Sunday, February 28, 2021

President Trump Is Alive & Well

President Donald Trump reemerged back on the political stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week in Orlando.  Trump gave a great speech outlining successes during his administration and attacking all the crazy things Biden and the National Socialists have done in the last six weeks.  Trump clearly said that the election was stolen from him as a result of election fraud.  He made it very clear that RINOS have to go because they are not tough enough to fight for our country. 

Anybody who think the election of 2020 or all the stupid Impeachment BS finished Trump off are dreaming.  If anything Trump has more power out of office than he had in office because he is no longer constrained by the daily routine of office.  Trump will now focus full time on raising money to support Trump Republican candidates in the 2022 election to take back the House and Senate.   We will see that Trump jet back in the air.  You can expect any Republican thinking of running for office or re-election will have to make their way to Mar-A-Lago to kiss Trump's ring for an endorsement because without that endorsement they will not win their races.  

RINO Mitch McConnell after attacking Trump viciously has said that if Trump is the nominee in 2024 that he will support him.  McConnell knows that he has no other choice.  There is a pretty good chance that Trump will insist that McConnell be replaced as the leader of the Republicans Party in the Senate before the election in 2022 because he does not represent the base of the party.  In addition, Liz Cheney will ultimately have to resign from Republican leadership in the House.  She will have to go too.  Either way, she will be primaried in Wyoming and not win re-election because of her attacks on Trump.  Clearly, any Republican who is not on the Trump train will be run over by it.  Trump is clearly the leader of the Republican Party.  RINOS will be gone.  It is just a matter of time.  

Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan

Shortly, the National Socialists in Congress will use Budget Reconciliation to push through Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan in the name of Covid Relief.   The fact is that only a small percentage of this money is going to deal with anything Covid related.  Most of these monies are going to pork barrel spending Socialist Schemes to fund Blue State mismanagement.  Monies from past Covid relief plans have not even all been spent yet; but that does not matter to the National Socialists that always operate on the premise of "never let a good crisis" that they created go to waste. 

The only good news in all of this is that the National Socialists will not be able to use this bill to enact the $15 minimum wage that would have killed millions of jobs.  It is against the rules as pronounced by the non partisan Senate Parliamentarian.  The fact is that state and federal governments created the Covid Recession by insisting on shutting down the economy for a year destroying thousands of businesses and millions of job in the process. And, though they always scream that they must "follow the science", even when the science now tells them that schools never needed to be closed because kids are not transmitters of Covid, the schools in many states are still closed because the teacher unions always demanding more and more have said NO.  They don't care about kids, or their parents and all the grief that they have caused.  And, since the National Socialists are owned by the teacher unions, you can forget about the science.  

This current SwindleUs Plan is going to support bankrupt blue state union pensions, pet projects, Planned Parenthood,  museums and arts centers and a million other things that have nothing to do with Covid.  Matter of fact if all states would just open up for business, other than the Covid related provisions in this SwindleUs Plan, all other monies could be eliminated.  Our National Debt is now at $28 Trillion and growing.  We are headed toward the bankruptcy of the United States when we will not be able to borrow any more to fund basic programs.  

When that happens, all bets are off.  It will lead to the dissolution of the United States as Red States secede from the union.  Anyone who thinks a break up of our country is impossible does not know world history.  The Soviet Union collapsed not because it was militarily weak, but because their economy collapsed.  Don't think it can't happen to the United States because it has happened many times in world history.  

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Future of the Trump Republican Party

This week the future of the Trump Republican Party is on display at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.  RINOS were not invited to speak because they have no future in the party.  It is very clear that any Republican that does not buy into Trump's America First MAGA Movement is DOA.  It is this agenda that garnered 75 million votes for Trump in 2020.  And if not for the voter fraud we saw in various states with mail in ballots, Trump would have been reelected and in all likelihood Republicans would have retained the Senate.   Clearly, we must demand election integrity going forward to prevent another Big Steal. 

Traditional Establishment country club RINOS owned by big business are persona non grata.  They are no longer welcome in the Trump Republican Party.  The winning Republican Party is supported by small businesses, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-energy, pro-military, pro-family, pro-flag, fair trade voters of all colors.  This is the big tent that wins elections.  And, it is the Trump Republican Party that will fight for traditional American values and will put America First in all of our foreign relations.  Further, it is the Trump Republican Party that will stand up to the censorship Cancel Culture and the Antifa and BLM riots, looting and arson we see happening on our streets. 

It is an exciting time to be a Trump Republican as we prepare to fight the election battles of 2022 and 2024.  In 2022, all Republican candidates will be Trump Republicans if they expect to win.  Those that are not Trump Republicans will be primaried and be gone with the wind.  Whether Trump runs again in 2024 or not, it will be a Trump Republican who is nominated for President by the Trump Republican Party.  So all Republicans better get on the Trump train, or they will be run over by it.  

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Implementing the 25th Amendment to Remove Biden Has Begun

Dozens of National Socialist Members of Congress are demanding that Biden relinquish sole power to launch nuclear weapons.  They want that power to reside jointly in the President, Vice President and Speaker of the House.  First, this would be unconstitutional because only the President can act as Commander in Chief.  That is why the President has the "nuclear football" with him at all times, which contains all the codes necessary to launch nuclear weapons.  Second, we cannot have national defense by Committee when there are only minutes to respond to a nuclear attack by a foreign enemy.  

What this really means is that members of Congress see Biden's dementia, which is obvious.  If they don't trust Biden to protect our nation, then he must be removed from office.  This Blogger has been predicting since before the election that Biden would not last 12 months.  He will either die a natural death because of his ailments, be removed from office using the 25th Amendment, or be forced to resign for his Pay to Play Schemes and family corruption.  

Joe Biden does not have the physical stamina or mental capabilities to remain as President.  The man is 78 years old, which is not a problem; but in his case, it is a problem.  We see during staged speeches that he can barely read the teleprompter.  It is actually very sad to watch.  So the march to removal has begun.  I predicted that there would be a drip campaign.  Ironically, the only thing standing between Biden remaining in office and being removed are the Republicans in Congress that would also have to vote to remove him.  National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State want him gone because the thought of having the first woman of color as President is just too wonderful for them to resist using the 25th Amendment to remove him.  This notion of taking away Biden's sole power to use nuclear weapons is just the first step to remove Biden from office.  Biden must defend the Presidency and not allow this to happen even if it cost him his job.    


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Crisis At The Border

Waves of Illegal Aliens including unaccompanied minors are showing up at our border and crossing over.  What the hell did Joe Biden and the National Socialists think would happen when they announced that we now have an open border.  And, this is just the start of the thousands on the way in Caravans that we will see in the spring and summer.  In the next 12 months, Biden will be dealing with a million or more illegal aliens claiming Fake Asylum because the human traffickers and the Catholic Church helping them have given them the script to say when they turn themselves in to border guards.  

