Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan- The Big Lie

Feckless Joe Biden and his National Socialist Fascist pals in Congress and Fake News report that Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan is fully paid for by higher taxes on the rich and corporations and slated to cost $1.7 trillion.  The problem is the bill is loaded with entitlements that once given will never be eliminated.  Going out ten years, the Congressional Budget Office reports that the Build Back Broke Plan will add $3 trillion to the National Debt.  It is absolutely not paid for by the new taxes in the bill. 

And, many economists have said that the Build Back Broke Plan will make inflation, which is raging as prices on everything continue to skyrocket even worse.  In talking to my 93 year old aunt recently living on a fixed income, she told me that normally she spends $200 a month on food for her and her husband.  Since Biden was elected she is now spending $400 a month and they can no longer afford to buy meat.  The key to all of this is the cost of energy.  Since Biden was elected the United States has gone from being energy independent to begging OPEC to pump more oil.  Gas has gone up $1.50 a gallon.  In California the price of gas now exceeds $5 a gal.  Average is now above $3.50 a gallon.  The cost of utilities, electric, natural gas and heating oil has gone up dramatically.  Since the cost of energy is built into everything we do, eat and buy naturally the cost of everything is going up. 

The good news is that it looks like Democrat Senator Joe Biden of West Virginia may hold the line to beat back Biden's Build Back Broke Green New Deal SwindleUs Plan.  Manchin is not going to support some of the entitlements that will bankrupt the country.   And, Manchin will certainly not support the Green New Deal that will raise energy prices across the board and screw the people of West Virginia where coal is king.  

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