Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh - A Conservative Icon & American Hero

Rush Limbaugh succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 70.  Rush probably had more influence on the Conservative movement in the last 30 years that any single individual.  Rush always spoke Truth to Power; but he did it with charm and humor, which is probably the reason millions listened in every day on over 600 radio stations all over the country.  Rush Limbaugh refused to be cancelled when dealing with the National Socialists, Communists, Fake News and the Deep State, which is the reason they hated him so much.  In fact, rather than just saying Rest in Peace and acknowledging his success whether then liked him or not, they still attack Rush Limbaugh even in death.  These are truly hateful, disgusting, evil people.  

But it is ok.  If it was possible, there would be millions of people at Rush Limbaugh's funeral who would be honored more than any other person in modern history.   Half the country, the thinking half loved Rush Limbaugh because he loved them and showed it every single day on the radio.  There will never be another Rush Limbaugh who can fill his shoes.  May Rush Limbaugh Rest In Peace.  

Or, is there someone we all know and love just as much.  What if President Donald J. Trump took over Rush Limbaugh's radio show.  Rush's studio just happens to be in Palm Beach, Florida not far from Mar-A-Lago.  How convenient.  Rush had 50 million listeners.  75 million Americans voted for President Trump.  Trump had more than 80 million Twitter followers before Big Tech cancelled him.  I would bet the reason Trump is not yet on Parler, which is back and running is that they can't yet handle his daily volume.  They need more servers; but no doubt now that Parler is back in business, those servers are coming.  They are not going to pass up Trump's 80 million followers.  

Just imagine President Donald Trump on the radio every day preaching his MAGA and American First Agenda.  And, then there will be Trump's daily commentary on the Biden Presidency and the National Socialists in power.  Further, Trump can use the radio to endorse Trump Republicans for office.  This is better than having a huge rally everyday.  It will drive Fake News, the National Socialists, RINOS and the Deep State crazy.  We just can't wait.  This would be the best entertainment in the country.   We are sorry to see Rush Limbaugh go to heaven so soon; but God has a plan.  

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