Friday, December 17, 2021

The Radical LGBTQIA Agenda In Our Public Schools

Teachers Unions and woke School Boards, Administrators and Teachers are pushing the LGBTQIA agenda in our public schools supported by National Socialist Fascists, Fake News and Big Business.  This agenda goes way beyond just Gay Rights.  It involves introducing very young children to the Gay Life Style and in some cases sexually explicit instruction, which is totally inappropriate.  There is Gender Screening going on where teachers are asking kids to come out and declare their sexual orientation at a very young age.  Kids are being told that it does not matter if they were born a boy or a girl because they can be any sex they want to be.  What the hell does any of this have to do with improving academic achievement at a time when half the kids in the country cannot read or do math at grade level. 

So of course, all of this is leading to further insanity.  Biological boys are demanding the use of girl's bathrooms and locker rooms.  In one school district, the courts have required the district to pay $4 million to girls who were denied the use of boy's bathrooms and locker rooms.  All of this is leading to chaos in our public schools that are already failing our nation.

Parents and concerned citizens all over the country are going to school board meetings protesting Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist fake history indoctrination along with imposition of the LGBTQIA agenda.  These people are neither racist nor homophobic.  Instead, they are arguing for a safe and secure environment that is actually focused on educating children, rather all the radical left wing PC BS that is happening in our schools and at some of the largest companies in America.  

Half the country, the thinking half is mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  We are fighting to save our public schools from further demise, corruption and decay.  The radical LGBTQIA Agenda has no place in our public schools.  It is just another attack on the traditional family, faith and freedom.  It has to stop.  


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