So now Biden has to put these accompanied minors into the "cages" that Obama built to house them.  It was Trump that actually closed down the facilities with the chain link fences.  Biden has opened them back up.  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) is referring to these faculties as concentration camps.  But what can Biden do.  Unless and until he can find foster homes for these children, the federal government must care for them.   Oh, I know.  Biden should just check with Marriott to see about vacancies.  Their hotel brands have plenty of empty rooms because of Covid.  Just set those rooms up as dormitories to house these children.  I am sure that what few guests the hotels have now will just love having these illegal alien children staying in rooms next to them held as prisoners. 

This Blogger is not sure if Biden is just stupid, or his dementia is so bad that he can't see the consequences of his actions.  It could be both.  Biden and his National Socialist Pals have created a real crisis at the border that will just get worse as the warmer months hit and the Caravan season starts.  We are facing an invasion at our Southern Border. They are officially illegal aliens under the law not undocumented workers.  And, the proposed new head of the DOJ, Merrick Garland, just does not know if crossing our border illegally is a crime.  The laws on the books make it a crime.  Garland is not ready to head the DOJ.  He may have been an ok judge; but he appears to be clueless about our laws.  A federal judge Thankfully just ruled that Biden cannot stop deportations of illegal alien criminals by Executive Order.  We are in for some very tough times with Biden in office.  Poor Joe is in way over his head drowning.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

National Socialists Target Fox, Newsmax and OANN

Fascist National Socialists in Congress are demanding that cable companies cancel Fox, Newsmax and OANN.  While Fox still has a several Conservative commentators like Hannity, Ingraham, Levin,  Hilton and Carlson, day time Fox is now part of Fake News.  However, Newsmax and OANN, both growing viewers are the alternative to Fake News.  These are the only two news channels on cable focused on Trump voters; basically half the country.   This is part of the Cancel Culture we see happening all over the country in an attempt to silence those that oppose the National Socialist agenda.  It has to stop!

The National Socialists are playing with fire.  First, the cable companies are not likely to comply because the backlash in cancellations would be huge.  They would lose millions of customers and they know it.  Customers are the basis for ad dollars so it would cost them millions of dollars every week.  Fortunately, money still talks, however, the pressure could become intense. 

Aside from the negative impact on the 2022 and 2024 elections against the National Socialists,  any attempt to silence their opposition could lead to violent protests.  As they investigate the riot and attack that occurred at the Capitol on January 6,  Congress is failing to ask the question, what could cause normally law abiding citizens to attack the Capitol.  While we know now that there were some Antifa types involved in the attack on the Capitol, others that presumably were Trump supporters support law and order.  And, while the people who implemented the attack should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, it is important to explore what pushed them over the edge to the extent of risking jail time.  

The answer is the Cancel Culture we see happening everyday.  People can only take so much.  And, to say that these people were all White Supremist racist is absurd.  While this was clearly an organized well planned attack, that had nothing to do with Trump's speech that day, no doubt some people just got caught up in the moment.  Half the country will not tolerate the National Socialist agenda.  Hopefully, they will fight back with their votes; but that only works if people believe there is election integrity.  If there in no belief in free and fair elections, our country is at risk.  The Deep State Establishment better heed the warning signs.  

Monday, February 22, 2021

Coca Cola Tells Employees To Be "Less White"

Coca Cola has told its White employees to be "less White".   What the hell does that mean?  Just imagine if Coke had told its Black employees to be "less Black".  There would be protests maybe even riots, lawsuits and boycotts.  This notion is the worst kind of stereo typing and prejudice we have seen in generations.  The premise assumes that all White people are the same, which is ridiculous.  

In fact, there is no White person who is identical to any other White person unless they are an identical twin and even then there can be all sorts of differences.  White people like all people come in various nationalities, religions, political persuasions, sexual orientations and economic classes.   Telling White employees to be "less White" is just plain stupid.  How could any White person continue working for Coke.  

Why is it that big companies headquartered in the US are part of the cancel culture in an attempt to be "woke".  Are they afraid they will be targeted by the National Socialists,  Fake News, the Deep State,  BLM and Antifa because they earn billions in profits and want to keep it that way.  What we have in the United States today is the same Fascism that existed in Germany after Hitler took power in 1933.  Big German companies, still in existence today bought into Nazi ideology because they benefited from it.  The same thing is happening in the United States as just 50 global companies headquartered in the US control 50% of our GDP.  

These same companies and many others have huge multi billion dollar contracts with local, state and the federal governments.  To get that business, they must support the National Socialist ideology.   Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  That means these big companies must buy into all of this politically correct BS and the Cancel Culture.  But don't they realize that they are offending many of their customers, basically half the country that will stop buying their products.  Pretty dumb.  

To be clear, everyone is an individual.  We have to stop the identity politics that is destroying our country.  There are good and bad people in every color.  Whatever happened to MLK's speech about being "judged by the content of our character" and not the color of our skin.  MLK had it exactly right.  What is happening in the US today is just plain crazy and destructive.  A huge backlash is coming in 2022 and 2024.  All of this plays right into President Trump's hands in his battle for America First and the MAGA agenda.  The culture war is a loser for big companies.  

Sunday, February 21, 2021

War Is Coming In The Middle East

Naïve Joe Biden is going back into the deal with Iran that was supposed to prevent them from having nuclear weapons.  First of all, that deal negotiated by brie eating, kept man John Kerry when he was Obama's Secretary of State is a foreign treaty, which should have been approved by two thirds of the Senate as required by our Constitution, so it is illegal.  The Iran Nuclear deal should be challenged by Republicans in the Congress if they had any guts.   In any case, it was a stupid deal when Kerry did it and it is a stupid deal now because it will not prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. 

But what has changed since then is the Abraham Accords, negotiated while Trump was President, which has united Israel with various Sunni Arab countries, all mortal enemies of Iran.  Together they will NEVER allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.  So if Biden moves to allow Iran to gain these weapons with the delivery system to attack various Arab countries and or Israel, they will together strike to destroy Iran's nuclear capability sooner than later.  So what will Biden and the Europeans do?  Defend Iran, the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism?  That would be impossible.  Congress would never allow it. 

And, if Israel does strike, there is a good chance that they will use their tactical nuclear weapons against hardened sites to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.  The only question is how quick can Israel with Saudi help take out missile installations to prevent any Iranian counter attack in advance of the Israeli attack on Iran.  This will happen the day before the Israeli missiles and planes hit the air.  Joe Biden is too stupid to see this train coming.  No doubt Hezbollah and Hamas, terrorist organizations and Iranian surrogates surrounding Israel will strike Israel in retaliation with thousands of rockets that they have stock piled.  Israel will use its Iron Dome as a shield; but it will not be enough.  This will cause Israel to take them out with no mercy in Southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.   The end result will be thousands of deaths both in these locations and in Iran.  

