorist threat to our country comes from White Supremists.  That is PC BS.  In order of danger, the radical terrorists in our country are as follows:

Radical Islamic Terrorists are out to destroy Western civilization and Israel.  They would use nuclear or biological weapons if they had them to achieve their goal to impose Sharia Islam on the American people.  Just look to Iran and or to Afghanistan to understand their political positioning and their horrible impact on society.  They want to take the world back 700 years to impose the most extreme version of Islam in the world.  They were responsible for 9/11 and would do it again given the opportunity.  Recently, it was reported that captured illegal aliens at our border came from 39 countries.  You can bet that some of them who came across our border are Radical Islamic Terrorists.  They represent the biggest danger to our country. 

Next, are Antifa and BLM Socialists, Communists and Anarchists terrorists.  We have seen their attempts to destroy our country as they have rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses.  They oppose our economic system and are working to bring down Capitalism and presumably impose a Communist dictatorship.  In the process in the last year they have caused billions of dollars in property damage, destroyed businesses and injured or killed hundreds of people.  If arrested, they have been released by woke prosecutors.  There has been no accountability for their crimes because the Deep State and Fake News actually supports them.  Big Woke Companies have actually donated billions of dollars to BLM, a Communist terrorist organization.   

And, finally there are right wing Americans in the United States of various colors who see the threats coming from Radical Islam, Antifa and BLM in addition to the corruption that exists in the Deep State and Fake News.  They believe that another revolution may be the only way to save our country from these other forces.  Many of them have given up on the ballot box.  Some of them are prepared to use violence to push back on these other groups, the Deep State and Fake News.  However, they are in no way a bigger threat than the other two groups.  Some have formed what they believe to be patriotic militias ready to fight for our country; but this is a very small number of people. 

We need to worry about any group that would murder to achieve their objectives; but we must also be clear eyed as to the groups that represent the biggest threat.  Radical Islamic Terrorists, Antifa and BLM are the biggest threats to our country and people.  They have demonstrated their ability to wreak havoc on our nation.  Right wing Americans see this threat as their reason for being.  That is not an excuse for any actions they might take that brings harm to our people; it is just the reality we face.  

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