Monday, February 1, 2021

Whose Bread They Eat, Whose Song They Sing

When this Blogger was 18 years old, I attended the Watergate Hearings in 1968 in Washington DC.   While there,  I heard old Sam Ervin, the Senator from Alabama say, "whose bread they eat, whose song they sing".  I never forgot it.  This saying speaks to the corruption in the Deep State Swamp that has only gotten worse over the years.  Money talks in DC.  Big money talks the loudest.  Turns out that the Green Energy Industry, as well as, various organizations supporting the Climate Change agenda gave millions of dollars to Joe Biden for his Presidential campaign. 

Of course, in DC millions of dollars are chump change compared to the billions Biden raised for his campaign; but even so it was enough to get Biden signing Executive Orders to begin the destruction of the oil and gas industries and the thousands if not millions of good paying jobs that will disappear as a result of Biden's stupid actions.  The investment Green Energy made in Biden has paid off.  They are getting a terrific return on investment.  The National Socialists argue that the jobs killed in the carbon energy industry will be replaced by Green Energy jobs.  They are right.  Since China and other countries produce the solar panels and wind turbines needed to produce Green Energy, China is jumping for joy as Beijing Biden implements his America Last policies. 

Biden going back into the Paris Climate Accord is the nail in the coffin of both carbon energy jobs and American Green Energy jobs because the US will have to adhere to strict environmental standards that countries like China and India can ignore for decades.  This and the cost of labor creates a competitive disadvantage for American companies so that production will not happen in the US.  In addition, Biden wants to raise corporate income taxes in the US to 28%, which is higher than many other countries.  So again, Biden will cause American companies to push production overseas just like they did when 70,000 US factories were closed and 5 million jobs were shipped overseas.  

We all know Biden has dementia so perhaps he just does not recall the history on all of this.  It all happened during his watch in government for the last 47 years.  So here we go again.  We are going back to the future, when the US was dependent on foreign sources of energy.  Expect to see gas at $5 a gallon within a year, which will drive up the cost of everything.  And, we can kiss goodbye to millions of good paying jobs.  We have seen this story for years.  History is repeating itself because the National Socialists care more about China than people in the US.  

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