Biden is clueless.  He will be powerless to stop any of this.  Biden is certainly not going to attack Israel because Congress would never approve it.  So short of some kind of sanctions at the UN, which Biden would probably support as long as it does not prevent weapons sales to Israel,  Biden will not be able to stop the carnage.  This would never have happened while Trump was President.  It is going to happen now because weak Joe Biden is in the Oval Office.  

Saturday, February 20, 2021

In Defense of Western Civilization & United States History

To recognize the 400th anniversary of the introduction of slavery into America in 1619, the New York Times concocted the 1619 Project, which claims that the United States was actually founded in 1619 rather than 1776 and was totally predicated on slavery.  That is a ridiculous notion.  This is the worst kind of revisionist history because it preaches hatred of Western Civilization and all Whites that are deemed as White Supremists and Racists.  Sadly, this nonsense is being taught in many public school today as White children are being shamed for being White.  This is crazy and it has to stop! 

Many of those 100 global companies that control 50% of our Gross Domestic Product, including Big Tech, as well as, the Deep State, Fake News and the National Socialists have bought into this ideology based on hate and "systemic racism", which they claim is prevalent in America.  The fact that we have elected our first Black President and now Vice President does not seem to matter to these haters.  

First, I must defend Western Civilization beginning with the Greek and Roman empires and then including the "peoples of the book", the Bible and Koran, Christians, Jews and Muslims.   It was Western Civilization that brought us advancements in democracy, the arts, the sciences, mathematics, literature, technology, architecture, modern languages and religion.   Bad things happened throughout world history including slavery, wars, diseases, pestilence etc.  But the fact is that along the way, many good things happened too that far outweigh the bad things.  Only history denyers choose to cherry pick those things that support their hate filled ideology.  

Next, no question that slavery was evil.  As an institution in the US it lasted from 1619 to 1865; or 246 years.  And, there is no question that freed Blacks experienced horrible discrimination and even murder thanks to the White Democrats in the South that originally enslaved them and the Republicans that looked the other way after the Civil War in doing political deals that allowed for Jim Crow laws that was legalized segregation.  No real historian would deny any of this.  

But to say that Slaves built America is just plain wrong.  It is true that prior to the end of slavery, slaves were used for manual labor in building plantations and other buildings in the South and even related to buildings in Washington DC including the White House.  But the fact is that most of the slave labor in the South was to support agriculture, the growing of cotton, tobacco, rice and other crops.  The industrial North was predicated on free labor not slave labor.  

And further, the growth of the America we know today occurred after the Civil War with the building of the transcontinental railroad finished in 1869 primarily built by European immigrants and the Chinese.  The industrialization of the United States that we know today began in the 1880's and really took place in the 20th century long after slavery was outlawed.  There was the great migration of Blacks from the South to Northern cities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to work in factories and big construction projects along side immigrants from the poorest countries in Europe and Asia.  Together they built the America we know today.   

All Americans, including Blacks should oppose the 1619 Project because it is racist ideology based on lies that only serves to divide our country.   It is revisionist Fake History at a time when we need to recognize the truth about American history both good and bad.  The fact is that the American people of all races, nationalities and religions have built the greatest country in human history.  We will either remain as one nation under God, or we will be no more.  

Friday, February 19, 2021

Covid Virus Fake News - Just Another Big Government Socialist Scheme

Sadly, the entire Covid Virus story was politicized in the last year to defeat President Trump.  The National Socialists, RINOS, Federal Bureaucracy, Big Tech and Fake News have changed the story almost daily.  So, now we are told schools can open whether staff are vaccinated or not because kids are not carriers.  The Deep State put parents and kids through a year of misery not to mention little learning when we were told that schools absolutely could not open.  And, now that public school teachers are used to working part time and getting paid for full time, naturally they don't want to go back to work in the classroom.  

Businesses have been destroyed by mandatory closings when in fact we see that there is little difference in incidence of Covid rates whether in lock down states, or states open for business.  The fact is that people who get Covid either have no symptoms, mild symptoms, or flu like symptoms.  Only about 2% end up in hospitals and about half of them die of the virus.  And, of those that do die 70% are 70 and over with other health problems.  Naturally, any death other than from natural causes is tragic; but these numbers were never a reason to destroy our economy and people lives.  

The American Medical Association came out recently to tell us that the malaria pill cocktail was just fine to treat Covid as has been happening successfully all over the world.  Of course, Big Pharma suppressed this solution for an entire year because it cost pennies and they are making billions on the vaccine and other treatments.  

And, then there is Governor Cuomo in New York who sent infected nursing home patients back into their nursing homes rather than putting them in the empty hospital ship and Javits Centers, which Trump put in place to deal with Covid patients in New York.  Thousands of people died because of Cuomo's stupid decision.  

Now they are saying that one shot may be enough providing more than 90% effectiveness.  The second shot only gets us another 4 or 5% effectiveness so why bother.  But just a few weeks ago the CDC and Fauci were saying that the first shot only got us 70% effectiveness.  The fact is that they are all clueless.  It is all BS.  

Joe Biden said he would "follow the science" unless of course it does not meet the National Socialist game plan requiring that we continue to deal with a crisis to get trillions more in pork barrel spending.  The reality is that we have been dealing with Covid Virus Fake News for a year.  We can't believe what the government is telling us because the story changes frequently. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Joe Biden - Dementia Is Showing

 Joe Biden did a town hall meeting of sorts with Fake News Anderson Cooper on CNN.  And even with soft ball questions, Biden appeared confused an unable to deal with facts.  Biden said there was no Covid vaccine when he took office even though he and his wife Jill got the shot on December 21, 2020, a month before his inauguration.  

And  now,  we hear that his Vice President Kamela Harris is making calls to world leaders.  That is highly unusual.  It took Biden about a month to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  our closest ally in the Middle East.  President Trump called Netanyahu on his second day in office.  There seems to be some confusion in the White House related to when public schools are going to open.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that schools could fully open now with or without staff being vaccinated.  The reason is that children are not at risk of getting Covid and are not typically transmitters.  How convenient that we are just now hearing this a few months after the election.  These characters have caused misery for millions of parents and children.  Fauci and others should be fired.

In the mean time, forget the science, Biden's Press Secretary said the goal is to have the schools open at least 1 day a week by the end of Biden's first 100 days in office.   Biden goes on CNN and says that is Fake News and that his Press Secretary is wrong.  Biden needs to tell that to the teachers unions that are refusing to have their members go back to work.  Why should they, they getting paid full time for part time work.  How sweet it is. 

