Monday, February 15, 2021

Fancy Nancy Pelosi - What Did She Know

There is evidence that Speaker of the House Fancy Nancy Pelosi was advised at least three days before January 6 that the Capitol Building needed more security in view of the thousands of people coming to Washington DC for the Trump Rally.  The Capitol Police asked for the National Guard to be stationed at the Capitol for that day.  President Trump offered to call up 10,000 National Guard troops days before January 6.  The question is what did Fancy Nancy Pelosi, who was ultimately in charge of Capitol security know and when did she know it.   We know now that Pelosi and other National Socialists did not like the "optics" of having the Guard surrounding the Capitol.  If true, what a dope. 

Now of course after the fact, thousands of National Guard troops are stationed at the Capitol behind high fences with barbed wire to protect members of Congress.  So if Fancy Nancy Pelosi knew there could be trouble, why on earth would she have declined President Trump's offer to send in the Guard. Obviously, Trump had no problem using the Guard to protect the White House, so clearly he would have had no problem using the Guard to protect the Capitol.  

So now there will be a Commission to investigate what really happened before and on January 6.  We must be skeptical because anything that will make the National Socialists and especially Fancy Nancy Pelosi look bad could end up being swept under the rug in a cover up.   And certainly Fake News will never report the truth including the probability that there were BLM and Antifa Terrorists present during the riot and attack on the Capitol.  

Fancy Nancy Pelosi and the National Socialists hated President Donald Trump so much that they may have actually allowed the attack on the Capitol.  Forgive me for doubting their patriotism; but we have seen time and again the power of never ending Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred.  Further, we know that we cannot trust those that are part of the Deep State to tell the truth.  

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