Saturday, February 6, 2021

Recovery Is Slowing - No Surprise

While fewer people filed for unemployment in the last few months, private sector job growth is dismal.  Beijing Biden is pointing to lackluster job growth, which he has caused as the reason for passage of his $1.9 Trillion SwindleUS Plan filled with pork for this Blue State pals.  This SwindleUs Plan is a National Socialist wish list of left wing government spending that has nothing to do with Covid.  This Blogger was thinking are National Socialists all just stupid history denyers that refuse to see that whenever job killing regulations are put in place and taxes are raised, the result is the same.  Little or no economic growth.

It happened during FDR's New Deal, which was actually a raw deal that did not end the Great Depression.  It happened during the Obama years as we saw the slowest recovery from the fiscal collapse since the Great Depression.  And, it is going to happen again because Biden is signing Executive Orders daily that are killing jobs while he proposes massive tax increases that will destroy private investment in our economy.  Biden is out to kill the carbon energy industry and that involves more than 5 million good paying often union jobs in our country.  Those jobs will not be replaced by Green Energy jobs because solar panels and wind turbines are produced in China and other places outside the United States because of cheap labor and lower taxes and environmental standards.  While Trump's actions led to energy independence for the United States for the first time in decades and actually exporting carbon energy, this year we will lose that independence as the price of gas surges to $5 a gallon, or more.  

Then all of a sudden it hit me.  National Socialists need more people living in poverty to stay in power to expand the size of government.  Think about it.  The New Deal gave us Welfare, Food Stamps and Social Security instead of private pension plans that government could not control.  The Obama years brought us failed ObamaCare, which is more government control over our health care and it did not lower premiums and deductibles.  In the process, ObamaCare increased the number of people on Medicaid, which is basically single payer free health and nursing home care for 75 million Americans.   

The National Socialists do not want to see the 3.5% unemployment rate achieved during the Trump years because it led to fewer people on Welfare and Food Stamps and the highest employment rate for minorities in American history.  We are currently at 6.3%, which is sufficient misery for the National Socialists to push for more big government programs; their ultimate goal.  Remember, they are Socialists.  This is what they do.  The last thing Beijing Biden and his pals want to see are fewer poor people.  The poor are their ticket to power.  

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