Biden clearly cannot carry on a full schedule.  He probably needs an afternoon nap, which is not uncommon for a 78 year old man.  This handlers will not allow him out too much because when they do, Biden's dementia becomes very obvious.  This Blogger is predicting that one way or another Biden will not be President 12 months from now.  He will either die of natural causes, be forced to resign as a result of his Pay to Play Scheme with China, or be forced out of office for medical reasons under the 25th Amendment.  I am taking bets.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh - A Conservative Icon & American Hero

Rush Limbaugh succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 70.  Rush probably had more influence on the Conservative movement in the last 30 years that any single individual.  Rush always spoke Truth to Power; but he did it with charm and humor, which is probably the reason millions listened in every day on over 600 radio stations all over the country.  Rush Limbaugh refused to be cancelled when dealing with the National Socialists, Communists, Fake News and the Deep State, which is the reason they hated him so much.  In fact, rather than just saying Rest in Peace and acknowledging his success whether then liked him or not, they still attack Rush Limbaugh even in death.  These are truly hateful, disgusting, evil people.  

But it is ok.  If it was possible, there would be millions of people at Rush Limbaugh's funeral who would be honored more than any other person in modern history.   Half the country, the thinking half loved Rush Limbaugh because he loved them and showed it every single day on the radio.  There will never be another Rush Limbaugh who can fill his shoes.  May Rush Limbaugh Rest In Peace.  

Or, is there someone we all know and love just as much.  What if President Donald J. Trump took over Rush Limbaugh's radio show.  Rush's studio just happens to be in Palm Beach, Florida not far from Mar-A-Lago.  How convenient.  Rush had 50 million listeners.  75 million Americans voted for President Trump.  Trump had more than 80 million Twitter followers before Big Tech cancelled him.  I would bet the reason Trump is not yet on Parler, which is back and running is that they can't yet handle his daily volume.  They need more servers; but no doubt now that Parler is back in business, those servers are coming.  They are not going to pass up Trump's 80 million followers.  

Just imagine President Donald Trump on the radio every day preaching his MAGA and American First Agenda.  And, then there will be Trump's daily commentary on the Biden Presidency and the National Socialists in power.  Further, Trump can use the radio to endorse Trump Republicans for office.  This is better than having a huge rally everyday.  It will drive Fake News, the National Socialists, RINOS and the Deep State crazy.  We just can't wait.  This would be the best entertainment in the country.   We are sorry to see Rush Limbaugh go to heaven so soon; but God has a plan.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Power Outage In 13 States

 A hundred year storm with freezing weather that has hit 13 states in the middle of the country and especially Texas has resulted in chaos and rolling black outs.   People are searching for fire wood to heat their homes because black outs are causing temperatures to drop to dangerous levels.  Texas that is sitting on abundant sources of natural gas has installed wind farms in the last several years.  Unfortunately, the wind turbines, probably made in China are frozen stuck in many areas so they are not producing energy.  The end result is a power grid that cannot supply enough electricity to various states to keep the power on.  

This should be a lesson learned first all.  First, global warming is no longer called that because we do have these instances of freezing weather.  So now the climate extremists call it "climate change" to cover all their bases in case things start to get really cold rather than really hot.  Second, it is clear that solar and wind power cannot be relied on to power a modern economy.   When the sun don't shine and the wind don't blow, there is no power.  And, in this case, even though the wind is blowing with extreme wind chill, the wind turbines are frozen and not moving.  

I suspect the state of Texas, as well as other states run by Republicans will respond accordingly to build more natural gas powered electric plants to make sure this sort of thing never happens again.  Don't expect it to happen in blue states run by National Socialists.  California, the Green New Deal State has been experiencing rolling back outs for months, yet Governor Gruesome has done nothing to stop it.  

The fact is, we need an all of the above energy strategy that includes nuclear, oil and natural gas, clean coal and renewables.   We need to make all energy sources safer, cleaner and cheaper to maintain our standard of living.  The Green New Deal will drive up energy prices, kill millions of jobs and result in a lower standard of living for all Americans.  This is a road to rolling black outs.  All we have to do is look to California to see the story.  And, now with this climate emergency, we also see the end result in other states.  

Monday, February 15, 2021

Fancy Nancy Pelosi - What Did She Know

There is evidence that Speaker of the House Fancy Nancy Pelosi was advised at least three days before January 6 that the Capitol Building needed more security in view of the thousands of people coming to Washington DC for the Trump Rally.  The Capitol Police asked for the National Guard to be stationed at the Capitol for that day.  President Trump offered to call up 10,000 National Guard troops days before January 6.  The question is what did Fancy Nancy Pelosi, who was ultimately in charge of Capitol security know and when did she know it.   We know now that Pelosi and other National Socialists did not like the "optics" of having the Guard surrounding the Capitol.  If true, what a dope. 

Now of course after the fact, thousands of National Guard troops are stationed at the Capitol behind high fences with barbed wire to protect members of Congress.  So if Fancy Nancy Pelosi knew there could be trouble, why on earth would she have declined President Trump's offer to send in the Guard. Obviously, Trump had no problem using the Guard to protect the White House, so clearly he would have had no problem using the Guard to protect the Capitol.  

So now there will be a Commission to investigate what really happened before and on January 6.  We must be skeptical because anything that will make the National Socialists and especially Fancy Nancy Pelosi look bad could end up being swept under the rug in a cover up.   And certainly Fake News will never report the truth including the probability that there were BLM and Antifa Terrorists present during the riot and attack on the Capitol.  

Fancy Nancy Pelosi and the National Socialists hated President Donald Trump so much that they may have actually allowed the attack on the Capitol.  Forgive me for doubting their patriotism; but we have seen time and again the power of never ending Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred.  Further, we know that we cannot trust those that are part of the Deep State to tell the truth.  

Abraham Lincoln - The Real History

As we celebrate President's Day, Abraham Lincoln is recognized as one of our greatest Presidents for "saving" the Union.   However, since most people in the United States know little of our history, there is a lot about Lincoln that they just don't know.  First, Lincoln was elected with just 39% of the vote.  He was not even on the ballot in the 10 Southern states.  So in no way did Lincoln represent a majority of public opinion.  The election of Lincoln actually caused the Civil War, though in fairness the roots of the Civil War occurred from the very first day with the compromises necessary to adopt the Constitution and then many other compromises to keep the Union together in the years thereafter.  

As one solution to ending slavery, Lincoln actually proposed sending all the slaves back to Africa.  Since by the time of the Civil War, there were almost 4 million slaves in the United States including some in the North, that idea just was not practical.  Prior to the Civil War, Lincoln was perfectly content to allow slavery where it then existed thinking it would eventually die out, which with mechanization would probably have been true.  The Civil War was really about extending slavery to the new states, which came with Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase and Polk's Mexican American War when the United States finally stretched coast to coast.  

