Saturday, December 4, 2021

Being A White Straight Man In Hollywood, Media, On Broadway, In Politics Or Working For The Largest Companies in America

Fake News CNN announced that they have terminated Chris Cuomo, one of their night time news stars for working with his brother, Andrew Cuomo, the former Governor of New York to cover up various sexual harassment claims.  Ironically, Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign because of these allegations when in fact his bigger transgression was the deaths of several thousand nursing home residents from Covid that he forced back into nursing homes where the infection was rampant.  But here is the reality.  If either Cuomo had been a woke person of color, Gay or a Socialist woman, it is highly doubtful that either of them would have been forced to resign or have been fired.  Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon have done far worse and nobody is calling for their heads.  

It would appear that a White Heterosexual man working in Hollywood, the Media, On Broadway, in Politics, or for the largest companies in America are subject to cancellation for any infringement of the National Socialist Fascist Politically Correct Code.  Of course, any Conservative Republican Trump Supporter of any color or sexual orientation has already been cancelled.  

White Straight Men face tremendous discrimination in hiring.  Recruiters at many of these organizations have actually been ordered not to hire them.  I am waiting to see the class action lawsuits that are inevitable under the 14th Amendment equal protection clause, which was originally supposed to protect freed Black slaves and would now be applicable to White Straight Men.   How ironic!  

This practice was never more visible than in casting for the Broadway musical Hamilton.  As a former history teacher, I appreciated the authenticity of the story.  But what was ridiculous was casting Blacks and others of color as our Founding Fathers.  Sure it was a gimmick that sold seats at ridiculous prices; but kind of dumb.  I wonder what would happen if a movie or play was made about Martin Luther King and the role of King was given to a White Man.  There would be outrage and boycotts.  I paid $400 each for lousy seats to see Hamilton on Broadway.  My wife enjoyed the musical.  Though I could have dealt with the racial silliness, I did not enjoy Hamilton mostly because watching our Founding Fathers sing in hip hop, which I could not understand was not my cup of tea.  

And, this is not about race.  I loved Dream Girls and the Musical about the Temptations and many others that featured really talented people of color.  It is really about authenticity and my belief that one should come out of a Broadway musical singing the signature song.  There was no signature song in Hamilton that I can remember.  So I advise people to save their money because there are many other incredible Broadway musicals showcasing artists of all colors worth the money and at less costs.  

But I digress.  White Straight Men in Hollywood, Media, On Broadway, In Politics and or working for the largest companies in America face discrimination and even termination if they don't tow the National Socialist Fascist Politically Correct Party Line.  God forbid any of them believe the election was stolen from Donald Trump.  That would definitely lead to termination and could lead to arrest and prosecution.  There will ultimately be a class action landmark case dealing with all this discrimination that ends up at the Supreme Court.  It is only a matter of time.  Believe it not, White Heterosexual Men have rights too!  And, don't be surprised if Chris Cuomo who may not be able to get a job for years does not sue CNN.  Cuomo may have a case for wrongful termination TBD.  

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