Sunday, July 31, 2022

Social Emotional Learning - Harmful To Children

Thirty six states have enacted laws prohibiting Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and radical LGBTQIA indoctrination in public schools.  Woke Socialist Fascist School Board members and Superintentendents owned by teacher unions in many cases are ignoring those laws and just rebranding this radical left wing ideology as Social Justice curriculum, or Social Emotional Learning.  And, why not.  Left wing teacher unions that should be focused on working conditions and compensation and benefits are an arm of the Socialist Fascist Party pushing all their radical schemes to destroy America.  

Parents who care about their children and other concerned citizens must stand up and say Hell No at school board meetings even if we are targeted as "domestic terrorists" by the FBI and Socialist Fascist Lackey Attorney General Merrick Garland.  Parents must form Truth Committees to review teaching materials to make sure that this crap is not happening in classrooms.  And, if woke school boards will not form committees to focus on Quality Education and academic achievement,  then parent's groups must do it themselves to make demands on school board members.  Most of them are owned by teacher unions so they will not reform public education because those reforms would be opposed by their teacher union masters that want to keep children trapped on the plantation to keep the gravy train rolling.  

Clearly, we must push state legislatures to enact School Choice so that all parents, not just the rich can pull their kids out of failing public schools that are indoctrinating children rather than educating them.  What is happening in our public and even some private schools is nothing short of child abuse and criminal malpractice.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  And, inner city kids are way below grade level.  Rather than focus on quality education and academic achievement, the Socialist Fascists running many of our public schools are focused on indoctrination to turn children into left wing Socialists and Communists.  It has to stop.  Or, the money has to stop.  Half the country is not buying what they are selling.  These woke school board members, administrators and teachers just don't get it, or maybe they do get it and just don't care.  

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Climate Fanatics Are Destroying The United States

In my lifetime, we have been told that there would be a new ice age by the year 2,000.  Now we are being told that Climate Change from global warming is an "existential threat" to the world.  Supposedly, the oceans will rise a few inches in the next 20 years and life as we know it will end.  I see four "existential threats" to life as we know it far more significant than Climate Change.  

The first is the potential for nuclear war that seems to be closer to happening by the day.  If we ever do have a nuclear war, it will cause total devastation and make much if the earth uninhabitable for perhaps hundreds of years.  The second "existential threat" is the potential for viruses or bacteria with little or no means of defense.  Indigenous peoples in the Americas were often wiped out by diseases brought by Europeans for which they had no immune system defense.  There are now bacteria and viruses that a resistant to known antibiotics.  We have seen what happened with the Spanish Flu, Ebola, Covid, Aides and other pathogens that could kill millions of people.  

The third "existential threat" to our well being are Socialist Fascists out to destroy our country from within.  They hate freedom.  They hate traditional families and faith.  They hate our Constitution. They hate all the things that made America the greatest country in human history.  The big lie is Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revision fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination happening in many of our schools, the Military, and the Deep State, which includes Government, Fake News and the largest companies in the United States.  

Finally, the fourth "existential threat" to our nation are Climate Fanatics that are out to destroy our country.  These people argue that carbon energy is the reason for climate change.  The only problem with that argument is that there has been climate change throughout the history of the world and long before there was carbon energy.   If there is climate change, it is the result of climatic cycles that have been happening from hot to cold for thousands of years.  This is nothing new.

The United States could and should be completely energy independent.  We need to make all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper to maintain a high standard of living for our people and the world.  Natural gas and nuclear power in particular are the bridge to the future until Green Energy if it ever is feasible can power a modern, industrial economy.  That is not the case today.  And, these are the same people that prevent forest management, which is the reason we have horrible forest fires every summer.  Climate Fanatics in the Socialist Fascist Party are out to destroy our country.  We can't let that happen.  

Friday, July 29, 2022

China Owns Joe Biden

As a result of all the Biden Crime family bribes taken from China, it is clear that China owns Joe Biden.  Shortly, Biden will remove tariffs imposed on China by President Trump to bring more of their goods into the United States, which will kill American jobs.  But it is even worse.  Fancy Nancy Pelosi, the Socialist Fascist Speaker of the House announced that she is going to Taiwan.  This will be the first time a high ranking American government official has gone to Taiwan, since Newt Gingrich went there when he was Speaker of the House in the 90's.

The Chinese Communist government has announced that if Pelosi's US government plane, which Biden has yet to provide, is accompanied by US fighter jets over Taiwan, they could in fact shoot down Pelosi's plane.  It is unimaginable that the Chinese government would be so stupid as to shoot down the person who is third in line to be President of the United States.  This is game of chicken.

Fancy Nancy has announced that she is going so now she must go.  However, the timing could not be worse because in the next 6 weeks, the Chinese will be holding their 5 year Congress to reelect their dictator.  Wouldn't it be great if our Congress only met once every five years.  Oh well, there is always wishing and hoping.  In any case, this is about saving face.  If Fancy Nancy does go to China, the Chinese government will have to do something dramatic in response.  Just maybe once Fancy Nancy lands in Taiwan, they won't let her take off to come home.  Again, there is always wishing and hoping. 

All of this is just another indication that our enemies do not fear feckless Joe Biden, particularly after Biden shamefully pulled out of Afghanistan with the fiasco and American deaths that followed.   This is very dangerous because it could cause our enemies to miscalculate and do something stupid.  World War I began because of the assignation of an Archduke, which was the triggering event that led to the World War.   The Chinese are smarter; but if Fancy Nancy does go to Taiwan, there is likely to be a dramatic response while Biden is asleep in Delaware.  Then what?  

Two Tiers Of Justice In America

There are two tiers of justice in America.  One for Socialist Fascists, those in the Deep State feeding at the trough, Fake News, the 100 largest companies in the US that control 50% of our GDP, radical left wing organizations and street thugs.  If someone happens to be a member of any of these groups; no worries.  You can lie, cheat, steal, riot, loot, and even commit murder without much consequence.  However, if you happen to be a Conservative America First Republican, look out.  The Socialist Fascists are coming after you because you have been designated as "domestic terrorists".

Just imagine if the Trump family had taken all the bribes the Biden Crime Family has taken from foreign countries and particularly from China.  There would have been Impeachment Trial number 3, 4 and 5 and even RINOS would have voted for Trump's Impeachment.  Yet, we see no investigations by Socialist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland of Hunter Biden and his ties to the "Big Guy" his father, Joe Biden who was getting a 10% cut on all his corrupt deals.  Biden's brothers are also in on the corruption as they have selling the Joe Biden connection to generate phoney income for years.  We learn now from Whistle Blowers at the FBI, that there is a cover up happening as they bottom drawer all the information concerning Hunter Biden.  The Deep State protects their own because they are all feeding at the trough.  

And, while BLM and Antifa rioted, looted, burned down cities and businesses and caused hundreds of injuries and even deaths, there is no Socialist Fascist Congressional investigation of them, nor much jail time for these thugs and criminals.   Oh no!.  Instead, the Justice Department is focused on the "biggest investigation in American history" related to the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.  More than 800 people have been arrested and persecuted as Domestic Terrorists along with parents protesting at School Board Meetings.  The Gestapo at the FBI and Justice Department has hunted down these people as though they were murderers in Chicago, which of course they pay no attention to.  

So rather than investigate Joe Biden who is a real crook, the DOJ is investigating Donald Trump to file criminal charges against him for "causing the January 6th riot" even though none of that is true.   Their goal is to prevent Trump from running for President again and they will fail again to bring Trump down.  There are two tiers of justice in America.  We see it everyday and it will lead to the dissolution of our country.  We cannot go on with the injustices occurring without long term repercussions.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Biden's Build Back Broke SwindleUs Plan - Here We Go Again

Socialist Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia finally succumbed to intense pressure to raise taxes and to enact another SwindleUs Plan that will kill jobs.  This Build Back Broke Plan will raise taxes by more than $700 billion while spending about $400 Billion on Green New Deal boondoggles and other Socialist schemes.  This is on top of the $52 billion corporate welfare money going to the Semiconductor industry.  Anyone who has taken and passed Economics 101 knows that higher taxes are job killers in good times and bad.  This is especially the case when the country is going into a Recession as we experience Stagflation; that is crippling inflation with slow or no growth. 

