Thursday, February 18, 2021

Joe Biden - Dementia Is Showing

 Joe Biden did a town hall meeting of sorts with Fake News Anderson Cooper on CNN.  And even with soft ball questions, Biden appeared confused an unable to deal with facts.  Biden said there was no Covid vaccine when he took office even though he and his wife Jill got the shot on December 21, 2020, a month before his inauguration.  

And  now,  we hear that his Vice President Kamela Harris is making calls to world leaders.  That is highly unusual.  It took Biden about a month to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  our closest ally in the Middle East.  President Trump called Netanyahu on his second day in office.  There seems to be some confusion in the White House related to when public schools are going to open.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that schools could fully open now with or without staff being vaccinated.  The reason is that children are not at risk of getting Covid and are not typically transmitters.  How convenient that we are just now hearing this a few months after the election.  These characters have caused misery for millions of parents and children.  Fauci and others should be fired.

In the mean time, forget the science, Biden's Press Secretary said the goal is to have the schools open at least 1 day a week by the end of Biden's first 100 days in office.   Biden goes on CNN and says that is Fake News and that his Press Secretary is wrong.  Biden needs to tell that to the teachers unions that are refusing to have their members go back to work.  Why should they, they getting paid full time for part time work.  How sweet it is. 

Biden clearly cannot carry on a full schedule.  He probably needs an afternoon nap, which is not uncommon for a 78 year old man.  This handlers will not allow him out too much because when they do, Biden's dementia becomes very obvious.  This Blogger is predicting that one way or another Biden will not be President 12 months from now.  He will either die of natural causes, be forced to resign as a result of his Pay to Play Scheme with China, or be forced out of office for medical reasons under the 25th Amendment.  I am taking bets.  

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