Sunday, February 28, 2021

Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan

Shortly, the National Socialists in Congress will use Budget Reconciliation to push through Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan in the name of Covid Relief.   The fact is that only a small percentage of this money is going to deal with anything Covid related.  Most of these monies are going to pork barrel spending Socialist Schemes to fund Blue State mismanagement.  Monies from past Covid relief plans have not even all been spent yet; but that does not matter to the National Socialists that always operate on the premise of "never let a good crisis" that they created go to waste. 

The only good news in all of this is that the National Socialists will not be able to use this bill to enact the $15 minimum wage that would have killed millions of jobs.  It is against the rules as pronounced by the non partisan Senate Parliamentarian.  The fact is that state and federal governments created the Covid Recession by insisting on shutting down the economy for a year destroying thousands of businesses and millions of job in the process. And, though they always scream that they must "follow the science", even when the science now tells them that schools never needed to be closed because kids are not transmitters of Covid, the schools in many states are still closed because the teacher unions always demanding more and more have said NO.  They don't care about kids, or their parents and all the grief that they have caused.  And, since the National Socialists are owned by the teacher unions, you can forget about the science.  

This current SwindleUs Plan is going to support bankrupt blue state union pensions, pet projects, Planned Parenthood,  museums and arts centers and a million other things that have nothing to do with Covid.  Matter of fact if all states would just open up for business, other than the Covid related provisions in this SwindleUs Plan, all other monies could be eliminated.  Our National Debt is now at $28 Trillion and growing.  We are headed toward the bankruptcy of the United States when we will not be able to borrow any more to fund basic programs.  

When that happens, all bets are off.  It will lead to the dissolution of the United States as Red States secede from the union.  Anyone who thinks a break up of our country is impossible does not know world history.  The Soviet Union collapsed not because it was militarily weak, but because their economy collapsed.  Don't think it can't happen to the United States because it has happened many times in world history.  

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