To make things even dumber, at the same time, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates rather quickly to try to combat inflation.  While this may make sense, raising taxes at the same time insures that the Recession will be deeper and last longer.  We are in for some real pain as lay- off's will begin soon.  

Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt stupidly raised taxes on the "rich" at the height of the Depression.  And in doing so prolonged the Great Depression for many years.  Unemployment during the Depression never went below 14% even with all that New Deal pork barrel spending.  In fact, Roosevelt's Socialist policies and spending did nothing to end the Depression.  It was World War II that ended the Depression in 1939 as the country was ramping up military production for the coming war.  

So here we go again.  Official inflation is at 9%.  If food and energy costs were included in the computation, inflation would be more like 17%.  Biden's inflation is killing the poor and middle class who suffer most from higher prices.  This inflation was caused by trillions of dollars in government spending to combat Covid way beyond the need.  Socialist Fascists never let a good crisis go to waste and used Covid to enact all their crazy Socialist spending schemes including giving Blue states billions of dollars to bail them out from years of mismanagement.  

This new Socialist Fascist Reconciliation Build Back Broke SwindleUs Plan will be enacted without one single Republican vote is just more of the same.  We are in for a serious Recession.  The only question now is how long it will last.  It will take a Republican Congress and President to get the country back on track.  Just pray that Donald Trump is elected to his second term in office to clean up the many messes left behind by feckless Joe Biden, if Biden lasts another two years, which is doubtful.  

Bringing Manufacturing Back To The United States

Both Republicans and Socialists have supported Free Trade for many decades opening up our country to products manufactured all over the world with little or no tariffs even though many countries have made it difficult for American products to enter their countries.  The result has been lower prices for many goods.  However, in the process about 70,000 factories in the US have been closed and 5 million jobs have been shipped overseas mostly to China.  Most important, the United States is now dependent on other countries, mostly China for critical goods like electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, solar panels, wind turbines, batteries etc as well as minerals needed to produce many of these products.  As a result, our country experiences a trade deficit each year exceeding $800 billion, which means that we import way more than we export to other countries.  This is wealth leaving our country every year.  

Today, only 12% of semiconductors that go into cars and most electronics are made in the US when years ago, it used to be more than 40%.  There is a shortage of semiconductors so it is causing all sorts of problems with the supply chain.  Of course, Congress always throws money at a problem.  Congress is about to enact a $52 billion bail out program to encourage companies to produce more semiconductors in the US.   We do need to bring manufacturing of critical products back to the US, but there is a smarter way to do it. 

Instead of giving these multi-billion companies taxpayer monies with no guarantees, it would be better to impose tariffs on critical goods coming into the United States and provide companies significant tax incentives to manufacture products in the United States.  And, there would be a long list not just semiconductors.  It would be smarter to use the tax code to incent business behaviors.  Over a ten year period, we will start to see critical industries brought back to the United States.  As usual, the brainiacs in the DC Swamp of both political parties are taking the wrong approach to get the job done.  This is Econ 101, which apparently most of them never took and passed.  

Monday, July 25, 2022

Biden Recession Is Here

Bidenistas are attempting to redefine the term Recession.  The common definition that has been used for years is when the economy shows lower Gross Domestic Product growth for two straight quarters, it tells us that we are in a Recession.   Feckless Joe Biden and his minions are in denial.  What we will see shortly is Stagflation as occurred during the horrible Jimmy Carter Presidency that is high inflation with low or no economic growth.  Inflation on a national basis is above 9%.  In many states it is even higher.  And, that is not a real number because food and energy costs are not included in the number.  Real inflation is well over 17% and anybody who shops in a store, or buys gas knows it. The price of everything is going through the roof.  

As the Feds continue to raise interest rates, which they must do to bring down spiralling inflation, we will see mortgage interest, car loan and credit card interest rates grow higher.  This will bring down home prices in many locations, which is already happening.  We are starting to see sellers lower their list prices to attract buyers.  In some ways that is a good thing; though as mortgage interest rates go up any savings will be eaten up by higher monthly payments.  

Joe Biden who has probably not shopped in a grocery store in 40 or more years is clueless.  Their answer to the high cost of gas is to buy an electric car.  Really!   Average cost is about $60,000 or $20,000 more than the cost of a comparable gas powered car.  The average American cannot afford to buy an electric car and even those that can will quickly realize that it just does not pencil.  It would take years to recover the additional cost if it ever gets recovered because eventually the battery will need to be replaced, which will cost thousands of dollars.  

The elite in the Socialist Fascist Party, the Deep State and Fake News just do not get it.  The Green New Deal will screw the American people; particularly the poor and middle class.  Going Green will result in a lower standard of living for all people living in the United States; but that is what they want to see happen.  The Green New Deal is really about redistribution of wealth from first world countries to third world countries.  They believe that the poor are poor because the rich are rich; but in this case it means the poor and middle class in the US that are living the good life compared to those living in abject poverty around the world.  Socialist Fascists are out to end the good life for the poor and middle class in the United States.  The rich will always be able to live the good life no matter what how bad it gets for the poor and middle class.  Let's Go Brandon!

Sunday, July 24, 2022

California UnConstitutional Gun Control Laws

California is headed for the Supreme Court as the legislature just enacted a law signed by Governor Gavin Gruesome that would allow anyone in California to sue gun manufacturers, or presumably legal gun dealers for selling various guns that may have been used in a crime.  This new law is really designed to stop all gun sales in California by making litigation liability untenable.  Modeled after the abortion law in Texas, which allows citizens to sue abortion providers for illegally providing abortions with the potential for getting an award up to $10,000 per incident, this new California law does the same thing only applied to guns.  It is could result in millions of lawsuits probably paid for by the state.  

However, while the courts ruled the Texas law Constitutional, the difference is that abortion is no longer guaranteed by the Constitution after the recent Supreme Court ruling.  There is a little thing called the Second Amendment in the Constitution that guarantees the right to bear arms.  It is clear that Gruesome Newsom is running for President because he knows that feckless Joe Biden is a goner.  Gruesome Newsom is implementing publicity stunts to impress radical Socialist Fascists to get to the head of the pack when Biden goes down in flames after the Midterm elections.  But this new law will Never withstand court challenges.  

Ironically, people in California need guns now more than ever to protect themselves because crime is rampant.  Criminals accused of felonies are freed in many California jurisdictions without bail to roam the streets.  There are probably two million illegal aliens in California some percentage of whom are serious criminals beyond just entering our country illegally.   All the big cities in California have homeless people many of whom are addicted to drugs living on the streets.   The streets of the Golden State are often soiled with feces and needles.  

The poverty rate in California is the highest in the nation.  Many public schools are lousy.  There is gridlock on California freeways.  So Gruesome Newsom must do something to distract from his dismal record.  Expect more publicity stunts in the months ahead.  Just means Gruesome Newsom is out to displace Joe Biden in 2024 as the Socialist Fascist nominee for President.  Gruesome comes for La La Land so we can expect lots of silly stunts.  

Saturday, July 23, 2022

President Trump Will Run For President - Maybe

There is no doubt that President Trump is planning to run for President to serve out his second term.  However, Trump will not make a final decision until after the Midterm elections.  If Republicans win back the House of Representatives by a sizable a majority, it will be a Go.  It would be even better if Republicans also win back the Senate; but since Impeachment proceedings must begin in the House, at least Trump will be assured that there is not likely to be another Impeachment trial as long enough America First/MAGA Republicans are in control.  Of course, if the Socialist Fascists still control the Senate full of Trump Haters, endless investigations will continue; but they will just be an irritant in the Fake News.  

If Trump does decide to run, he will announce right after the Midterm elections to clear out the field of potential primary challengers.  The 757,  Trump One, has been refurbished and is ready to go.  Any RINO thinking about running will run for the hills.  The only real challenge of any merit would be Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.  Trump will promise him the Vice Presidency to stop his candidacy.  The base of the Republican Party will welcome DeSantis as Vice President to set him up to run for President in 2008, since Trump will not be able to run again.  This is also protection against any health issues that Trump might face in the next four years. 

