Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Packing The Supreme Court - Not Going To Happen

Certain radical members of the National Socialist Fascist Party support packing the Supreme Court with a bunch of left wing Socialists and Communists to counter the current Conservative majority on the Court.  This would lead to chaos and constant upheaval.  It is a stupid idea.  In order to deal with this crazy idea, once tried by Franklin Roosevelt,  feckless Joe Biden appointed a 34 Member Commission to study the matter along with ways to "improve" the court like term limits or age limits.  After hearing from 44 witnesses, the Committee concluded that packing the court is a very dumb idea.  So, under cover of the Commission, it will not happen despite threats by idiots in the National Socialist Fascist Party.

The reality is that our court system works most of the time.  It is meant to be slow to prevent crazy radical ideas that will not stand the test of time.  Yes, there are controversial issues like abortion, gun control, and freedom of religion and speech that get the headlines, but most cases involve decisions supported by both liberal and conservative judges.  There have been some very bad decisions that eventually get over turned.  Roe V Wade may be one of them.  There is not one word in the Constitution that guarantees a woman's right to abortion.  7 judges in 1973 used twisted logic applying the 14th Amendment that was enacted to protect freed slaves to guarantee equal rights to allow for abortions.  There are provisions of the 14th amendment that speak to due process and privacy rights that were applied to concoct Roe.  Many legal scholars believe that this was a faulty decision aside from the morality of killing an innocent baby.  

The fact is that abortion is a state issue under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution that should be decided by state legislatures and state courts not the Supreme Court.  Clearly, there are Red States that would restrict abortions.  Blue states support abortion right up until birth and even after even though it is clear that it results in the murder of an innocent baby.  We don't need a one size fits all federal abortion standard except to say that it is legal.  The current majority on the Supreme Court is likely to both uphold Roe and at the same time allow states more freedom to reflect their constituencies.  A decision to allow restrictions will not eliminate abortion as claimed by the National Socialist Fascists in our country and various radical left wing women's organizations.  Those restrictions will reflect the rights and interest of both the mother and the child, since there are two parties involved in this picture, which is legitimate.  In any case, packing the Supreme Court is DOA thankfully.  

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