Saturday, February 20, 2021

In Defense of Western Civilization & United States History

To recognize the 400th anniversary of the introduction of slavery into America in 1619, the New York Times concocted the 1619 Project, which claims that the United States was actually founded in 1619 rather than 1776 and was totally predicated on slavery.  That is a ridiculous notion.  This is the worst kind of revisionist history because it preaches hatred of Western Civilization and all Whites that are deemed as White Supremists and Racists.  Sadly, this nonsense is being taught in many public school today as White children are being shamed for being White.  This is crazy and it has to stop! 

Many of those 100 global companies that control 50% of our Gross Domestic Product, including Big Tech, as well as, the Deep State, Fake News and the National Socialists have bought into this ideology based on hate and "systemic racism", which they claim is prevalent in America.  The fact that we have elected our first Black President and now Vice President does not seem to matter to these haters.  

First, I must defend Western Civilization beginning with the Greek and Roman empires and then including the "peoples of the book", the Bible and Koran, Christians, Jews and Muslims.   It was Western Civilization that brought us advancements in democracy, the arts, the sciences, mathematics, literature, technology, architecture, modern languages and religion.   Bad things happened throughout world history including slavery, wars, diseases, pestilence etc.  But the fact is that along the way, many good things happened too that far outweigh the bad things.  Only history denyers choose to cherry pick those things that support their hate filled ideology.  

Next, no question that slavery was evil.  As an institution in the US it lasted from 1619 to 1865; or 246 years.  And, there is no question that freed Blacks experienced horrible discrimination and even murder thanks to the White Democrats in the South that originally enslaved them and the Republicans that looked the other way after the Civil War in doing political deals that allowed for Jim Crow laws that was legalized segregation.  No real historian would deny any of this.  

But to say that Slaves built America is just plain wrong.  It is true that prior to the end of slavery, slaves were used for manual labor in building plantations and other buildings in the South and even related to buildings in Washington DC including the White House.  But the fact is that most of the slave labor in the South was to support agriculture, the growing of cotton, tobacco, rice and other crops.  The industrial North was predicated on free labor not slave labor.  

And further, the growth of the America we know today occurred after the Civil War with the building of the transcontinental railroad finished in 1869 primarily built by European immigrants and the Chinese.  The industrialization of the United States that we know today began in the 1880's and really took place in the 20th century long after slavery was outlawed.  There was the great migration of Blacks from the South to Northern cities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to work in factories and big construction projects along side immigrants from the poorest countries in Europe and Asia.  Together they built the America we know today.   

All Americans, including Blacks should oppose the 1619 Project because it is racist ideology based on lies that only serves to divide our country.   It is revisionist Fake History at a time when we need to recognize the truth about American history both good and bad.  The fact is that the American people of all races, nationalities and religions have built the greatest country in human history.  We will either remain as one nation under God, or we will be no more.  

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