One thing is for sure, Trump will not appoint typical Establishment Republicans in his next administration because they can't be trusted.  Trump will only appoint America First/MAGA loyalists that must accept that the election in 2020 was stolen from him.  That means no Pence, no Christie, no Sass, no Barr and many others that have proven worthless in the fight against Socialist Fascists.   2022 will be the telling tale.  Trump certainly is geared up and ready to go.  The base of the Republican Party is just waiting for the announcement.  Trump Haters need not apply.  

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Poor Joe - Big Pharma Scam

As though Joe Biden's mental issues are not bad enough, the poor guy now has Covid.  Biden like so many Americans has been vaccinated and double boosted and still he contracted Covid.  So now, Dr. Flip Flop Fauci tells us that the Covid Vaccine was never really intended to prevent Covid; but rather to make it less lethal if someone gets the virus.  Really??   We were told we all needed to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of Covid.  Taxpayers paid Big Pharma billions of dollars to develop the Covid vaccine in "record time".  Many said it was impossible to develop a vaccine in just nine months and guess what, they were right.  Project Warp Speed was a Big Pharma Scam.  We want our money back.  

Most important, for the first time in American history, the federal government declared an emergency and shut down the entire economy.  And, while big corporations did just fine anyway, it is estimated that 25,000 mostly family owned small businesses were forced into bankruptcy.  They are permanently gone.  We can NEVER allow that to happen again no matter what the "emergency" that was used as an excuse for big government to take control of our lives. 

The reality is that a lot more time and money should have been invested in therapeutics to actually treat Covid presumably to prevent the need for hospital admission and deaths.  Never have so many brainiacs been so wrong on so many issues.  They prevented use of the malaria pill with the ZPack antibiotic treatment, combined with Zinc, Vitamin D and Curcumin, which apparently worked in many countries to treat Covid because that remedy was cheap.  It would have cost Big Pharma billions of dollars.  Doctors that prescribed this simple remedy were called quacks even though it worked.  

There were lots of lessons learned from this Covid Story. One for sure is that we can't always trust the brainiacs in big government feeding at the trough.  Big Pharma sold us a bill of goods.  The vaccine clearly was not ready for prime time.  So, Poor Feckless Joe Biden has Covid.  Let's just hope that the virus does not make his dementia even worse if he does recover.  Apparently, while taking the drug to treat Covid, they had to take him off his other Meds.  Better not let Biden anywhere near the nuclear football.  Biden is not in his right mind on a good day let alone if he is drugged up.    

Biden's Climate Change Emergency - UnConstitutional

Whether it is called Climate Change or Climatic Cycles, there have been periods of global warming and cooling throughout world history and long before there were any carbon emissions.  In my lifetime, we were told there would be global cooling and a new ice age that never happened.  And, then when the brainiacs failed in that prognostication, they switched to global warming.  However, to hedge their bets since some parts of the world are getting cooler and some hotter, they now just call it Climate Change to cover all the bases as an "existential threat" to life as we know it.  Forget about the fact that half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, it is Climate Change that is the Emergency.  

This story is really about Socialist Fascists attempting to enact higher taxes and more regulations to control our lives.  This is Climate Emergency is Covid on steroids.  And, it is about taking money from taxpayers in first world countries and giving that money to third world countries in a gigantic welfare scheme.  It is also about lowering the standard of living in first world countries in the name of global "social justice and equity".   Those of us who live in first world countries just have it to good because before Joe Biden we had food on grocery shelves and gas at $2 a gallon.  Oh, for shame!

So now because Joe Biden cannot get the Green New Deal through Congress because it would destroy our economy and standard of living, he will declare Climate Change to be a National Emergency.  Biden will do this to issue UnConstitutional Executive Orders to implement the Green New Deal by proclamation.  The good news is that the next President can reverse Biden's Executive Orders on day one of the next Presidency and in all likelihood Red State Republican Attorney Generals will go to court to stop this overreach.  Since the Supreme Court just ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cannot implement laws that don't exist as enacted by Congress, there is a pretty good chance that the Conservatives on the Supreme Court would rule against Joe Biden to stop his UnConstitutional Executive Orders.  

Of course, feckless Joe Biden knows all of this; but he must play to his radical Socialist Fascist base to make it look like he is actually doing the things they demand to remain in office.  These people hate democracy like all Socialist Fascists.  Since they can't get the Green New Deal through Congress, they don't care if Biden must implement illegal Executive Orders to make it happen.  We need an all of the above energy policy that makes all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper to maintain the world's standard of living.  Most important, the United States must be energy independent and that cannot happen without carbon energy for the foreseeable future.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Only 28% of Americans Have Confidence In Public Schools

In a recent Gallup Poll, it was reported that only 28% of American have confidence in public schools to educate their children.  Since 90% of kids attend public schools, this is horrible.  Clearly, the majority of Americans recognize that our public schools are broken.  And, no wonder when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  This has occurred because woke school board members do not understand their responsibility.  The sole job of a school board member is to represent the interests of students, parents and taxpayers.  Since many school board members are owned lock, stock and barrel by teacher unions, they are compromised and the end result is lousy academic achievement.  

These woke school board members refuse to do what is needed to improvement the quality of education and academic achievement.  While true all over the country, it is truer in Nevada where we live than most other parts of the country as the state ranks 49th in the nation in terms of academic achievement.  What woke school board members don't seem to understand is that they are Management.  Certificated and Classified employees that work in the district are Labor generally represented by Unions.  It is therefore an incredible conflict of interest for school board members to take campaign contributions from teacher or other unions and from vendors and suppliers that do business with the district.  While there does not need to hostility between Management and Labor, there should be a certain tension as each side is supposed to represent different interests.  Clearly, teacher unions do not represent the interests of students, parents and taxpayer and in fact just the opposite it true.  We really saw this during Covid as unions insisted on continued lock downs.  

The reason we don't see improvements in the quality of education and academic achievement is that the reforms necessary would be opposed by teacher unions.  Since most woke school board members and Socialist Fascists are owned by teacher unions, they will not cross their masters.  It is just that simple.  The response to all of this must be School Choice so that poor and middle class parents can get their children out of failing public schools the same as the rich.  Of course, teacher unions vehemently oppose School Choice because they want kids trapped on the plantation so they can continue feeding at the trough.  

The good news is that the majority of Americans now support School Choice as the only way to improve the quality of education in the United States.  The state of Arizona has enacted the first School Choice program where $7,000 follows the kid to the school of the parent's choice whether private, charter, or public schools.  We are facing a national emergency crisis far worse than Climate Change.  Public Schools are focused on woke indoctrination rather than quality education.  It has to stop.  School Choice is the only way to make it stop.  We have to starve the beast in order for woke school board members, administrators and teachers to get the message.  It will not happen any other way.  

China Is At War With The United States For World Dominance

China plays the long game.  They have learned from their history and are determined that they will never allow other nations to control their country again.  When President Nixon went to China in 1972 to open up their country to foreign trade, we assumed it would benefit the West.  And for many years, we were able to buy cheap goods that ultimately made China rich.   However, in the process Western Global companies moved jobs and production to China to escape higher cost of doing business, high taxes and burdensome regulations in the West.  The Chinese Communist allowed Western and Asian companies into their country, but only if proprietary technology was turned over to them. 

The end result is that many industries now cannot compete with Chinese companies producing the very same products.  80% of the drugs we consume in the United States are now made in China.  GM has more employees in China than in the US.  The Green New Deal is a great opportunity for China since most of the solar panels, wind turbines and batteries are now made in China.  And, China has not agreed to curtail their carbon emissions.  They are still building coal fired electric plants.  The United States could and should be entirely energy independent, but the Socialist Fascists in our country and their radical environmental supporters would rather see us brought to our knees than be energy independent.  It is ridiculous and very close to treasonous.  

China will soon have the largest military in the world built with our money.  American politicians of both parties except for President Trump have failed to understand the threat that China poses to our national security.  They and their big corporate supporters have sold out the American people as 70,000 factories were closed in the United States and 5 million jobs were shipped to China and other countries destroying little mill towns all over the United States.  

