Friday, February 12, 2021

Time To Impeach Biden - Harris & Other Socialists

After watching the Deep State National Socialist Impeachment Circus, it is pretty clear that based on the bar set by the Socialists that when the Republicans regain control of Congress, there will be grounds to Impeach Biden if he is still President, Harris as President or Vice President and many other Socialists for inciting violence among many other crimes.  The Executive Orders that Biden has issued to allow the invasion of our country by Illegal Aliens in violation of our immigration laws should be one count for Impeachment.  

But there are many others as well.  Re-entering the Paris Climate Accord, a foreign treaty without ratification by the Senate is count two.  Destroying our Energy Industry should be count three.  Using tax payer monies to pay for abortion infanticide both within the United States and around the world should be count 4.   Allowing Antifa and BLM Terrorists to riot, loot and burn down our cities should be count. 5.  Surrendering our national interests to China should be count 6. The list goes on and on.  

And, by extension since Kamela Harris is part of the Biden administration and therefore complicit in these crimes, she would have to be Impeached too.  And, then there are the other Socialists in Congress and state governments that have endorsed and supported Antifa and BLM Terrorists even donating money to bail them out of jail.  They have acted to "incite" riots, looting and arson in the name of "fighting" for equality.  Sadly, gutless RINOS would never move to Impeach these criminals, which is why RINOS must be primaried to elect Trump Republicans in order to get the job done.  Republicans must learn to play the same game as the National Socialists.  Politics is not bean bags.  We need Republicans on the field that are tough and ready for pay back time from 4 years of Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred.  We need to give what they gave.  Never forgive and never forget.  

The good news is that Trump Legal Defense team obliterated the House Impeachment Managers.  The Socialists were a bunch of clowns.  Of course, Trump will not be convicted of any crime because he did not commit any crime.   The second Impeachment circus will end.  The National Socialist will try for Censure and preventing Trump from ever running for office again; but that would take 60 votes to get it out of the Senate to even vote on it.  Whoa with any Republican that votes against Trump.  They will be gone with the wind in the next election.  

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