Lincoln was actually one of the most hated Presidents in our history during his years in office.  The Republican Party actually asked him not to run for a second term because the war was going so poorly.  One of the reasons Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in January, 1863 was to encourage slaves to escape the South to join the Union Army.  It was really a tactical decision designed to weaken the South, not just one out of any special morality.  

Lincoln approved the devastation of the South to win the war, which caused generations of hatred in the South of the North.   He suspended Habeas Corpus requiring that charges actually be filed to put someone in jail.   In the process, Lincoln put thousands of people in the North who opposed the war in jail.  Lincoln was as close to a dictator we have ever had in the United States.   The Civil War to save the Union was one of the bloodiest wars ever fought by the US as 620,000 people on both sides were killed, more than any other conflict in American history.  

While Lincoln saved the Union and freed the slaves, the end result of Reconstruction and deals made between the Republican and Democrat Parties led to more than 100 years of Jim Crow laws allowing for legal discrimination that resulted in no freedom for Blacks in the South.  In fact, in many ways they were worse off living in poverty and many were lynched.  There is a direct connection between Lincoln, Johnson, Grant and Hayes decisions and the formation of the Klan to harm Blacks.  

Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest President; but like much in the American story, we should separate myths from facts.  Lincoln saved the Union at huge cost and we continue to pay the price today in terms of BLM and Antifa riots, looting and arson on our streets.  History does not begin and end.  It just continues to reflect both good and bad decisions by our leaders along the way.  

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Gutless RINOS - Gone With The Wind

The Deep State National Socialist Impeachment circus has come to an end with 57 Senators including 7 RINOS voting Guilty and 43 Republicans voting Not Guilty.  It would have taken 67 Senator voting Guilty to Convict President Trump of a crime he did not commit.  Hence, Trump has been acquitted for the second time.  This should bring more than 4 years of Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred to an end; but most likely the National Socialists and RINOS will probably now vote for meaningless Censure of Trump, which will have no legal ramifications.  And, then we might see civil litigation and perhaps even actions by the Department of Justice or Socialist state Attorney Generals alleging any number of crimes that will lead nowhere; but it does make for good Fake News.  

And, just so you know, based on estimates, it appears that both Trump Impeachment trials may have cost tax payers $15 million or more and that does not include the salaries of members of Congress and or other operating expenses.  Of course, that is chump, chump, chump change in 
Washington DC and we are the chumps.  

The real losers in all of this aside from tax payers are the 10 House Republicans and 7 RINO Senators, Romney, Murkowski, Sasse, Kassidy, Collins, Burr and Toomey.  Burr and Toomey are already not running for reelection so they are thinking of their next paid gig; but the others will be primaried if they choose to run for re-election.  Many of them will be Gone with the Wind.  State Republican Parties have already chosen to censure these RINOS.  They will not be able to show their faces at any state Republican functions.  Since they voted for Impeachment and in the Senate for Conviction, they are viewed as dupes of the National Socialists and the Deep State.  They will be the darlings of Fake News clamoring to interview them to bash Trump; but with every interview they will be more hated by the base of the Republican Party.  

What these RINOS do not understand is that 90% of Republicans still support President Trump and his America First MAGA agenda.  We do not support Establishment Country Club Republicans like these RINOS.  And that half the country still believes the election was stolen from Trump.  That will not change no matter how often the Socialists, RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State claim otherwise.  Other Big Losers in all of this are RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Congresswoman Liz Cheney and former Vice President Mike Pence.  The vast majority of Republicans see them as traitors, since they did not stand up to defend President Trump and or fight for election integrity.  Their political careers are over.  

They have no future in the Republican Party; but not to worry, the Deep State will take very good care of them.  The same is true for any other RINOS that will lose their reelection campaigns.  They will end up as paid lobbyists, working for Think Tanks, or on Fake News, or in the case of RINO Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain who endorsed Biden as Ambassadors.  The Deep State always takes care of their own, which is just part of the corruption we see in Washington DC because they are all feeding at the trough.  Most important, the Republican Party must be cleansed of gutless RINOS.  They are not welcome in the Trump Republican Party.  We can expect Trump to hit the campaign trail in the coming months to get the job done in 22 and 24.  

Friday, February 12, 2021

Time To Impeach Biden - Harris & Other Socialists

After watching the Deep State National Socialist Impeachment Circus, it is pretty clear that based on the bar set by the Socialists that when the Republicans regain control of Congress, there will be grounds to Impeach Biden if he is still President, Harris as President or Vice President and many other Socialists for inciting violence among many other crimes.  The Executive Orders that Biden has issued to allow the invasion of our country by Illegal Aliens in violation of our immigration laws should be one count for Impeachment.  

But there are many others as well.  Re-entering the Paris Climate Accord, a foreign treaty without ratification by the Senate is count two.  Destroying our Energy Industry should be count three.  Using tax payer monies to pay for abortion infanticide both within the United States and around the world should be count 4.   Allowing Antifa and BLM Terrorists to riot, loot and burn down our cities should be count. 5.  Surrendering our national interests to China should be count 6. The list goes on and on.  

And, by extension since Kamela Harris is part of the Biden administration and therefore complicit in these crimes, she would have to be Impeached too.  And, then there are the other Socialists in Congress and state governments that have endorsed and supported Antifa and BLM Terrorists even donating money to bail them out of jail.  They have acted to "incite" riots, looting and arson in the name of "fighting" for equality.  Sadly, gutless RINOS would never move to Impeach these criminals, which is why RINOS must be primaried to elect Trump Republicans in order to get the job done.  Republicans must learn to play the same game as the National Socialists.  Politics is not bean bags.  We need Republicans on the field that are tough and ready for pay back time from 4 years of Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred.  We need to give what they gave.  Never forgive and never forget.  

The good news is that Trump Legal Defense team obliterated the House Impeachment Managers.  The Socialists were a bunch of clowns.  Of course, Trump will not be convicted of any crime because he did not commit any crime.   The second Impeachment circus will end.  The National Socialist will try for Censure and preventing Trump from ever running for office again; but that would take 60 votes to get it out of the Senate to even vote on it.  Whoa with any Republican that votes against Trump.  They will be gone with the wind in the next election.  

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Deep State Impeachment Circus - Just More TDS

First to be clear, the attack on the Capitol building on January 6 was a horrible crime.  The few hundred people who ransacked the Capitol building causing deaths, injuries and destruction should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  The same is true for the Antifa and BLM Terrorists that have participated in more than 275 riots, looting and burning down our cities destroying many businesses in the process.   They need to go to jail too because the people impacted by their crimes are just as harmed as the aggrieved members of Congress.  

