Thursday, July 21, 2022

Biden's Climate Change Emergency - UnConstitutional

Whether it is called Climate Change or Climatic Cycles, there have been periods of global warming and cooling throughout world history and long before there were any carbon emissions.  In my lifetime, we were told there would be global cooling and a new ice age that never happened.  And, then when the brainiacs failed in that prognostication, they switched to global warming.  However, to hedge their bets since some parts of the world are getting cooler and some hotter, they now just call it Climate Change to cover all the bases as an "existential threat" to life as we know it.  Forget about the fact that half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, it is Climate Change that is the Emergency.  

This story is really about Socialist Fascists attempting to enact higher taxes and more regulations to control our lives.  This is Climate Emergency is Covid on steroids.  And, it is about taking money from taxpayers in first world countries and giving that money to third world countries in a gigantic welfare scheme.  It is also about lowering the standard of living in first world countries in the name of global "social justice and equity".   Those of us who live in first world countries just have it to good because before Joe Biden we had food on grocery shelves and gas at $2 a gallon.  Oh, for shame!

So now because Joe Biden cannot get the Green New Deal through Congress because it would destroy our economy and standard of living, he will declare Climate Change to be a National Emergency.  Biden will do this to issue UnConstitutional Executive Orders to implement the Green New Deal by proclamation.  The good news is that the next President can reverse Biden's Executive Orders on day one of the next Presidency and in all likelihood Red State Republican Attorney Generals will go to court to stop this overreach.  Since the Supreme Court just ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cannot implement laws that don't exist as enacted by Congress, there is a pretty good chance that the Conservatives on the Supreme Court would rule against Joe Biden to stop his UnConstitutional Executive Orders.  

Of course, feckless Joe Biden knows all of this; but he must play to his radical Socialist Fascist base to make it look like he is actually doing the things they demand to remain in office.  These people hate democracy like all Socialist Fascists.  Since they can't get the Green New Deal through Congress, they don't care if Biden must implement illegal Executive Orders to make it happen.  We need an all of the above energy policy that makes all energy sources cleaner, safer and cheaper to maintain the world's standard of living.  Most important, the United States must be energy independent and that cannot happen without carbon energy for the foreseeable future.  

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