Monday, December 13, 2021

Fake News Chris Wallace Leaving Fox To Join CNN

It is no surprise that Fake News Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News to join CNN, which is a better fit for him.   Wallace was earning $7 million a year at Fox.  No doubt, CNN desperate for any talent probably paid Wallace more to "take on this new adventure".  Given that Wallace is 74 years old and in decline in terms of his audience, not sure CNN is getting much for the money, except someone at least perceived to be a little more moderate than the other clowns that work at CNN. But, Wallace has been part of the Deep State Swamp for years.  As a Has Been, Wallace won't do much to bring up ratings at CNN that are in the toilet.  

Now that CNN was forced to fire Chris Cuomo, who was their lead clown, they had to do something to stir up the pot.  No real Conservative would work at CNN.  If there are any RINOS on CNN, they are only there because they are Trump Haters.  CNN's ratings continue to fall, which impacts ad dollars.  They are ripe for an acquisition because AT & T that owns CNN needs to get rid of money losing trash.  Don't be surprised if Trump's new media company does not make a run at CNN.  They could change the name to TNN for Truth News Network though Trump News Network would be tempting.  

Of course, Trump would immediately fire all the Socialist clowns that work at CNN to hire Conservative commentators that will generate an audience and higher ratings.  It would be justified to turn CNN into a money maker instead of a money loser.   Nobody with a brain trusts CNN to report the news.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome results in a hate filled Trump story on the hour.  They do not report on the Biden Crime family, or Biden's dementia because they are an arm of the National Socialist Fascist Party.  CNN only puts out Socialist propaganda.  The clowns at CNN are liars plain and simple.  Adding Chris Wallace to the mix will not change any of this.  

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