Friday, February 5, 2021

Biden & The Teacher Unions - Time For Action

The Center for Disease Control recently indicated that teachers can go back to work in person at school whether they are vaccinated or not.  The reason is that there is little risk of catching Covid from children.  They are not transmitters.  Matter of fact, teachers are more at risk going to Costco or Wal Mart.  How convenient that this is happening a few weeks after the election.  Since this is true, why have schools been shut down disrupting our economy and people's lives for months.  This is the reason Americans have so little trust in government and gadflies like Dr. Fauci who changes his story daily.    

It is time for Joe Biden to get his teacher union pals on the phone and demand that they cut the crap and get their members back in the classroom.  The time for on line learning is over and apparently it never should have happened anyway.  If there are older teachers more at risk related to Covid, they can go on disability.  However, Biden at this point is not taking a position.  

We are back to "Whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing".  The National Socialist Party and Joe Biden are owned by the teacher unions.  Biden would not dare cross them because they are the storm troopers needed at election time to get out the Socialist vote.  It is very clear that teacher unions do not care about kids.  Their mission in life is to get more pay for teachers with less work.  They oppose School Choice, which would benefit poor inner city kids and parents.  The teacher union are the new plantation owners only in this case inner city schools are the plantations holding kids hostage to pay teachers good salaries and great pensions to produce poor results.

Whatever!  It is time for Biden to man up and tell teacher unions to get those teachers back in the classrooms.  Kids have suffered enough in the last year from the isolation caused by on line education and the resultant lack of learning in many cases.   And, not one penny more for school districts that refuse to open their doors.   

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