And, now rather than killing our people with guns, which may come later, China is making billions of dollars smuggling fentanyl and other drugs into our country through Mexico.  About 100,000 of our people die every year from drug overdoses.  To put this in perspective, we lost 58,000 Americans fighting the Vietnam War over many years.  China is killing our people without firing a shot.  We allow it to happen by not securing our border and destroying the cartels in Mexico.  

China is at war with the United States for world dominance.  If we don't get smart and pretty quick, they will win this war. They are fighting us on many fronts; political, economic and military.  We must bring back critical industries to the United States by incentive and tariffs on goods made in China.  We cannot be dependent on China for anything that matters.  And, we must become energy independent again.  Forget about climate change.  We need to make all our energy sources in the United States safer, cleaner and cheaper to win the war with China.  Sadly, Socialist Fascists in the United States are the best thing that ever happened to China.  The Biden Crime Family continues to sell out the American people to enrich their family.  Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate working for China not the United States.  

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Republicans Need A Platform To Win in 2022

Socialist Fascists see a Red Wave coming.  Joe Biden is such a miserable failure that about the only things Socialists can hang their hats on is the January 6th riot and the abortion issue.  They are hoping they can motivate Trump haters and radical pro-choice women to vote for them.   In some House districts and swing states, this plan could work if the Republicans get complacent.  Republicans assume they will win just because Biden has failed so miserably in his first two years in office.  However, if that is their only story, though Republicans may win back the House, they will not take back the Senate.

Republicans need to give their base and Independents reasons to vote for them.  They need an America First platform as follows:

1. Secure the border to stop the invasion of illegal aliens.

2. Make the Trump personal income tax cuts that will otherwise expire in 2025 permanent.

3. Support School Choice for all parents so the poor and middle class can get their kids out of failing public schools.  The money should follow the kid to the private, charter or public school of the parent's choice.

4.  Demand election integrity in all states.  Ending mailing out unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting and requiring voter ID and proof of citizenship.

5. Support Fair Trade Not Free Trade to protect jobs in America.  Provide incentives and enact tariffs to bring critical manufacturing and mining jobs back to the United States to stop dependence on China.

6. Support Energy Independence making all energy sources in the United States safer, cleaner and cheaper.  Open up more federal lands and offshore leases to drilling to bring down the price of energy to combat inflation.  

7. Demand that allies pay more for their own defense to guard against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

8.  Support an 11 week rule related to prohibiting abortions after 11 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger, in which case no later than 20 weeks applicable to those states that allow abortion.   Utilization of the abortion pill cannot happen after 11 weeks so this is close to the heart beat rule.  This would actually limited the infanticide that is happening in Blue States.  Red states would still be free to prohibit abortion altogether or adopt this standard.  

9.  Oppose Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history and LGBTQIA indoctrination in our schools.  Demand focus on quality education and academic achievement rather than woke indoctrination.

10.  Protect gun rights; but allow for universal background checks.  

11. Oppose any shut down of the economy or schools for any reason ever again. 

Republicans candidates that adopt this platform will win the base, Independents and even some old style conservative Democrats.  The Red Wave is not inevitable.  If Republicans don't move quick to put this Platform in place,  they will not win as many seats as would otherwise be possible.  It would be a real lost opportunity given the mess Joe Biden has created in his first two years in office.  

Competing With China's Military Build-Up - Time To Wake Up

The United States Congress will soon enact an $850 Billion Defense bill for 2023 and yet we can't seem to secure our border; but that is another story.  For every $20 dollars the US spends on Defense, China spends $1 dollar because their cost of labor and materials are so much less.  And, America has a huge military industrial complex feeding at the trough.  China will soon do to the United States, what we did to the Soviet Union.  President Ronald Reagan knew that the Soviet Union was bankrupt and could not outspend the United States on Defense so he ramped up our Defense spending. 

China is already five years ahead of the United States in hypersonic missiles, the kind we have no way to stop.  We are playing catch up; but as of now, our country is in grave danger.  In the next ten years, China will have the largest military in the world, with a blue water navy and bases all over the world.  For the United States to compete and more important not be vulnerable to military threats and blackmail, we will have to spend a lot more than we are spending now.   That will mean far less money for things like entitlements, education, Social Security and Medicare.  But what choice does the United States have.  

One thing we could do is absolutely demand that our allies all of them ramp up their military spending dramatically.  Japan, Australia, India, South Korea and the European Union must double their current spending on the military.  The fact is that the United States can no longer defend these nations.  Japan and Germany in particular must become nuclear nations to counter both China and Russia.  

The only way the United States can compete with China is through combined effort with our allies; but it will mean going Trump on them to get them to increase Defense spending at the expense of their Cradle to Grave Entitlements.  Of course, feckless Joe Biden and the Socialist Fascists are not tough enough to make it happen.   And, we can forget about the Green New Deal, which will destroy America's economy.  We need to make all our energy sources, cleaner, safer and cheaper to compete with China.  Why on earth would we give up our advantage in Energy resources.  Doing so is insane and even treasonous. 

It will take President Trump to compete with China, or somebody else in the Republican Party of like mind putting America First.  We must recognize that China is the real enemy not Russia.  Until we do that, we face great danger from China.  As it is, we must bring back critical industries from manufacturing in China whatever it takes.  We cannot be dependent on China for anything that matters and particularly not for minerals that they currently control.  We must unleash to forces of American ingenuity to compete with China.  It will not happen any other way.  

Friday, July 15, 2022

Joe Biden - Clear & Present Danger To America

Feckless Joe Biden's dementia becomes more obvious by the day.  Biden would just be an old geezer growing older and nobody would care except that he is the President of the United States.  We learned recently that Jill Biden has to keep Joe pumped up with some kind of drugs so that he can function.  It is time for a cognitive test, the same one that President Trump took and aced to prove that his mental capabilities were just fine.  Sadly, it is doubtful that Joe Biden could pass the same test.  

Fake News and the Deep State protected Biden during the campaign in 2020 united by their hatred of President Trump.  But now even Fake News and other Socialist Fascists have the long knives out because they see the Red Wave coming in 2022.  Joe Biden will be the fall guy.  Of course, Quemala Harris, the giggling laughing hyena is certainly not prepared to be President.  Governor Gruesome of California was recently seen seeking in and out of the White House measuring the drapes.  Could a deal of some sort be in the making.  Quemala would have to resign so that Biden could appoint someone better suited to be President.   Gruesome of California has made a mess of the state; but the radicals in the Socialist Fascist Party would love to see him in the White House.  

What to do with Quemala.  She could be appointed as his Vice President and or Gruesome could make her Attorney General by getting rid of party hack Merrick Garland.  Whatever happens aside from the Biden Crime Family crooked deals and the failure to secure the border, there are grounds to impeach Biden.  However, invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office is the most viable alternative.  I suspect the Republicans would go along if they were part of the deal to remove Biden.  

Something's got to give.  There is no way Joe Biden can complete his term in office.  Biden obviously will not be running for reelection.  After the Midterm elections, Socialist Fascist Party bosses will figure out the easiest way to remove Joe Biden from office.  The poor bastard does not see the train coming; but it is going to run him over for sure.  Biden must be removed from office one way or another because he is a clear and present danger to our country.  The options are dropping dead, resignation, impeachment, or 25th Amendment.  The next 12 months will be the turning point for the Biden Presidency.  

Republicans Must Do Ballot Harvesting

When Covid hit, Blue States used it as an excuse to send out millions of unsolicited mail out ballots, extend voting days and put unsecure ballot boxes all over cities.  They used Mark Zuckerberg's $400 million plus donations to hire people to do ballot harvesting.  Zuckerberg claims he will not be donating that money again in this election cycle; but it does not matter,  Socialist Fascists learned how to play the game.  Trump would only have needed 43,000 more votes in key states to be reelected.   As a result, there is a pretty good chance that the election was stolen from Trump by ballot harvesting and cheating. 

We live in Nevada so we did receive ballots in the mail.  We voted in person; but after doing so, even though it is supposed to be illegal, we could have also turned in our mail in ballots to vote twice.  I recently asked if there was any double check on that and the answer I got back was No.  Everybody knows that Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  This upcoming election is critical to them because they see the Red Wave coming as a result of Biden's incompetence and unpopularity.  Socialist Fascists will use ballot harvesting to cheat; guaranteed.  

