Monday, December 20, 2021

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Won The Election For Joe Biden

Everybody knows that unsolicited mail in ballots and lack of Voter ID requirements were the basis for election fraud in 2020; but now we know how.  In a comprehensive report published by reporter Mollie Hemingway who works for the Heritage Foundation, she investigated the Mark Zuckerberg connection to the election.  As it turns out, Zuckerberg donated $420 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life and the Center for Election Innovation & Research, which were both working to support the National Socialist Fascist Party AKA Democrats.  

They hired highly paid "Vote Navigators" to canvas poor neighborhoods that traditionally vote Democrat to "assist" voters in those homes with voting in many instances completing and gathering unsolicited ballots from people in those areas.  While it is illegal to do such things any where near polling places in all 50 states, going into someone's home to help someone with voting is not illegal and neither were the donations made by Zuckerberg to manipulate the election.  

Thousands of Navigators flooded Democrat precincts in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia all states that were very close between Trump and Biden.  While in these homes, the Navigators "cured" mistakes to make sure that the votes would be counted once they turned them in at polling in places in a process called "bundling".  It was a brilliant scheme and it worked. 

So while Trump and his allies focused on voting machines and other forms of election fraud, it was this process that swung the election for Joe Biden as those ballots all came in after the polls were closed in the days that followed.   Seeing this success is the reason that the National Socialist Fascist Party is now insisting on unsolicited mail in ballots and eliminating Voter ID as federal law because they know it is the basis for stealing elections in the future.  Republicans beware!  The Socialists did this once and they will do it again.  Be assured, Crooked Hillary is wondering why this apparatus was not in place in 2016 because it would have made her the first woman President.  

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