Saturday, December 25, 2021

Covid Christmas & The Divide In Christianity

As we celebrate Christmas in 2021, Global Socialist Fascists will continue to milk Covid for all it is worth.  Since they never let a good crisis go to waste, Covid is being used to justify Trillions of dollars in higher taxes to redistribute wealth to support Socialism and new entitlements.  Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan is being argued as needed because of Covid.  Feckless Joe Biden clings to Covid as a life preserver because of his many failures in his first year in office.  Biden needs Covid and Covid deaths in particular as the only way to get positive Fake News Coverage because everything else is bad news.  

While all this is happening, the divide within Christianity like the divide in the United States has never been greater.  Conservative Catholics, which does not include the Pope nor the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and Evangelical Christians are the keepers of the true faith.  Socialist Catholics and other left wing Christian denominations who support Global Socialist Fascists, which does include the Pope and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church are actually Communists and Socialists out to destroy the United States.  This the open border crowd supporting illegal immigration all over the world under the guise of social justice. 

As a judeo Christian Orthodox Catholic, I am completely disgusted by the corruption in the Catholic Church and all the sex abuse crimes.  What I see are a bunch of old men led by Communist Pope Francis in gold robes feeding at the trough.  And, while I love the beauty and the art in St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican and Catholic Cathedrals all over the world,  I realize just how far the church has strayed from the teachings of Jesus Christ, a poor Jew who became the light of the world through crucifiction and resurrection.  

The Protestant Reformation recognized the corruption in the Catholic Church that continues to this day; but on a much larger scale.   Like many Conservative Catholics, we no longer donate money to the Catholic Church because of that corruption and because I know some of that money goes to support illegal immigration in violation of our laws.   Clearly, the divide that exists in our country also exists in Christianity and it is getting worse.  Devout Bible based Catholics and Christians are pro life and support traditional marriage.  Secular left wing Catholics and Christians support abortion and the LGBTQIA agenda.  These are irreconcilable differences that cannot be bridged.  So as we celebrate Christmas in 2021, we see two views of Christianity in our country and the world.  One that is based on original faith, freedom and country and one that is based on heresy, Socialism and Fascism.  These two views cannot coexist because good cannot live with evil. 

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