Friday, February 19, 2021

Covid Virus Fake News - Just Another Big Government Socialist Scheme

Sadly, the entire Covid Virus story was politicized in the last year to defeat President Trump.  The National Socialists, RINOS, Federal Bureaucracy, Big Tech and Fake News have changed the story almost daily.  So, now we are told schools can open whether staff are vaccinated or not because kids are not carriers.  The Deep State put parents and kids through a year of misery not to mention little learning when we were told that schools absolutely could not open.  And, now that public school teachers are used to working part time and getting paid for full time, naturally they don't want to go back to work in the classroom.  

Businesses have been destroyed by mandatory closings when in fact we see that there is little difference in incidence of Covid rates whether in lock down states, or states open for business.  The fact is that people who get Covid either have no symptoms, mild symptoms, or flu like symptoms.  Only about 2% end up in hospitals and about half of them die of the virus.  And, of those that do die 70% are 70 and over with other health problems.  Naturally, any death other than from natural causes is tragic; but these numbers were never a reason to destroy our economy and people lives.  

The American Medical Association came out recently to tell us that the malaria pill cocktail was just fine to treat Covid as has been happening successfully all over the world.  Of course, Big Pharma suppressed this solution for an entire year because it cost pennies and they are making billions on the vaccine and other treatments.  

And, then there is Governor Cuomo in New York who sent infected nursing home patients back into their nursing homes rather than putting them in the empty hospital ship and Javits Centers, which Trump put in place to deal with Covid patients in New York.  Thousands of people died because of Cuomo's stupid decision.  

Now they are saying that one shot may be enough providing more than 90% effectiveness.  The second shot only gets us another 4 or 5% effectiveness so why bother.  But just a few weeks ago the CDC and Fauci were saying that the first shot only got us 70% effectiveness.  The fact is that they are all clueless.  It is all BS.  

Joe Biden said he would "follow the science" unless of course it does not meet the National Socialist game plan requiring that we continue to deal with a crisis to get trillions more in pork barrel spending.  The reality is that we have been dealing with Covid Virus Fake News for a year.  We can't believe what the government is telling us because the story changes frequently. 

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