All of that said, there were several hundred thousand Trump supporters in DC peacefully protesting what half the country believes was election fraud in 2020.  President Trump in no way told them to go to the Capitol building to implement an invasion or insurrection.  Trump told them to protest "peacefully to make their voices heard".  Trump has said many times we have to "fight" for our country to Make America Great Again.  The fact is that a few hundred people implemented a coordinated plan of attack that had nothing to do with the peaceful demonstration that was going on that day.  Matter of fact, bombs were placed at both the Republican and Socialist Party Headquarters in DC the night before.  And, there is some evidence that Antifa types infiltrated the group that invaded the Capitol.  

All of this is pending an investigation by the FBI and DOJ.  And, assuming there is no Deep State cover up, which is always possible, perhaps sometime in the future, we will know the whole truth.  The real question is why was there a lack of security that should have been there to protect the Capitol, when they knew this attack was coming days in advance of it.  Trump offered to bring in 10,000 National Guard troops days before and the offer was turned down.  We need to get to the bottom of all of this to learn the facts. 

In the meantime and long before the investigation has been completed. the National Socialists in the House have impeached President Trump for a second time without due process.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred knows no end.  It has been on display for four years since the moment Trump and Melania came down that escalator in 2015.  The Deep State including National Socialists, RINOS, Fake News, the Federal Bureaucracy and the largest companies in our countries, all feeding at the trough, have been out to destroy Trump from the day he was elected.  It has been 7/24 TDS because they could not control Trump through the usual corruption and bribes prevalent in our political system.  And, Trump achieved huge accomplishments that the America Last crowd opposed.  Follow the money for the real story.  

Their real goal now is to prevent Trump from running for reelection because he would be eligible to do so in 2024.  The Deep State is scared to death of Trump and his 75 million voters basically half the country whom they are attempting to silence and cancel.  Fortunately, unless Republicans turn gutless which is always possible, there should be enough Republicans in the Senate to stop the unconstitutional Impeachment and conviction.  Therefore, this Impeachment like the first one is just another National Socialist Circus.  But they better be careful because there is already grounds to impeach Biden as soon as Republicans gain control of Congress.  There will be pay back time.  

Expect Trump to hit the campaign trail within 6 months to work on the 2022 election.  Those RINOS that voted for Impeachment will all be primaried.  They will be gone with the wind.  Whether Trump runs in 2024 or not, only Republicans that support Trump's MAGA America First Agenda are electable.  We have not heard the last of Donald Trump, which is what scares the hell out of the Deep State.   

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

9 Million Small Businesses Gone By The End of 2021

The Federal Reserve recently reported that 9 million small businesses will be gone by the end of the 2021 without more federal help.   This is roughly 30% of the 30 million small businesses in the US.  The two Payroll Protection Programs implemented in the last year are just not enough money to keep these businesses going since many have been on lock down for a year and or experienced far less business than normal.  Small businesses like many people live paycheck to paycheck.  Without revenues coming in the door every week, there is no way to pay the bills.  This is especially true because Small Businesses often do not have access to bank credit and certainly not enough credit to get them through a year of little or no revenues.

PPP Loans basically covered two months of expenses each time the program has been implemented in the last year.  It was too little too late. So specific to the formulas, Small Businesses may have gotten enough money to get them through four - five months of little or no revenues.  The pandemic is now a year old.  The Science keeps changing.  Now the CDC says, it is fine for teachers to go back to school, with or without Covid vaccinations.  The dislocation of closing schools on the economy has been huge.  The American Medical Association now says it is fine for doctors to prescribe the cheap malaria pill cocktail for those that get Covid that other countries have been using for months to save lives.  How convenient that this information is now coming out just a few weeks after the election.  

Small businesses have been destroyed because of very bad government policies that allowed big businesses to stay open while Small Businesses were required to close.  It is very clear that if Small Businesses have any chance of surviving, the federal government will have to go way beyond the PPP Loans that are just not enough money for Small Businesses to get to the end of 2021.  And, the states must open up for business Now.   People most at risk are getting vaccinated.   We can wear masks, wash our hands and social distance; but one thing is sure, Small Businesses cannot wait for the pandemic to be completely over because they will be gone.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Political Violence In America

Political violence in America is nothing new beginning with the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution itself.  Shortly thereafter, in 1794, Americans in Pennsylvania staged the Whiskey Rebellion to protest the federal imposition of a tax on Whiskey.  In fact, President Washington himself led the army to put down the rebellion.  In 1859, John Brown and his followers attacked Harper's Ferry military arenol in an attempt to abolish slavery.  The founders were so fearful of rebellion that President John Adams and Congress enacted the Alien and Sedition act to deny freedom of speech to many, which was later repealed as unconstitutional.  And, then there was the Civil War, which from the South's perspective was all about state's rights.  And, let's not forget that four Presidents, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy were assassinated, while there have many other attempted Presidential assassinations.  

Political violence by the Klan against Blacks occurred in the South and even some cities in the North for decades after slavery.  Native Americans, Jews and various White immigrant groups have suffered political violence as well.   Those attempting to form labor unions were often murdered.  World War I soldiers marched on Washington during the Depression demanding their pensions.  The army was called out by President Hoover to break up the protests.  Political violence has been a part of American history since our founding. 

Aside from some who are just deranged, Americans have taken up one cause or another in the name of freedom and very often the end result has been political violence.  The difference today is the power of social media.  Many on the right believe their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights are threatened.  Many on the left believe they have been the subject of discrimination and that Capitalism is their enemy.  Those attempting to impose the Cancel Culture on America will cause violent clashes between the left and the right. If it does not stop, violence is inevitable.  The Antifa and BLM riots, looting and arson we have seen on our streets for more than a year is political violence and it must be stopped and condemned.  This violence is just as bad to the people impacted as the attack on the Capitol.  

The good news is that for now, for the most part, those aggrieved rely on elections to express their grievances and opinions.  However, election integrity is now an issue, which is why we cannot have another repeat of the 2020 election where half the country still believes the election was stolen from President Trump by voter fraud. 

Free and Fair elections are the only way to prevent political violence, which is why we must have voter ID and more controls in place to guarantee election integrity.  If the people lose faith in our elections, all bets are off.  In a recent poll, just 16% of American said they believe our democracy is working.  Elected officials of all pollical parties better take a hard look at the grievances of both the left and the right.  Government is too big and too intrusive.  The National Socialists are attempting to make government even bigger and more intrusive, which will not be acceptable to half the country.  There are legitimate issues related to income inequality; but the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  The poor are poor because they lack marketable job skills and far too many babies of all colors are born to mother's out of wedlock, which more often than not leads to poverty.  This is not a call for more abortions; but rather a call for clearly identifying the problem and social responsibility.  

