Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Beijing Biden's Low Approval Rating

In a recent Quinnipiac University Survey conducted January 28 - February 1, 49% of Americans say they approve of Beijing Biden's job performance.  36% disapprove and 16% are just not sure if Biden is doing a good job.   Given that Biden supposedly got 5 million more votes than Trump, one would think that Old Joe would have a higher approval rating at this point in time.   Of course, the fact that Biden won without carrying the states of Florida, Ohio and Texas, which is highly unusual may be one reason Biden is not doing to well.  

And, then there are all those job killing Executive Orders.  Implementing  America Last policies that are destroying good paying union jobs in the Energy Sector is not very popular.  Wait until gas hits $5 a gallon by the end of the year.  Shutting down building of the Wall killing those jobs too and then opening up our border to the illegal alien invasion that is coming does not play well in fly over country.  And, using tax payer dollars to pay for unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after both in the United States and overseas makes Biden a baby killer; so much for professing to be a "devout" Catholic.  Since at least half the country is pro life, that positioning is just pure evil.  Biden's order to allow transgender boys to compete in female sports just comes off as unfair.  Even liberal women's group oppose that stupidity.  Finally, Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUS Plan is full of pork for Biden's pals and bail out's for the Blue States with provisions that have nothing to do with Covid.  It is just a Socialist Free For All that is not playing well.  

If Joe Biden was smart, which is doubtful, he would tell the National Socialists to forget about the bogus impeachment trial of President Trump that is coming up in the Senate.   First, it is unconstitutional and second, it will fail.  Socialist Fancy Nancy Pelosi almost lost the House in the last election because of similar shenanigans.  The Socialists just come off as deranged.  And, since President Trump did get 75 million legitimate votes in the last election all it does is rile up half the country at a time when Joe Biden is preaching unity.   The fact is that unity is impossible anyway under any circumstances because we have irreconcilable differences on virtually every important issue.  The country has never been more divided and the National Socialists are doing everything they can to make it worse; hence Beijing Biden's low approval rating.  

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