Sunday, December 12, 2021

Crooked Hillary - Here She Goes Again

Crooked Hillary Clinton decided to read her acceptance speech on TV had she won the election in 2016.  It was pathetic! The woman will never just get off the stage and tend to her man, which is probably why her man always had a wandering eye.  What she is really lamenting is that the voter fraud that existed in 2020 to give Biden the election was not in place for her election.  Had there been millions of unsolicited ballots mailed out and no requirements for Voter ID in 2016, there is no doubt that Crooked Hillary would have beaten Donald Trump.  Oh well, National Socialist Fascists are attempting to put into law those fraudulent practices to help insure that whoever the Socialist is who runs will win in 2024.  

That is why no doubt Crooked Hillary is considering a run again in 2024.  With a little crooked help from her friends just maybe she would win.  She knows that Biden will be in senior living by then or requiring home care for his dementia.  Hillary also knows that Quemala Harris would be easy to beat in the primaries, since so many people dislike her.  Matter of fact, Crooked Hillary would just expect all comers to step aside to give her one last chance to be President.  Sad for her because some other Socialists will not step aside.  They will claim that Crooked Hillary had her chance twice and failed and that she is so hated by so many that she would stand no chance of winning.  Further the Clinton Crime Family shenanigans would all come right back up front and center. 

But you can't blame the old girl for dreaming.  Crooked Hillary really believes she should be the first woman President.  The problem for her is that a majority of American people believe she should just shut the hell up and move on.  Poor Bill!  He goes out without Crooked Hillary to parties, events etc.   Of course, that is nothing new.  Bill Clinton has done a lot worse throughout their marriage.  But who could blame him.  Being married to Crooked Hillary must have been a horrible experience.  That big mouth of her always yapping is enough to drive any man to stray.  OMG.  Shoot me now to end it all!  There must be days when Poor Bill just can't take it anymore.   

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