Sunday, February 7, 2021

No Divide In The Republican Party

Talk by the National Socialists, RINOS and Fake News about the "divide" in the Republican Party is wishful thinking.  There is no divide in the Republican Party.  President Trump has reshaped the Republican Party in his MAGA America First Image.  Republicans that do not adhere to that image will be primaried.  Establishment Country Club Republicans cannot win elections because they do not represent the base of the Trump Republican Party, or for that matter the majority of voters.  RINOS that voted to impeach President Trump will not survive the next election cycle.  They will be gone with the win. 

While RINO Congresswoman Liz Cheney may have survived a challenge related to her leadership position in the House, she has been censured by the Republican Party in her home state of Wyoming.  They have called for her to resign.  Cheney makes matters worse for herself every time she opens her mouth condemning Trump.  Trump carried Wyoming by more than 70% of the vote.  A credible Republican primary challenger has already emerged to challenge Cheney in 2022.  Cheney is down by 30 points  No doubt Establishment Republicans will support Cheney, but they are not the base of the party.  Liz Cheney might as well pack her bags now. 

Others RINOS like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Adam Kinzinger and the big mouths in the Lincoln Project do not speak for the Republican Party.  They are the darlings of Fake News paraded out and used to demonstrate the "divide" in the Republican Party.  Once again, there is no divide.  Once the bogus Impeachment trial in the Senate is concluded in the next few weeks, President Trump will be back on the road supporting primary challengers to get rid of these RINOS.  Expect to see Trump pulling up in his jet for huge rallies.  The apparatus is all there.  All Trump has to do is turn it on again.  

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