Saturday, December 4, 2021

Michigan School Shooting - More Training For Administrators & Teachers

The recent shooting and murders at a Michigan public high school by a 15 year old boy with serious problems from a dysfunctional family demonstrated that teachers and administrators  were not prepared to deal with a child who showed signs of derangement in word and deed.  Administrators knew this boy had issues and sent him back to class after a parent conference with the gun in his backpack.  The administrators may now face charges of criminal negligence and of course the district will be sued by the families whose sons and daughters were murdered, or wounded because the school did not act appropriately to protect them from harm.

While public school districts waste time on Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist history indoctrination and gender screening to insure compliance with the LGBTQIA agenda, there are no doubt kids with serious mental problems in our schools and many come from households with guns in the home.  Some of these kids are getting access to these guns because they are not being properly stored.  In the Michigan case, the parents actually gave their unstable son a gun for his birthday, which demonstrates serious parental problems, as well.  Many of these children that commit these crimes are being raised in dysfunctional families.  This is just one more example.  

Clearly, Administrators and Teachers need a whole lot more training first to identify kids with serious problems to refer them for help and then to deal with an active shooter when on campus.  It could be that kids will need to enter schools through metal detectors to stop guns and knives from being bought on campus.  In addition, it could very well be that based on the family situation, some of these kids may be in danger in their own homes from parents or other relatives that are causing the dysfunction and often abuse.  There may need to be referrals to law enforcement and or other social agencies when the danger signs and red flags appear to stop a crime from happening.  

This story is not about Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  It is about the break down of the family and civil society that we see happening before our eyes.  The kids committing these horrible crimes often come from dysfunctional families plagued by substance abuse and brutality, which when combined with violent movies and videos games create a recipe for disaster.   The kids who commit these crimes in some instances are being bullied in school, which is a whole different problem.  

School administrators and teachers need a whole lot more training to better understand the signs that could lead to tragedy.  It is clear by the number of school shootings we see every year that a lot more work needs to be done to prepare those in charge to deal with the dysfunction that exists in our society.  The goal must be to prevent these crimes and murders above all else; but also to help the kids that would commit them.  

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