State and County Republican parties better learn how to play this game; not to cheat but to make sure they have gathered every conceivable ballot from anyone who is a registered Republican or Independent.  I am not suggesting any kind of ballot tampering; but rather just making sure the ballots of voters who are likely to vote Republican or Independent get in the door.   That means either paying for ballot harvesters, like the Socialists did in 2020, or signing up thousands of volunteers to knock on doors to gather ballots.  We have to beat them at their own game to insure election integrity.  Republicans will not win if we don't get smart.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Latinos Are Not Tacos

First Lady Jill Biden recently referred to the diversity of Latinos as like breakfast tacos.  First of all, while breakfast tacos invented in Austin, Texas are common in TexMex food, most Latinos do not eat tacos for breakfast.  That is more of a lunch or dinner meal.  Some of them would be more likely to eat burritos, or like other Americans bacon and eggs if they can afford the bacon, these days.  Dr. Jill had to apologize for her stupid remark.  She was just a rich Karen White woman trying to relate to Latinos.  The First Lady should never attempt to speak Spanish either because she mispronounces the words.  It is actually laughable.    

Latinos come in all stripes and political persuasions.  More and more, they are trending Republican because many are Catholic opposed to abortion and all the other Socialist Fascist anti traditional family positions.  Latinos want law an order just like everybody else.  They certainly want great schools for their kids, which is why many now support School Choice to get their kids out of failing public schools.  And, most Latinos do not support open borders and the invasion of illegal aliens happening at our border because they know it will bring down wages in the US.  

Finally, there is no such thing as LatinX.  The plural word Latinos actually refers collectively to men and women who are some version of Hispanic.  A male could be referred to as a Latino and a woman as a Latina.  Putting an X at the end of the word Latin to appease the LGBTQIA community just does not compute in Spanish.  It is estupido. 

Hispanics are very diverse.  Cubans have a different culture than Mexicans and the same is true related to Latinos from Central or South America.   While most are Catholic many are now Evangelical Christians.  Hispanics, which would include people from Spain do not necessarily eat the same foods.  Most speak a Spanish dialect with different accent or intonations that are often only apparent to native Spanish speakers that can tell the difference.  Cervantes from Spain is their Shakespeare.  Music among Hispanics can vary widely.  The mariachis of Mexico are not as prevalent in Cuba or Spain.  In other words, Hispanics are not a homogenous group of people.  There can be very great differences between numerous Hispanic groups.  The stereotypes just don't work.   And referring to Hispanics as breakfast tacos was very insulting.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Men Are From Mars - Women Are From La - La Land

There are only two sexes; biological men and biological women no matter what a person's sexual orientation.  Men produce sperm.  Women produce eggs.  When they come together, they create a fertilized embryo that once attached to a uterus eventually turns into a baby.  Only biological women with a functioning uterus can get pregnant and have babies.  Sex change operations may alter plumbing; but they do not change the biology of human beings.  Apparently, woke Socialist Fascists now claim that stating the basic science of human beings is transphobic.  So, men are from Mars and women are from La - La Land.  These are the same people that always argue that we must follow the science unless of course, it does not reflect their crazy narrative.  

LGBTQIA people can designate themselves any sexual orientation they please; but it still does not change the biology.  Whatever is in their heads, they are still either biological men or women.  We have reached crazy concerning this discussion.  The World Health Organization now plans to deny the biology to support the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  To be clear, this Blogger is not anti - LGBTQIA.  I don't care what sexual orientation people claim, or who they choose to marry, love etc.  

However, to deny basic biology is just plain ridiculous. Only women can get pregnant and have babies.  LGBTQIA women can get pregnant and have babies provided they are females.  LGBTQIA men cannot get pregnant and have babies.  I include all the designations not to leave anybody out; but no doubt given the addition of new categories daily, I am quite sure somebody is missing.  Just imagine the confusion this is causing for young children as woke public and even some private schools try to explain all of this to kids as young as kindergarten when they don't even know their primary colors or how to read.  We need to get back to basics.  Biology is the story.  Let's stop all the BS please.  

Monday, July 11, 2022

Iran On The Verge of Nuclear Weapons

US talks with Iran to stop their ability to obtain nuclear weapons have broken down.  As feckless Joe Biden embarks on a trip to the Middle East, which will include stops in Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran is on the verge of having nuclear weapons.  Neither Israel nor other Sunni Arab countries are going to allow that to happen.  My guess is they are discussing cooperation to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons no matter what the United States does to intervene.  The adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend will apply.  And, though Sunni Arab states have not always been very friendly with Israel, after the Trump Abraham Accords, things have changed dramatically.  

The whole region recognizes that Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism is the problem and a danger to all of them.   Since it appears that Iran is just weeks away from potentially having nuclear weapons and the missile systems to deliver them, Israel with the help of Arab allies will act.   After all, Iran constantly says it wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map.  Of course, in doing so, they would be killing Palestinian Arabs too; but they are Sunni Arabs, not Shia Persians so maybe they just don't care.   

The real question is what will Joe Biden do when the bombs start dropping one way or another on Iran or Israel.  Everybody knows that Israel has nuclear weapons and would use them to preserve their country.  Biden can't be neutral in this struggle since our allies are both Israel and Sunni Arab countries.  Joe Biden would have to act both to protect American interests and bases in the area and our allies.  And, then there is Russia and China that might side with Iran, since they do a lot of business with Iran.  This could turn very ugly real fast.  

If Donald Trump was still in office, these things would not be happening.  Trump's tactics would have forced the Iranians to cease and desist.  Obviously, Iran does not fear Joe Biden, which is dangerous to world peace.  The United States needs to get ahead of this with our allies in NATO.  All must be prepared to act forcefully if things spiral out of control.  We could be facing a major, but short war in the Middle East and beyond with lots of carnage to go around.    

Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Facts About Abortion

The radical scare mongers and Fake News that support unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after want us to believe that pregnancy is life threatening for all women.  Fortunately, that is just not true.  While any death is tragic, about 1% of pregnancies result in the death of the woman and usually from other complications.   99% of the 3.5 million births that occur in the US every year are pretty routine.  About 32% of births occur by C-Section, which is a little riskier because it does involve surgery; but even most of those are routine.  Women who give birth naturally are usually released from the hospital a day or two later.  Those that give birth by C-Section are usually released 3 - 5 days later.  

54% of abortions happen by pills rather than surgical procedures and that incidence is growing because the abortion mills charge about the same money for less staff involvement so this approach is more profitable.  Utilization of pills must occur before 11 weeks of pregnancy so not to far off from the 7 week heartbeat rule.  By 15 - 20  weeks of pregnancy, since there is a fully formed baby, the suction method is no longer possible so clamps must be used by the abortionist to rip the baby limb from limb to remove it in parts.  Very often those baby parts are sold for medical research.  This is very gruesome because by this point the baby feels pain.  There are even ultrasound pictures showing the baby attempting to flee from the clamps.  

Miscarriages often occur because of fetal abnormalities, usually an issue with missing chromosomes.  In other words, a viable baby is just not all there.  When a miscarriage occurs, in about 50% of cases it is necessary for a doctor to perform a D & C to go in and scrape the lining of the uterus to clean out any remaining tissues that were not expelled during the miscarriage to prevent infection.  This is not an abortion, since there is usually no viable fetus left in the womb after a miscarriage unless there is a dead baby remaining in the womb often referred to as stillborn.  In that case, the doctors can induce labor.   

In the rare event that an embryo does not attach to the uterus; but instead attaches to an ovary or in the fallopian tubes, it must be removed because it will not grow to viability.  It is almost like removing a tumor.  If not removed, it could be life threatening.  This is a medical procedure not really an abortion that would be prohibited in any state no different than removing a tumor.  

The incidence of abortion because of rape or incest is rare.  The reality is that a woman is fertile for about 6 days in any given month.  So sex would have to occur during this time period for pregnancy to occur.  When this happens, the victim could take the morning after pill within 3 - 5 days of the sex act to help insure that no pregnancy occurs so abortion would not be needed.  

