Thursday, February 25, 2021

Implementing the 25th Amendment to Remove Biden Has Begun

Dozens of National Socialist Members of Congress are demanding that Biden relinquish sole power to launch nuclear weapons.  They want that power to reside jointly in the President, Vice President and Speaker of the House.  First, this would be unconstitutional because only the President can act as Commander in Chief.  That is why the President has the "nuclear football" with him at all times, which contains all the codes necessary to launch nuclear weapons.  Second, we cannot have national defense by Committee when there are only minutes to respond to a nuclear attack by a foreign enemy.  

What this really means is that members of Congress see Biden's dementia, which is obvious.  If they don't trust Biden to protect our nation, then he must be removed from office.  This Blogger has been predicting since before the election that Biden would not last 12 months.  He will either die a natural death because of his ailments, be removed from office using the 25th Amendment, or be forced to resign for his Pay to Play Schemes and family corruption.  

Joe Biden does not have the physical stamina or mental capabilities to remain as President.  The man is 78 years old, which is not a problem; but in his case, it is a problem.  We see during staged speeches that he can barely read the teleprompter.  It is actually very sad to watch.  So the march to removal has begun.  I predicted that there would be a drip campaign.  Ironically, the only thing standing between Biden remaining in office and being removed are the Republicans in Congress that would also have to vote to remove him.  National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State want him gone because the thought of having the first woman of color as President is just too wonderful for them to resist using the 25th Amendment to remove him.  This notion of taking away Biden's sole power to use nuclear weapons is just the first step to remove Biden from office.  Biden must defend the Presidency and not allow this to happen even if it cost him his job.    


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