Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Crisis At The Border

Waves of Illegal Aliens including unaccompanied minors are showing up at our border and crossing over.  What the hell did Joe Biden and the National Socialists think would happen when they announced that we now have an open border.  And, this is just the start of the thousands on the way in Caravans that we will see in the spring and summer.  In the next 12 months, Biden will be dealing with a million or more illegal aliens claiming Fake Asylum because the human traffickers and the Catholic Church helping them have given them the script to say when they turn themselves in to border guards.  

So now Biden has to put these accompanied minors into the "cages" that Obama built to house them.  It was Trump that actually closed down the facilities with the chain link fences.  Biden has opened them back up.  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) is referring to these faculties as concentration camps.  But what can Biden do.  Unless and until he can find foster homes for these children, the federal government must care for them.   Oh, I know.  Biden should just check with Marriott to see about vacancies.  Their hotel brands have plenty of empty rooms because of Covid.  Just set those rooms up as dormitories to house these children.  I am sure that what few guests the hotels have now will just love having these illegal alien children staying in rooms next to them held as prisoners. 

This Blogger is not sure if Biden is just stupid, or his dementia is so bad that he can't see the consequences of his actions.  It could be both.  Biden and his National Socialist Pals have created a real crisis at the border that will just get worse as the warmer months hit and the Caravan season starts.  We are facing an invasion at our Southern Border. They are officially illegal aliens under the law not undocumented workers.  And, the proposed new head of the DOJ, Merrick Garland, just does not know if crossing our border illegally is a crime.  The laws on the books make it a crime.  Garland is not ready to head the DOJ.  He may have been an ok judge; but he appears to be clueless about our laws.  A federal judge Thankfully just ruled that Biden cannot stop deportations of illegal alien criminals by Executive Order.  We are in for some very tough times with Biden in office.  Poor Joe is in way over his head drowning.  

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