The reality is that about 97% of abortions occur as last resort birth control.  Clearly any woman or man that does not want to have children should be on cheap and effective birth control.  In some cases poor women on Medicaid can get contraceptives for free.   This is about personal responsibility.  In the case of minors, parents aware that their daughters are sexually active should first try to convince them not to be sexually active and or make sure they are on birth control.  Since schools can refer young girls to Planned Parenthood without parental approval, which is a whole different issue,  Planned Parenthood can provide contraceptives.  

No matter what someone's position is on abortion, we at least need to deal with the facts to have an intelligent discussion.  The notion of "my body, my choice", the slogan of the pro abortion crowd is fine until there are two bodies in the picture.  Once a baby is conceived, this discussion becomes far more complicated.  And, once there is a heartbeat at about 7 weeks, we are talking about another separate and distinct human life with its own DNA.  Once there is human life, abortion is infanticide.  And, while perhaps there should be exceptions for Rape, Incest or if the Mother's life is in danger, a very small number of cases,  provided an abortion happens before viability around 15 - 20 weeks, abortion used as birth control in 97% of cases is completely avoidable.  

School Choice - The Civil Rights Issue Of This Era

90% of children in the United States attend public schools.  The taxpayers of America spend $750 billion a year on K - 12 education more than any other country; yet academic achievement is dismal.  Half the students in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  The public schools that used to be the foundation of democracy, the great equalizer and the means of upward mobility are broken.  The demise of the public schools occurred in the last 40 years with the dominance of teacher unions and the Socialist left wing indoctrination they advocate rather than education, which is occurring in our schools.  It has never been worse than it is today.  It is the reason for the School Board wars that are happening all over the country as parents and taxpayers have finally stood up to say ENOUGH.

President Franklin Roosevelt was against public employee unions because he knew it would lead to corruption.  That is never truer than with teacher unions that support lackey School Board candidates that once elected vote to reward them with goodies in their contracts.  One hand washes the other and it has resulted in lousy public schools all over America.  

Socialist Fascist teacher unions that should be focused on things like working conditions, salary, benefits and pensions are now focused on indoctrination teaching things like Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, fake history and imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda in our schools.  The National Education Association, (NEA), the largest teachers union in the country, headquartered in the DC swamp just announced that they will no longer use the word mother instead calling them "birthing parents" that "chest feed" to reflect the radical LGBTQIA agenda when only about 8% of our population is LGBTQIA.  Teachers unions support unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after, defunding the police, BLM and the Green New Deal that will destroy our economy.  In other words, teacher unions support the entire Socialist Fascist Party Platform and use their teacher union dues to elect radical left wing candidates that will do their bidding.  

While the battle to save our public schools must continue in earnest, it is very obvious that all parents must have School Choice so that the money follows the kid to any school chosen by the parents be they be private or public.  Poor and middle class parents must have the same ability as the rich to get their kids out of lousy public schools into great private schools.  Ironically, creating competition is the only way to improve academic achievement in public schools because lackey school board  members and Superintendents, owned by the teacher unions will not implement the reforms needed to improve the quality of education in public schools because those reforms would be opposed by teacher unions.  The good news is that 74% of Americans support School Choice so the tsunami is coming.  

School Choice is most important to kids of color because they are most impacted by lousy public schools, particularly in our inner cities.  As a result, School Choice is the Civil Rights Issue of this Era.  The state of Arizona is the first to enact universal School Choice for all students.  In this case, parents can take up to $7,000 a year directed to the school of their choice public or private.  Of course, the teacher union plans to fight this plan by putting an initiative on the ballot in Arizona to strike it down.  This is no surprise because School Choice threatens both their control over schools and their gravy train.  

The National Education Association just budgeted $140,000 to identify all organizations in the US that oppose their radical Socialist Fascist ideology and support School Choice.  In essence, they are forming an "enemies list".  So be it.  The battle is joined.  It is parents and taxpayers that care about quality education against Socialist Fascists whose goal it is to keep kids on the plantation to maintain their power and gravy train.  This fight will be furious and ugly as Socialist Fascists have labeled concerned parents and taxpayers as "domestic terrorists" for saying ENOUGH.  We wear that designation as a badge of honor.  

We are fighting for the kids of America unborn and born because quality education is a national security issue.  We cannot compete with China when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  We cannot maintain a high standard of living when children leave public schools poorly educated with no marketable jobs skills.  Woke indoctrination must end.  Great education must become a national priority to Make America Great Again.    

Friday, July 8, 2022

Joe Biden - Owned By The Chinese Communist Party

Everybody knows that the Biden Crime Family took millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party in business dealings with Joe Biden's son Hunter to buy influence.  And, now the story gets even worse.  Joe Biden sold 950,000 barrels of oil from our Strategic Reserve to oil trading company Sinopec, owned by the Chinese Communist Party.  First, at a time when the price of gasoline is reaching $6 a gallon all over the country and even higher, Biden should not be selling oil from the Strategic Reserve to any foreign country let alone China.  

Joe Biden claims that he knew nothing of Hunter Biden's business dealings when Hunter flew over to China on Air Force II during one of Joe Biden's trips to China.  And, now we hear recordings that make Joe Biden a liar, which of course is nothing new.  Joe Biden was the "big guy" getting 10% of Hunter's crooked deals.  Joe Biden is owned lock stock and barrel by the Chinese Communist Party, which is why Biden is now considering lifting tariffs that President Trump put in place against China to save American Jobs.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  

After the Red Wave that is coming in November, while there are many reasons why Socialist Fascists will want Biden gone sooner than later, this corruption will bubble up the point that even Fake News will call for Joe Biden's resignation.  This train is coming right at Joe Biden.  Poor demented fool, he may not see the train coming that is going to run him over and out of the Presidency.  There would be many grounds to impeach Joe Biden if he does not resign; but this corruption may force a resignation in 2023.  

Thursday, July 7, 2022

National Education Association - Socialist Fascist Woke Teacher's Union

The National Education Association headquartered in the DC Swamp is an arm of the Socialist Fascist Party.  They give a lot of the dues they collect from teachers to support Socialist Fascist candidates all over the country that will do their bidding.  Always remember whose bread they eat whose song they sing.  Though not all teachers are Socialist Fascists, all teacher unions all over the country partner with the Socialist Fascist Party supporting the radical left wing agenda that we hear about on the news.  They see public education as nothing more than a jobs program with great benefits and pensions and three months off work a year.  The good news is that the state of Arizona as the first in the union has enacted universal School Choice so that all parents can now choose private or public schools for their children.  Of course, the teachers union in Arizona is fighting it as a threat to their gravy train.  

Teacher unions support Critical Race Theory Marxist racist fake history indoctrination and the Green New Deal that will destroy our economy.  They also support imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda in our schools.  Even though those of the LBGTQIA persuasion don't make up more than 8% of the population, the other 92% of us are required to buy into their lifestyle.  Sorry, though the majority of voters have a live and let live attitude,  we do not support imposition of the LGBTQIA radical agenda in our schools, or anyplace else.   Boy's should not be using girls bathrooms, or locker rooms no matter what their sexual orientation because it is a violation of privacy rights.  And, boys who claim to be girls should not be allowed to compete in competitive girl's and women's sports.  It is just not fair.  

The National Education Association just announced that they will no longer refer to mothers as mothers; but instead want to call them "birthing parents" in deference to the LGBTQIA community who apparently "chest feed".  As Forest Gump always said, "stupid is as stupid does".  But this should be no surprise.  In the Washoe County School District, where we live, the 4th and 5th grade Sex Education Curriculum now refers to boys as a body with a penis and girls as a body with a vulva.  It is totally inappropriate especially since half the kids in Washoe cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level just like in the rest of the country.  These kids can't read the words penis or vulva.  Completely ridiculous!

The teacher unions control public schools, so Republican elected officials, parents and taxpayers should be focused on ending teacher tenure so bad teachers can more easily be fired.  We need to elect Conservatives School Board members that are not owned lock, stock and barrel by the teacher unions to put reforms in place to improve the quality of education in our public schools, which is dismal.  It will not happen any other way.  And finally, we must have School Choice in all states so that the money follows the kid.  Poor and Middle Class parents must have the same options to pull their kids out of lousy public schools the same as the rich.  This is the civil rights issue of this era.  

