Sunday, February 21, 2021

War Is Coming In The Middle East

Naïve Joe Biden is going back into the deal with Iran that was supposed to prevent them from having nuclear weapons.  First of all, that deal negotiated by brie eating, kept man John Kerry when he was Obama's Secretary of State is a foreign treaty, which should have been approved by two thirds of the Senate as required by our Constitution, so it is illegal.  The Iran Nuclear deal should be challenged by Republicans in the Congress if they had any guts.   In any case, it was a stupid deal when Kerry did it and it is a stupid deal now because it will not prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. 

But what has changed since then is the Abraham Accords, negotiated while Trump was President, which has united Israel with various Sunni Arab countries, all mortal enemies of Iran.  Together they will NEVER allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.  So if Biden moves to allow Iran to gain these weapons with the delivery system to attack various Arab countries and or Israel, they will together strike to destroy Iran's nuclear capability sooner than later.  So what will Biden and the Europeans do?  Defend Iran, the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism?  That would be impossible.  Congress would never allow it. 

And, if Israel does strike, there is a good chance that they will use their tactical nuclear weapons against hardened sites to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.  The only question is how quick can Israel with Saudi help take out missile installations to prevent any Iranian counter attack in advance of the Israeli attack on Iran.  This will happen the day before the Israeli missiles and planes hit the air.  Joe Biden is too stupid to see this train coming.  No doubt Hezbollah and Hamas, terrorist organizations and Iranian surrogates surrounding Israel will strike Israel in retaliation with thousands of rockets that they have stock piled.  Israel will use its Iron Dome as a shield; but it will not be enough.  This will cause Israel to take them out with no mercy in Southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.   The end result will be thousands of deaths both in these locations and in Iran.  

Biden is clueless.  He will be powerless to stop any of this.  Biden is certainly not going to attack Israel because Congress would never approve it.  So short of some kind of sanctions at the UN, which Biden would probably support as long as it does not prevent weapons sales to Israel,  Biden will not be able to stop the carnage.  This would never have happened while Trump was President.  It is going to happen now because weak Joe Biden is in the Oval Office.  

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