Public Schools are not doing the job in our inner cities, which is why we must have school choice so that poor inner city kids have private and charter school options.  Education is the key to income inequality not more big government programs that have failed for decades.  To prevent political violence, the root causes of grievances must be addressed.  The answer is not more big government surveillance, which just adds fuel to the fire.  Otherwise, while not justifiable ever, we will see more political violence on our streets in keeping with American history.  

Monday, February 8, 2021

Green New Deal - Energy Prices & China

Beijing Biden is moving forward with the Green New Deal by Executive Order.  Re-entering the Paris Climate Accords, which should be challenged in the courts is a disaster for America and a gift to China rapped in a red bow.  Attempting to kill carbon energy by ending pipelines and oil and gas leases on federal land, will lead to dependence on foreign sources.  We will go from being energy independent under Trump actually exporting energy to paying out billions of dollars every year to foreign countries.  This is another America Last strategy from the Obama years that is as dumb as it gets.  

Experts are now predicting that electricity prices will double in the next few years because wind and solar cannot power a modern economy so relying on them creates redundancy that rate payers will be paying for.  Gas prices are likely to surge to $5 or more a gallon.  The end result in all of this is a lower standard of living for all Americans as we must pay much more for energy, which means less disposable income for other things important to many families like food and housing.  But don't worry, the National Socialists will soon propose energy subsidies for poor and middle class Americans to deal with the problem that they have created.   This is what occurs in Europe.  

The National Socialists just don't care.  They want people poor and unemployed because misery is their ticket to power.  They are now talking about guaranteed income whether people work or not.  This is Welfare and Food Stamps on steroids.  We already have a $22 Trillion National Debt and more than $100 Trillion sitting there in unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare; both headed toward insolvency.  If all the wealth in the country was confiscated from everyone not just the rich, there is not enough wealth in the entire country to pay for all of this.  

It is as though the National Socialist intentionally are out to cause the economic collapse of the United States.  After causing chaos, their real goal is to create a Fascist or Communist nation.  If that happens all bets are off.  It would likely lead to the dissolution of the United States.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened many times in world history.  If history is our teacher, there is not going to be a good end to this story.  

Sunday, February 7, 2021

No Divide In The Republican Party

Talk by the National Socialists, RINOS and Fake News about the "divide" in the Republican Party is wishful thinking.  There is no divide in the Republican Party.  President Trump has reshaped the Republican Party in his MAGA America First Image.  Republicans that do not adhere to that image will be primaried.  Establishment Country Club Republicans cannot win elections because they do not represent the base of the Trump Republican Party, or for that matter the majority of voters.  RINOS that voted to impeach President Trump will not survive the next election cycle.  They will be gone with the win. 

While RINO Congresswoman Liz Cheney may have survived a challenge related to her leadership position in the House, she has been censured by the Republican Party in her home state of Wyoming.  They have called for her to resign.  Cheney makes matters worse for herself every time she opens her mouth condemning Trump.  Trump carried Wyoming by more than 70% of the vote.  A credible Republican primary challenger has already emerged to challenge Cheney in 2022.  Cheney is down by 30 points  No doubt Establishment Republicans will support Cheney, but they are not the base of the party.  Liz Cheney might as well pack her bags now. 

Others RINOS like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Adam Kinzinger and the big mouths in the Lincoln Project do not speak for the Republican Party.  They are the darlings of Fake News paraded out and used to demonstrate the "divide" in the Republican Party.  Once again, there is no divide.  Once the bogus Impeachment trial in the Senate is concluded in the next few weeks, President Trump will be back on the road supporting primary challengers to get rid of these RINOS.  Expect to see Trump pulling up in his jet for huge rallies.  The apparatus is all there.  All Trump has to do is turn it on again.  

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Recovery Is Slowing - No Surprise

While fewer people filed for unemployment in the last few months, private sector job growth is dismal.  Beijing Biden is pointing to lackluster job growth, which he has caused as the reason for passage of his $1.9 Trillion SwindleUS Plan filled with pork for this Blue State pals.  This SwindleUs Plan is a National Socialist wish list of left wing government spending that has nothing to do with Covid.  This Blogger was thinking are National Socialists all just stupid history denyers that refuse to see that whenever job killing regulations are put in place and taxes are raised, the result is the same.  Little or no economic growth.

It happened during FDR's New Deal, which was actually a raw deal that did not end the Great Depression.  It happened during the Obama years as we saw the slowest recovery from the fiscal collapse since the Great Depression.  And, it is going to happen again because Biden is signing Executive Orders daily that are killing jobs while he proposes massive tax increases that will destroy private investment in our economy.  Biden is out to kill the carbon energy industry and that involves more than 5 million good paying often union jobs in our country.  Those jobs will not be replaced by Green Energy jobs because solar panels and wind turbines are produced in China and other places outside the United States because of cheap labor and lower taxes and environmental standards.  While Trump's actions led to energy independence for the United States for the first time in decades and actually exporting carbon energy, this year we will lose that independence as the price of gas surges to $5 a gallon, or more.  

Then all of a sudden it hit me.  National Socialists need more people living in poverty to stay in power to expand the size of government.  Think about it.  The New Deal gave us Welfare, Food Stamps and Social Security instead of private pension plans that government could not control.  The Obama years brought us failed ObamaCare, which is more government control over our health care and it did not lower premiums and deductibles.  In the process, ObamaCare increased the number of people on Medicaid, which is basically single payer free health and nursing home care for 75 million Americans.   

The National Socialists do not want to see the 3.5% unemployment rate achieved during the Trump years because it led to fewer people on Welfare and Food Stamps and the highest employment rate for minorities in American history.  We are currently at 6.3%, which is sufficient misery for the National Socialists to push for more big government programs; their ultimate goal.  Remember, they are Socialists.  This is what they do.  The last thing Beijing Biden and his pals want to see are fewer poor people.  The poor are their ticket to power.  

Friday, February 5, 2021

Biden & The Teacher Unions - Time For Action

The Center for Disease Control recently indicated that teachers can go back to work in person at school whether they are vaccinated or not.  The reason is that there is little risk of catching Covid from children.  They are not transmitters.  Matter of fact, teachers are more at risk going to Costco or Wal Mart.  How convenient that this is happening a few weeks after the election.  Since this is true, why have schools been shut down disrupting our economy and people's lives for months.  This is the reason Americans have so little trust in government and gadflies like Dr. Fauci who changes his story daily.    

It is time for Joe Biden to get his teacher union pals on the phone and demand that they cut the crap and get their members back in the classroom.  The time for on line learning is over and apparently it never should have happened anyway.  If there are older teachers more at risk related to Covid, they can go on disability.  However, Biden at this point is not taking a position.  