Teacher unions do not represent the interests of children, parents or taxpayers.  They are focused on things like unrestricted abortion on demand and radical Socialist indoctrination of children not education.  They oppose patriotism, faith, family and traditional moral values.  Conservatives state legislatures must act to reign in teacher unions.  No teacher should be forced to join the union to have a job.  We need to see far more accountability related to teacher and administrator performance so that those not doing the job can be fired.  It is time for parents and taxpayers to take back our public schools to save them.  Otherwise, we will continue to see failure and mediocre education and indoctrination in our public schools.  It has to end or the money must end.  It is that simple.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Highland Park - Chicago Mass Shooter - Mental Illness & The Parents

It is truly unbelievable that Robert Crimo, the mass shooter in upscale Highland Park outside Chicago purchased guns at 19 years old with his father's approval, which was required since Crimo was under 21.  Robert Crimo Senior signed the forms required by the state to permit his son to buy guns even though both parents knew this kid had both mental issues and other encounters with the law.   Crimo junior had also threatened suicide many times and to kill his whole family.  So these were legally purchased guns, since nothing in a background check would have otherwise prohibited the purchase of multiple guns.  This kid also had a collection of lethal knives that could have been used to murder.  

We learned today that Crimo planned to drive 150 miles to Madison, Wisconsin to murder people at their July 4th parade, as well.  Fortunately, that did not happen.  So now we have a situation where the father for sure and maybe even the mother should be charged with some degree of murder, since they knowingly assisted their son with buying guns legally.  This case must be prosecuted to set a precedent.  Again, this was the classic example of a dysfunctional family.  It has been reported that there were constant arguments between father and mother and "not much love" in the home.  These parents apparently neglected their two sons. 

In this case, more gun laws would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy from happening.  This is a clear case of parental neglect and malfeasance.  Both parents must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law to make it very clear that parents who aid and abet murder must also pay the price of jail time.  This story is not unusual.  More often than not mass murderers come from dysfunctional families.  They tend to be loners who were bullied in school.  These are young people with serious mental issues.  Crimo was well known to police in the area who had referred him for mental treatment.  Young people likely to commit mass murders must be on a watch list.  It could also be that social services must be involved with dysfunctional families to help stop what could be child abuse and neglect.  

This Blogger has said many times that mass shootings are not about guns; but rather the psychosis that makes the shooter commit these crimes.  This is a complex story that can only be addressed by additional mental illness treatment that should start in elementary school.  The simple answer of more gun laws will do nothing to solve this national crisis.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Gun Violence - What Is Different

Americans have owned guns since before the founding of our nation.  And, after the Revolutionary War to end British tyranny, when our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, they added the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms not for hunting purposes; but because they understood that only an armed populace could guarantee freedom.  Today, more than 120 million Americans own about 400 million guns with more everyday.  Matter of fact, Americans have been legally purchasing guns at the rate of about a million guns a month for the last 35 months.  

It is pretty obvious, people are buying guns because they don't believe they can count on government to protect them.  We know that if we call 911, perhaps nobody will show up.  We watched BLM and Antifa riot, loot, burn down cities and businesses and injure hundreds of people with little or no consequence.  Crime is surging as woke District Attorney's allow criminals to roam the streets.  Drug related murders are happening every day in our inner cities as gangs fight for turf.  We see the invasion at our border as criminals and drugs enter our country illegally.  

And, then we see the gun violence coming from mass shooters, which does not really compare to the number of people killed everyday in our inner cities.  Everytime we see another tragic incident, as just occurred outside Chicago, Socialist Fascists call for taking our guns away; yet they say nothing about the gun violence that happens in major cities run by them all the time.  So why are these mass shootings happening.  It is not about gun ownership legal or otherwise.  Americans have always owned guns.  It is about the societal problems that have just gotten worse in the last twenty years.  So what is different?  Let me provide a list:

1. Dysfunctional families as many children are born to single moms into poverty with no Dad's in the home; 

2. Substance abuse including alcohol, hard drugs and pot;

3. Unrestricted abortion, violent video games and movies that make killing seem normal;

4. Social media that provides a platform to gain fame for committing murder;

5. The Defund the Police Movement so there are fewer cops on the beat making arrests;

6. Soft on crime policies that allow criminals out of jail;

7. Lack of religious faith at school or in the home;

8.  Lousy public schools that result in half the country's kids unable to do math or read at grade level with inner city kids way below grade level. 

We have developed a permissive society that has had a severe negative impact on young people in particular.  These shooters often have a similar profile.  They usually come from dysfunctional families, are loaners that were often bullied in school.  The factors listed above usually play a part in their mental issues.  If they did not use guns to kill, they would just find some other way to murder lots of people.  A car speeding through a crowd of people is just as effective as a gun.  

Unless and until we face up to the societal problems in our country, we will continue to have mass shootings.  Socialist Fascists refuse to see the forest for the trees because it is their permissiness that has gotten us where we are today.  These Socialists and their supporters have a real problem defining right from wrong because it would offend someone in their voter base.  So, whenever we have a mass shooting, they resort back to same old same old.  Socialist Fascists want to take guns away from law abiding gun owners.  To that we say HELL NO.  The fact is that criminals will always have access to guns.  They don't abide by laws.  

Expansion Of NATO - A Failure To Understand Russian History

Given the war in Ukraine, it appears that both Sweden and Finland have applied for membership in the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the unanimous votes are now there from all NATO members to approve their addition to the Alliance.  This means that Russia will be totally surrounded by NATO members in Eastern Europe, the Baltic Countries and Turkey.   This will put NATO forces within easy distance of Russia's major cities and the Crimea.  And, let's not forget that Russia has fought wars with Finland, Sweden and Poland in the past.  And, that Ukraine and the Crimea taken from the Turks have been part of Russia on an off for centuries.  Matter of fact, this blogger visited the old Soviet Union in 1974 when Ukraine was part of their country.  I visited Kiev, Odessa, Moscow and what is today St. Petersburg.  

The West argues that NATO is a defensive alliance, which of course is ridiculous since the United States, Britain and France all possess nuclear weapons and the delivery systems to hit Russian Cities in a matter of minutes.  Given Russian paranoia that dates back to the first Tzars and invasions by the Mongols, French and Germans and their inferiority complex, whether it be Vladimir Putin or any other leader of Russia, they would have to feel threatened by what they see at their borders.  Just imagine if there were Chinese or Russian troops based in Mexico.  How would the United States react? The Cuban Missile crisis in 1962 almost resulted in armageddon.   

Expansion of NATO and Western sanctions will cause an even stronger alliance between Russia and China.  China will buy all the Russian oil and gas that Putin can supply giving Putin the income that he needs to build up his Navy based in the Black Sea, Vladivostok in the Pacific and Kaliningrad in the Baltics.  That will mean many more nuclear powered and equipped submarines that will also be based in places like China, Syria, Venezuela, African countries and maybe even Cuba.  

The only way Russia can protect itself from NATO is by additional nuclear weapons and advanced delivery systems to get those weapons on targets in Western countries in minutes.  NATO will have far superior ground forces with the build up happening now and especially with the addition of Sweden and Finland that shares a 600 mile border with Russia.  Forget about tanks.  Russia would use missiles and tactical nuclear weapons to destroy NATO forces, which would force Western countries to respond with nuclear weapons.  

Our foreign policy brainiacs have really screwed this up.  Our real enemy is China not Russia.  Russia is a Christian nation often fighting Islamic terrorism in some of its provinces.  Russia should have been invited to join NATO so that the positioning of Ukraine or the Baltic countries would have been irrelevant.  Instead we have acted as though the Cold War never ended.  After the  the Soviet Union collapsed, Putin argued why was NATO even necessary.  For a while there, it looked like Russia would be incorporated into Western Europe selling them oil and gas, which they desperately needed.  But instead as we failed to understand Russian history, we fed their paranoia making an invasion of Ukraine that threatened NATO membership a reality.  

