Saturday, February 13, 2021

Gutless RINOS - Gone With The Wind

The Deep State National Socialist Impeachment circus has come to an end with 57 Senators including 7 RINOS voting Guilty and 43 Republicans voting Not Guilty.  It would have taken 67 Senator voting Guilty to Convict President Trump of a crime he did not commit.  Hence, Trump has been acquitted for the second time.  This should bring more than 4 years of Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred to an end; but most likely the National Socialists and RINOS will probably now vote for meaningless Censure of Trump, which will have no legal ramifications.  And, then we might see civil litigation and perhaps even actions by the Department of Justice or Socialist state Attorney Generals alleging any number of crimes that will lead nowhere; but it does make for good Fake News.  

And, just so you know, based on estimates, it appears that both Trump Impeachment trials may have cost tax payers $15 million or more and that does not include the salaries of members of Congress and or other operating expenses.  Of course, that is chump, chump, chump change in 
Washington DC and we are the chumps.  

The real losers in all of this aside from tax payers are the 10 House Republicans and 7 RINO Senators, Romney, Murkowski, Sasse, Kassidy, Collins, Burr and Toomey.  Burr and Toomey are already not running for reelection so they are thinking of their next paid gig; but the others will be primaried if they choose to run for re-election.  Many of them will be Gone with the Wind.  State Republican Parties have already chosen to censure these RINOS.  They will not be able to show their faces at any state Republican functions.  Since they voted for Impeachment and in the Senate for Conviction, they are viewed as dupes of the National Socialists and the Deep State.  They will be the darlings of Fake News clamoring to interview them to bash Trump; but with every interview they will be more hated by the base of the Republican Party.  

What these RINOS do not understand is that 90% of Republicans still support President Trump and his America First MAGA agenda.  We do not support Establishment Country Club Republicans like these RINOS.  And that half the country still believes the election was stolen from Trump.  That will not change no matter how often the Socialists, RINOS, Fake News and the Deep State claim otherwise.  Other Big Losers in all of this are RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Congresswoman Liz Cheney and former Vice President Mike Pence.  The vast majority of Republicans see them as traitors, since they did not stand up to defend President Trump and or fight for election integrity.  Their political careers are over.  

They have no future in the Republican Party; but not to worry, the Deep State will take very good care of them.  The same is true for any other RINOS that will lose their reelection campaigns.  They will end up as paid lobbyists, working for Think Tanks, or on Fake News, or in the case of RINO Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain who endorsed Biden as Ambassadors.  The Deep State always takes care of their own, which is just part of the corruption we see in Washington DC because they are all feeding at the trough.  Most important, the Republican Party must be cleansed of gutless RINOS.  They are not welcome in the Trump Republican Party.  We can expect Trump to hit the campaign trail in the coming months to get the job done in 22 and 24.  

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