We are back to "Whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing".  The National Socialist Party and Joe Biden are owned by the teacher unions.  Biden would not dare cross them because they are the storm troopers needed at election time to get out the Socialist vote.  It is very clear that teacher unions do not care about kids.  Their mission in life is to get more pay for teachers with less work.  They oppose School Choice, which would benefit poor inner city kids and parents.  The teacher union are the new plantation owners only in this case inner city schools are the plantations holding kids hostage to pay teachers good salaries and great pensions to produce poor results.

Whatever!  It is time for Biden to man up and tell teacher unions to get those teachers back in the classrooms.  Kids have suffered enough in the last year from the isolation caused by on line education and the resultant lack of learning in many cases.   And, not one penny more for school districts that refuse to open their doors.   

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Beijing Biden's Low Approval Rating

In a recent Quinnipiac University Survey conducted January 28 - February 1, 49% of Americans say they approve of Beijing Biden's job performance.  36% disapprove and 16% are just not sure if Biden is doing a good job.   Given that Biden supposedly got 5 million more votes than Trump, one would think that Old Joe would have a higher approval rating at this point in time.   Of course, the fact that Biden won without carrying the states of Florida, Ohio and Texas, which is highly unusual may be one reason Biden is not doing to well.  

And, then there are all those job killing Executive Orders.  Implementing  America Last policies that are destroying good paying union jobs in the Energy Sector is not very popular.  Wait until gas hits $5 a gallon by the end of the year.  Shutting down building of the Wall killing those jobs too and then opening up our border to the illegal alien invasion that is coming does not play well in fly over country.  And, using tax payer dollars to pay for unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after both in the United States and overseas makes Biden a baby killer; so much for professing to be a "devout" Catholic.  Since at least half the country is pro life, that positioning is just pure evil.  Biden's order to allow transgender boys to compete in female sports just comes off as unfair.  Even liberal women's group oppose that stupidity.  Finally, Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUS Plan is full of pork for Biden's pals and bail out's for the Blue States with provisions that have nothing to do with Covid.  It is just a Socialist Free For All that is not playing well.  

If Joe Biden was smart, which is doubtful, he would tell the National Socialists to forget about the bogus impeachment trial of President Trump that is coming up in the Senate.   First, it is unconstitutional and second, it will fail.  Socialist Fancy Nancy Pelosi almost lost the House in the last election because of similar shenanigans.  The Socialists just come off as deranged.  And, since President Trump did get 75 million legitimate votes in the last election all it does is rile up half the country at a time when Joe Biden is preaching unity.   The fact is that unity is impossible anyway under any circumstances because we have irreconcilable differences on virtually every important issue.  The country has never been more divided and the National Socialists are doing everything they can to make it worse; hence Beijing Biden's low approval rating.  

The China Story - Stupid Is As Stupid Does

To quote Forest Gump related to China, "Stupid Is As Stupid Does".  Western and Asian companies and countries have stood by for years with the promise of access to China's huge market providing them with technology as the price for entry.  What technology China did not get as part of these deals, they often stole using cyber theft.  And, China has gone industry by industry becoming global competitors to those very same companies that provided them their technology.  While there are many examples, one of the best is the passenger train industry.  For many years, China was buying it passenger trains from global companies like Alstom, (France) Seimens (Germany), Hyundai (South Korea) and Kawasaki (Japan).  The US stopped making passenger trains years ago because we are a nation built on road and air travel.  

I don't blame China for being smart as they have become an industrial giant.  I fault Western and Asian companies and countries for being stupid and naïve.  This is what happens when publicly traded companies live quarter by quarter reporting earnings.  The thinking is very short term not looking out 10 - 20 years.  China always looks long term related to their global strategy.  Their goal is to have everything they need made in China.  So they target particular industries until they get there.  

So now, the Chinese Rail Company, China Railway Rolling Stock Corp basically controlled by the Chinese Communist government has an 83% market share of passenger rail cars beating out the very Western and Asian companies that for years sold them this equipment.  Alstom and Seimens attempted to merge to better compete; but the merger was not approved by the EU.  And, to China's credit, they are now building those rail cars in the United States in factories in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Springfield, Massachusetts for the US market.  As a result, they are creating jobs in the US, which is good.  But in the process because of Chinese government funding, they are able to undercut their Western Asian competitors to win business at lower prices.  

Right now China is focused on passenger rail; but they won't stop there.   It is only a matter of time before they start producing freight trains.  Currently, there are 4 American companies producing freight trains in the US.  They will be targeted in the future because that is a lucrative industry.  The passenger rail industry is a great example of the way China plays the game.  It is time for Western and Asian companies and countries to wake up rather than playing their game.  If not, it will be more "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" as China becomes the top economic and military power in the world.  

Monday, February 1, 2021

Whose Bread They Eat, Whose Song They Sing

When this Blogger was 18 years old, I attended the Watergate Hearings in 1968 in Washington DC.   While there,  I heard old Sam Ervin, the Senator from Alabama say, "whose bread they eat, whose song they sing".  I never forgot it.  This saying speaks to the corruption in the Deep State Swamp that has only gotten worse over the years.  Money talks in DC.  Big money talks the loudest.  Turns out that the Green Energy Industry, as well as, various organizations supporting the Climate Change agenda gave millions of dollars to Joe Biden for his Presidential campaign. 

Of course, in DC millions of dollars are chump change compared to the billions Biden raised for his campaign; but even so it was enough to get Biden signing Executive Orders to begin the destruction of the oil and gas industries and the thousands if not millions of good paying jobs that will disappear as a result of Biden's stupid actions.  The investment Green Energy made in Biden has paid off.  They are getting a terrific return on investment.  The National Socialists argue that the jobs killed in the carbon energy industry will be replaced by Green Energy jobs.  They are right.  Since China and other countries produce the solar panels and wind turbines needed to produce Green Energy, China is jumping for joy as Beijing Biden implements his America Last policies. 

Biden going back into the Paris Climate Accord is the nail in the coffin of both carbon energy jobs and American Green Energy jobs because the US will have to adhere to strict environmental standards that countries like China and India can ignore for decades.  This and the cost of labor creates a competitive disadvantage for American companies so that production will not happen in the US.  In addition, Biden wants to raise corporate income taxes in the US to 28%, which is higher than many other countries.  So again, Biden will cause American companies to push production overseas just like they did when 70,000 US factories were closed and 5 million jobs were shipped overseas.  

We all know Biden has dementia so perhaps he just does not recall the history on all of this.  It all happened during his watch in government for the last 47 years.  So here we go again.  We are going back to the future, when the US was dependent on foreign sources of energy.  Expect to see gas at $5 a gallon within a year, which will drive up the cost of everything.  And, we can kiss goodbye to millions of good paying jobs.  We have seen this story for years.  History is repeating itself because the National Socialists care more about China than people in the US.