Stupid is as stupid does.  Western countries led by the United States under feckless Joe Biden are failing to see this train coming.   The odds of nuclear war with Russia just increased dramatically with the addition of Sweden and Finland into NATO.  Russia will use cyber terrorism and or nuclear weapons striking first if it feels threatened.  After the war with Germany and Hitler and the loss of 20 million Russians, they have their motto of NEVER AGAIN.  That is why they strived to control Eastern Europe after World War II.  They were determined that there could never be an invasion coming from Western Europe again.  

So here we are.  Russia and China will form a very strong alliance both offensive and defensive.  China will attack Taiwan at some point.  Russia will support China with its Pacific fleet.  We will end up in World War III only this time the United States will suffer great losses on our mainland.  It will be a two front war involving NATO as well.  President Trump understood all of this as he attempted to deal with both Russia and China.  Joe Biden is clueless.   

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Celebrating July 4th - The "Liberal World Order" - Threat To Our Freedoms & Way Of Life

As we celebrate July 4th, Independence Day and the founding of our country, we should all remember the men and women who have fought and died to create the greatest country in the history of the world.  Sadly,  our country has been headed in the wrong direction for many decades so that today we are no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave.   That is the reason why in a recent poll only 65% of people said they were proud to be an American.  It is very sad.  Young people are being indoctrinated by Socialists teaching in public schools and many colleges and universities to hate America.

We are today a people defined by Socialist Fascist woke identity politics.  We are no longer just Americans as one nation under God.  Instead we are hyphen Americans defined by race, ethnic origins and or sexual orientation.  And in the process our country has never been more divided since the Civil War.  Many families and friends cannot even celebrate holidays together because any discussion can turn into an argument. 

And, we recently learned from feckless Joe Biden that the reason the American people must spend billions of dollars supporting Ukraine in their war against Russia is to support the "Liberal World Order".  Today, at least as defined by Socialist Fascists running the United States and many other western countries that means Identity politics, woke ideology, the Green New Deal, open borders, defunding the police,  unrestricted abortion, limiting gun rights, attacks on freedom of speech and religion, lack of election integrity and revised Marxist Fake History.  To all of that, as they attempt to cancel us out, this blogger says HELL NO.  

We support America First and Making America Great Again, which means Fair Trade not Free Trade, energy independence, ceasing endless wars that only benefit the military industrial complex at the expense of dead and wounded Americans, secure borders, faith, family and traditional moral values, limits on abortion, fighting for our gun rights under the Second Amendment, freedom of speech and religion, an end to revisionist Critical Race Theory Marxist racist fake History and the LGBTQIA agenda being taught in our schools.  And, we must fight for  election integrity to stop voter fraud.  

In other words, as we celebrate July 4th the last thing we want is the "Liberal World Order" that is a threat to our freedoms, economic well being and way of life.  The Socialist Fascists running the United States today are out to destroy our country.  We can't let that happen.  Republicans committed to America First and MAGA must take back the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.  We must get our country back on track to insure that the next 100 years will be better than the last 100 years.  If we fail, all is lost for future generations of Americans of all colors, ethnic origins and sexual orientations.  

Republicans & Abortion - Time For Common Sense

Socialist Fascists support abortion infanticide right up until birth and even after.  Now that Roe and Casey have been overturned by the Supreme Court, the Blue States will go well beyond former viability rules and enact totally unrestricted abortion in their states.  As a result, when the Republicans take control of Congress they should pass a national abortion law to stop this heinous infanticide.  

It could be very simple.  For those states that allow abortion, the heartbeat law should be applicable to most abortions, which means in about 96% of abortions, they would not be legal after about 7 weeks pregnancy.  In cases of Rape or Incest, about 1% of abortions, or if the mother's life is in danger another 1% of abortions and in cases of fetal abnormalities allow up to viability of the baby, about 20 weeks.  And, there needs to be regulations related to telemedicine and shipping abortion pills across state lines, which probably is legal under interstate commerce laws.  Those pills used in 57% of abortions today can only be used before 11 weeks of pregnancy so not too far off from the heart beat rule.   

In all probability, Joe Biden would veto this national abortion law because Socialist Fascists want abortion as an election issue.  However, by passing this law, Republicans would be taking abortion off the table for the majority of Americans.  Conservatives organizations are encouraging Republicans to enact a reasonable national abortion law.  Pro-Life groups would support this law because it would limit abortion in Blue States and not prevent Red States from prohibiting abortion in their states.  

This would be a win win for Republicans who could then paint Socialist Fascists as radicals supporting infanticide right up until birth and even after.  While the majority of Americans believe that abortion should be safe, legal and rare, they do not support heinous infanticide.  Republicans need to come together on this issue.  Doing nothing is not a plan.  

Saturday, July 2, 2022

50th Anniversary Of Title IX

Fifty years ago, Congress enacted Title IX primarily to guarantee women protections from the  discrimination that was happening in education though it protects men as well.  Men and women are protected from sexual discrimination.  Before Title IX education institutions often did not fund sports teams for girls equally, or at all.  Boys took shop class.  Girls took Home Economics.  The two did not mix.  That has all changed under Title IX.  

Since Title IX, we now have competitive sports for girls both in lower grades and in colleges and universities, which often result in scholarships.   When Title IX was enacted there were only biological women and biological men recognized by the law regardless of sexual orientation.  Imposition of the radical LGBTQIA ideology has turned Title IX upside down.  So that today, we have biological men competing in women's sports claiming that they are transgender or women, however with a man's body.  The extra body mass is allowing these "women" to beat biological women denying them scholarship opportunities.

Next, transgender men are being allowed into girl's bathrooms and locker rooms even though they are still biological men.  These cases are going to court as biological women are suing legitimately to protect their rights.  Where are the women's groups most of which are Socialist Fascists speaking up for them.  Where is the Socialist Fascist Party and their leadership that often speaks of protecting women's rights.  They are  silent because it is not woke to deny the LGBTQIA community their rights. 

Here is the deal as feckless Joe Biden would say.  Biological men regardless of their sexual orientation should not be competing in girl's or women's competitive sports because it is not fair.  Biological men again regardless of their sexual orientation should not be using girl's or women's bathrooms and locker room unless they no longer have male body parts and have had a sex change operation.  Socialist Fascists are always talking about "privacy rights" in reference to the abortion issue.  How does this situation not involve women's privacy rights.  It is time for common sense on all of this.  

Transgender men should compete against other transgender men.  Well dah! Women's rights must be protected under Title IX.  This one is headed to the Supreme Court where hopefully the Conservative majority will impose a common sense solution.  

Friday, July 1, 2022

Supreme Court Ruling To Stop EPA Green New Deal Regulations

The fourth branch of government is actually uncontrolled Federal Government Regulatory Agencies that implement regulations that have the force of law without Congressional approval.  In a recent case filed against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop the regulation of carbon emissions that would have destroyed our economy,  The Supreme Court said UNCONSTITUTIONAL by a 6 - 3 vote.  These agencies act like a Gestapo controlling all aspects of life.  

This ruling has far reaching implications.  What the court is saying to Regulatory agencies is that only Congress can make the laws of the land when approved by a sitting President.  The over reach of regulatory agencies must stop.  It is only common sense.  The Executive Branch is charged with executing laws enacted by Congress not making laws.  Regulatory Agencies are part of the Executive Branch.  

The case is really about Separation of Powers, which is a critical aspect of our Constitution.  In issuing this ruling, the Supreme Court is not making Environmental Law because it is not their job either.  What they are saying is that those laws are up to a majority in the House of Representative and a super majority in the Senate.  This is very good because it means that regulations that impact our freedoms and the economy will not just happen by some unelected bureaucrat in the Deep State. 

The Paris Climate Accord, which Trump walked away from and Biden has reentered is really a Treaty that should have required a two thirds vote of the Senate.  It never went before the Senate because Obama and now Biden would never have been able to get two thirds of the Senate to approve it.  These things happening outside our Constitution must stop.  The Paris Climate Accord should be challenged on that basis because it will destroy the US economy.  The Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court in recent rulings have just acted in accordance with the Constitution.  Thank You President Trump.